Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Big Brother Season 10, Episode 16 Recap

Ah, here we are with the second episode of Renny’s Rules. What a wacky, somewhat unpredictable week we’ve had. Look for tonight’s episode to be pretty similar to Sundays…with one other person actually playing the part of the doubting Renny.
Of course, we must start with the reactions to the nominations. April’s devastated look is priceless. It really should be made into a t-shirt. Jerry reminds us once again that he’s a former Marine, and that experience has somehow gotten him this far in the game. Renny tells us that although Jerry’s on the block, “April is my target…(she) is a big threat in this game”.
April explains that although everybody says they’re not taking the game personally, people really do. “This whole game is personal. I’d be a liar if I said it didn’t hurt.” Well, I’ll call you a liar anyway. Luckily, she has Ollie, who believes it was his conversation with Renny that saved him from the block, to comfort her.
Memphis and Dan are not happy that Ollie isn’t up against April. “Renny had a shot to break up the most powerful couple in the house”, complains Dan, “and she didn’t. There’s something strange about these nominations. It leads me to believe that Renny made some sort of secret deal with Ollie.”
In the storage room, the two boys babble about doing whatever it takes to ensure that April is evicted. “Neither of them can win POV”, says Dan, “or one of us will go up. She is not putting Ollie up.”
The sad piano music hits as April begins to feel sorry for herself. Ollie says he’s going to win POV, because then neither of them will be up on the block. “A lot can happen from here. They couldn’t have put a better person up for you to go against.” He tells her that she can’t remain in this funk if she’s going to survive, but April tells him that “they need to see me upset for a couple of minutes. I have to look vulnerable to these people right now.” They end up having a silly little spat.
Upstairs, Renny welcomes Keesha into the HOH. Keesha asks how she’s doing, and Renny tells her that she did what SHE wanted to do. “I like Ollie, so I couldn’t see putting him up on the block.” Keesha looks a bit perplexed…but then again, when doesn’t she? Keesha says she’s worried that if either of the two wins the veto, then she, Dan, or Memphis could end up going up. It doesn’t help when Renny says “people shouldn’t really feel safe”.
Ugh, they’re playing silly background music, so you know this will be a silly segment. It’s Jerry babbling nonsense about being so bored that he’s talking to himself. Yes, we know you miss your family (and your puppy), but so is everybody else.
Wow, it’s already time to start the veto competition segment. Dan says the “one name I don’t want to see come out of that bag is Ollie, because that gives April a shot to come off the block”.
Renny pulls a name first, and it’s Dan. Ollie says it’s a “necessity” that he is one of the other two names drawn. April picks Keesha, though, and Jerry gets…you guess it, Ollie. April can’t hide a smile. Renny then picks the worst person to host the contest – Michelle.
We now see April’s blurred-out ass pounce on Ollie as they celebrate. “I don’t think they’re too happy about that”, says Ollie. You think? “Please be something physical.” April practices her little princess routine. “Come on, fate. Fate, fate, fate.” Ugh.
Meanwhile, Dan, Memphis, and Keesha are complaining about Ollie’s name being selected. “The worst case scenario is Ollie winning”, says Mr. Obvious Dan. All three are worried that they could go up, especially Memphis. “I said from day one that that woman is a loose cannon.”
After commercials, we finally have the competition, and it’s some sort of haunted house theme. Ollie immediately freaks out when he sees a live python. Actually, he freaks out more when he sees a crow. “I came this close to wetting my pants.”
Part of the set includes voodoo dolls representing each of the contestants. Renny says she’s not crazy about “seeing pins sticking in me. I know some people in New Orleans who do that. Voodoo is quite real.”
Manchelle then attempts something that’s clearly tough for her to accomplish – read the rules. Everybody has five minutes to look at the entire set, and Dan says he “knows it has something to do with numbers”. April sticks her hand in a case of cockroaches, but Keesha says she couldn’t do it. Jerry says he’s going “to fight like hell to win, because I’m a scrapper. I’m like a street fighter.” Are you? April also babbles nonsense about Ollie saving her. Why don’t you concentrate on saving yourself?
Everybody then stands behind their podiums to answer questions regarding the set. It’s a bit convoluted, as they all have to write a numeric answer, and then decide to “play” or “fold”.
The first question is about the length of the python. Ollie, April, Dan, and Keesha all bow out of this question, and Renny is out as Jerry is closest to the correct answer. April says “it was extremely exciting” seeing her drop out.
The next question is about how many pins are stuck in all of the voodoo dolls. Ollie folds, but says he maybe should have stayed in. Dan also folds, and April is now out. It really is all on Ollie’s shoulders.
The number of cockroaches in the tank is the next question, and Keesha says the “only way we knew how many were in there is if we stuck our hands in there”. Yes, she’s in trouble with this question.
Dan acknowledges that his entire game play has been to throw competitions, but he HAS to win this one. Unfortunately, Jerry is only one correct answer away from taking the veto. Jerry folds this time, because he “didn’t want to risk getting knocked out”. Hahahaha! Jerry would have won if he had stayed in this round. Dan gets the point, and Keesha is knocked out.
The next round is about the amount of “blood” in a bunch of containers. Ollie knows immediately that he screwed up since his amount was way above the other two. Dan stays, but Ollie and Jerry bow out. Jerry and Dan are now tied. Poor Ollie is bummed tha this little angel is not happy.
We move on to a question about the number of nails on a bed of nails. Dan’s answer is way below the other two contestants, but all three stay in the round. Dan wins the veto with the closest answer! Jerry says he feels “disheartened”, as does Ollie (“I let her down”). April says she’s now willing to do anything to get Dan to use the veto, but Dan says it’s been his “goal” to break up her and Ollie. For some reason, though, he thinks he may “have to use the veto to get the job done”. Oh come on, Dan, just leave them as they are so we can get rid of April.
After the commercial break, we see Ollie apologize to April, with silly Manchelle adding her two cents. When Michelle leaves to take a shower, the two cuddle but are interrupted by Jerry. They decide to approach Dan, and promise him he won’t go up next week. April ups the ante by saying she’s “going to say, ‘I have $5000’”. In case we forgot, BB thoughtfully shows us a replay of the competition where she won that money before returning to them snuggling.
Dan still wants to use the veto on Jerry so that Ollie can be put up. He arranges to meet with Jerry in the storage room, where Jerry sort of apologizes for last week’s infamous “Judas” comment. Jerry says that if he survives the week, his loyalties next week will lie with those that save him. Dan says he’s considering using it because it will “turn an enemy into a friend”.
Dan’s now outside with Memphis, and they’re again discussing why Renny didn’t put up Ollie. They’re both worried that if Ollie wins HOH next week, they could go up, and Memphis complains that he’s a wild card that can’t be read. Again, Dan reiterates the he wants Ollie put up this week, and in the diary room he says that he’s the one who should go this week because “with bleached-blonde hair, you can see (April) a mile away”. What in the world are you smoking, preacher boy? Ollie hasn’t achieved anything in the game; April has been as much behind every eviction as Libra was.
It looks like he’s about to move on with his plan under the guise of having his hair cut by Renny, but it’s really just another silly segment. He aggravates her, though, by asking if they can say a prayer first. He attempts to get info from her on what she’s going to do, but Renny says “I’m the hairdresser. I don’t need to explain to you what I’m doing.” Dan rambles on in the diary room about how his hair is his “prized possession”, but I don’t think anybody’s buying that. We then see him pray as Renny uses the razor.
Now we have more useless footage, as we see them all amazed and shocked because the table has been exchanged for a smaller version. They all babble about how much the game changes every week. Yeah, we get it.
Finally, some game play. April approaches Dan as he’s sitting in the pool, and she stretches her legs while giggling how much she’s always liked him. Ugh. Dan tells her that he’s always “open to suggestions”. Well, we know April likes to open herself quite a bit, too. At least to Ollie she does. April goes on about how she likes to “always be nice” and similar nonsensical lines, and asks if he’s thought about using the veto. Dan responds that he’s not 100% sure of anything, and after talking about how Jerry gave him the perfect reason to boot him, April says that neither her nor Ollie would go after him, and that she has money she can give him.
Talking to Memphis, Dan says he needs to talk to Renny to find out who she would put up if he did use it. He heads up to the HOH and asks Renny if she made a deal with Ollie. She just responds that she “likes” Ollie. He follows up by asking who she would put up if Jerry was taken down. Renny’s not happy with these questions, and tells him that he would be looked at as a traitor if he did that. Funny thing is they don’t show Dan informing her of April’s bribe, as we all saw in the feeds.
It’s now time for the veto ceremony, and as Dan participates in the scripted portion of the segment we hear from April that her biggest fear is that he uses the veto on Jerry. “More than likely, Ollie would be placed next to me, and I would definitely go home this week.”
Jerry adds that he doesn’t feel safe this week, but he doesn’t believe Dan will use it on April. Obviously, he’s hoping he uses it on him.
Jerry goes first with his speech, and we hear again how he’s 75 years old, and is “set in my ways”. He repeats his line about how in extreme situations he has a “street fighter mentality, and in fact can get nasty”. Once again, he apologizes for the Judas comment.
April doesn’t add much in her speech, basically just congratulating Dan for winning the veto, and “respecting” Renny’s wishes about being nominated.
Dan’s speech begins with thanks for both of them approaching him before the ceremony. “You actually talked to me.” He adds that “one of you did bring an interesting proposition, which did involve money”. Since money is tight, he says he did consider the bribe, so he has decided to…long pause…long pause…”not use the veto”.
In the final diary room segments, Dan says he threw the bribe out there “I wanted to put some doubt in people’s minds about the offering of the money. The more paranoia in the house, outside of me, the better.”
Having never met a cliché that he didn’t like, Jerry talks about being in the “eye of a storm”. For some reason, he thinks the game “will get very violent very soon”. What does that even mean?
Since Plan A didn’t work, Ollie says they have to move to Plan B and “work the mouthpiece”. Oh boy, I could have fun with that line. April once again thinks she’s addressing America, and says she’s going to do what she has to do to survive. “I’m going to be a total bitch!” What a fitting way to end the show.


ale said...

My thoughts:

First of all, what was up with this whole "plan" of AprOllie to make sure Ollie stayed off the block? Ollie's just lucky Renny likes him and wants to keep him from becoming an enemy, there's really nothing more to it.

As far as Manchelle goes, we know she's an idiot, but seriously?! Most idiots can read.

Finally, let's admit, Jerry's eye of the storm line is better than the one about the bulls on the hill...or whatever.

Still waiting for April to get bitchy. She's all mouth, so far.

Christine said...

A few things

April keeps promising to be a bitch and so far she is acting the same as she always does.

Memphis never babbles, he make talk and make NO sense but he doesn't babble, especially if he is not wearing a shirt at the time ;)

April had some very interesting faces this episode.

Jerry's bit laying in bed babbling to himself was ridiculous but I loved the haircut bit with Dan praying over (under??) the haircut.

Once again a wonderful recap Scott, thanks for taking the time to do it each episode. It really adds to my enjoyment of the shows.....

ale, dare we hope for alcohol tonight so she can finally let go and entertain us??

Anonymous said...

I know.....I'm waiting for the girls to at least have it out again. They sure do edit the show to make April and Ollie look pure don't they? Renny is having a melt down today because Memphis didn't want to go to her room for a one on one meeting....she is all over the place dogging him....even has me confused as to what she is attempting to accomplish. Thursday can't come soon enough.

Christine said...

I know Sandi, Renny has really disappointed me with her actions during her HOH week...

Anonymous said...

It's like what happened to Renny? She sat outside with the rest of her group last week and they all decided they would put up Ollie and April should they win the HOH, and the minute she won..... what the heck took place? How did she suddenly get so fond of Ollie? Just don't get it. She has certainly set herself as a target now. My only wish is that Keesha, Dan or Memphis win the HOH this week.......preferably Dan!

ale said...

It seems as though it hit her that she needs to cover herself this week, as much as possible. If she's buddies with Ollie, that's one person she doesn't have to worry about. She also buttered up Michelle, so she's covered. Keesha won't put her up, and Memphis and Dan were on her side (until this week). She doesn't have any actual enemies in the house, besides Jerry. She won Ollie this week, but she doesn't realize that she lost Memphis and Dan in the process.

Anonymous said...

Keesha won't put Renny up this week, but she has planted the seed even in Keesha'a mind that she isn't really there for them now. My opinion only...she played it like a fool this week. I am off to bed....good night all!

bish said...

This is a really trivial and off topic point, but Scott I think your numbers are off for the episodes. This should be episode 17, not 16, at least according to the hard drive I keep all my TV shows on.

Anonymous said...

Dan is lame, memphis is running his game, dan is just a follower. i hope ollie or jerry wins hoh and put michelle and memphis up on the block. take out memphis and dan is lost

Anonymous said...

Is it true that chunky people only like other chunky people because memphis with his shirt off is more like chubby whubby to me and hes only 27 years old. i wonder what he will look like in a few years, more like a cushy teddy.

Craft Crazy Carrie said...

Hi Scott! New to the site and LOVIN the side commentary! Great blog! As for anonymous' post, I don't think Dan is lost if Memphis goes...I think both are pretty good on their own. Dan is just playing dumb in front of everyone.

Scott said...

Welcome, Carrie! Thanks for the kind words.

Anonymous said...

Y A W N!!!!! another horribly edited production from cbs. jerry, april, and ollie are getting away with so much. so frustrating. i had to walk away several times. the pov was just dumb. and michelle as the host. wow! could she be any more slow in reading. not only can she not speak but she can't read either. maybe she got punched in the head once too many times in her boxing career...."yo jessieeeeeee!"
i badly want april gone but i also know that it really is going to be a slow painful death of a season after she finally gets a boot in her ass.
on the upside, i am getting a whole lot more done in my day cause the feeds are boring as hell.

ale said...

I think it was last night or the night before than Manchelle mentioned she'd been hit in the head with a baseball bat as a child. LAWL.

Craft Crazy Carrie said...

Ok Callie44 and ale--you CRACK me up!! Nice observations! Didn't know this could be so much fun!!! Nice points--and Scott...I give it to you--Manchelle is just TOO DARN FUNNY!! I'm sorry I discovered you all too late!!