Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday Night's Show

Scott is umm.... on vacation.. so umm.... I don't think we will have a recap for tonight's show.


However all in all it wasn't that great of a show. It was like a normal Sunday show and all the fireworks on Friday took place AFTER nominations. The have not competition could have been cut from the show in my opinion since they won almost everything - no offense to those that worked hard on the competition (not like they will ever see this!).

So tune in on Tuesday. If you want to see my account of what Chima did to get booted, as well as CBS' and Chimas's AND Kevin and Natalie's thoughts - you can read this post I wrote over on ILoveReality

Oh and a special note just for Scott when he reads this. Jordan only brought one bra into the house and it was ruined in Fridays food competition - so she is braless 24x7 - just thought you'd like to know ;)

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JayRich said...

If Michelle talk the final 2 of her and Jordan to the end, she will be screwed to death. You can tell she wants to say something to Jordan but this is not the time so she better be careful. Jordan have said it to her but its just Jordan just saying anything that comes out her mouth. Talking about Natalie and Jesse, Jordan sounds just like Jeff verbatium. Michelle cant let her know what shes thinking because she will tell Jeff. I still think if Michelle plays smart, she could win this game. She's my favorite so far even though she is KOO KOO KOO KOO KOO KOO

Philly Bob said...

Michelle may be Koo Koo but she aint totally dumb... I'm thinking Jeff. Jordan & Michelle in the final 3 but Jeff wouldn't win against either of them. Michelle or Jordan could win with Jeff getting the $25,000 vote.
I can't see how he can win the game though. If he went final two with anyone, including Gnat, Gnat would win. Then I'd really puke!

JayRich said...

No shes not dumb at all and shes good in the competions both phisical and mental. But I got to agree with Russell, she is a bit KOO KOO KOO KOO KOO KOO and shes not a very good liar either. But She's my favorite

ale said...

I find it very hard to believe that Jeff and Jordan would be swayed to take anyone but one another to the end. Michele and Russel are legit in trying to make alternate arrangements for themselves, they'd be stupid to even think that they stand a chance of being taken by Jeff or Jor.

AName said...

Thank you DR for changing my man Jeffs mind. Jeff had his mind set getting Russell Out with the backdoor and the girls(Michelle and Jordan) was against it.

Jeff got called to the DR and the girls decided that it was best to get Russell out too. When Jeff came back from DR he said he an interesting Dr sesssion and decide that Russell should stay. I wonder why, the DR's changed his mind and showed him how it was more important to get Natalie out now and Russell out next week.

Im glad they did but Jesus Christ do we have to sway the people in how to think in this game. Im sure they also told Jeff who to put it out when he had the coup. This is suppose to be a game about people surving in the house, DR's telling people what to do

GO JEFF GO but dude im beginning to think this game is more rigged than before

AName said...

LMFAO, Jeff cant get anytime alone with Jordan because of Russell the paranoid one and Michelle the scary one. He actually spent more time with Jordan before she got the private room. Michelle want go away and Jordan is too dumb to see that Jeff is mad and wants to be alone with her. What a knucklehead

AName said...

All Russell and Michelle want to do is get to the final 3. Then beat Jeff one on one which either one of them can do so they both have a good chance of being in the final 2 if they make it to final 3.

I dont think none of them is worried about Jordan period

IndyMike said...

Very interesting about the DR thing. Not shocking - but interesting.

I don't think the DR had to influence Jeff too much on the coup d'Etat as far as who to put up - but if they did indeed try to sway him from going after Russel thats a switch. I don't think it would mess up his and Jordan's game too much going after Russel as long as he actually goes.

Either Russel or Kevin are the 4th man on the alliance.

Philly Bob said...

As far as Jordan not noticing Jeff is mad, I think she may welcome it. She isn't 100% down with him so it seems. At least not as much as he is with her.

Reefer Jello said...

OK gang....Jeff has FINALLY figured out that it was Russ that voted to keep Jessie in the house. Now Jeff doesn't trust or respect Russ. Jordan already didn't trust him nor did Michelle. were pretty adamant that I was wrong when I suggested it is Russel that will get booted.

I still think that could be the result here. Russ has proved beyond a doubt that he can't be trusted with anything for even fifteen lousy minutes.

Anyway, once Commander Meathead left the house, things are so much nicer in there that it seems like a different game. I know that I wasn't the only person that had grown sick and tired of watching that lazy piece of shit sleep 18 hours a day.