Thursday, September 24, 2009

Jeff and Jordan Video Chat Tonight.

9-11pm tonight on Superpass - Jeff and Jordan will be chatting live with an audience in studio and in chat rooms. Chelsia from Big Brother 9 will be moderating the chat.

This is the blurb from REAL:

Special Live Chat With Jeff and Jordan!
Watch our BB11 special chat Sept. 24 at 6pm PT. Jeff, Jordan and more special guests join host Chelsia Hart to take your questions in front of a live studio audience. This will be an evening of fun, games, and lots of surprises!

Click to get a free trial of Real's Superpass and join the chat with Jeff and Jordan. You can also use Flashback to re-watch anything you missed from the live feeds!

Watch Big Brother 24/7

Lydia Visits Ross Matthews

Check it out - Lydia surprises Ross for his birthday.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Live From the Studio - Live In Vegas This Weekend.

As I type this I am watching a meet and greet in Vegas. The HGs will be on camera tonight and tomorrow so if you have your subscription to the feeds you might want to check them out this weekend. I've already seem Jeff (BB11), Chelsia (BB9), Zach (BB8), James (BB6), Howie (BB6), George (BB1), and many many others come up to the camera to say hi.

Left to right is James, Howie, George and Chelsia. The lighting is a bit dark but tonight's broadcast wasn't even planned - they just decided to do it. Fun to see!

If you never tried Real Superpass you might do it this weekend. There are links all over the site for a free three day trial.

Here is one more picture. Jordan and Missy (from Real's BB Talk Show):

Thursday, September 17, 2009

And Still More Videos

I think 32 in one post is enough - so here are some more videos (make sure to at least watch the Allison Grodner interview below):

Ross Matthews with a LONG interview with Jordan:

via The Insider

Allison Grodner on EW - she answers several questions to do with the final endurance competition - worth the watch!:

Jordan On EW:

Natalie on EW:

Diane from Big Brother 5 also interviewed TONS of people - however I can't embedd the videos so you need to go to the page to see them:

More to come when I get the links!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

More Big Brother Videos

Videos keep popping up so rather than a new post each time, I'll just add them here. Make sure to scroll down to see the different interviews.

Julie Interviews Jordan on The Early Show

Ross Matthews Interviews The HGs In The Backyard.

CBS Post Show Videos.













Evel Dick Backyard Interviews - WARNING - Dick can use some salty language and the Sickcam stuff seems pretty flaky to me - so if the videos from Dick fail - sorry. Scroll down for more from others.

Here he is with Jordan. She admits she hadn't watched Big Brother before.

Dick Interviews Jeff:

Dick Interviews Braden:

Dick Interviews Laura:

Dick Interviews Michele (Wait for Braden to leave) - This one seems to crash on me:

We Love Big Brother Backyard Interviews:

Listed in reverse order of eviction.













Kaysar's video of himself, Danielle and James in the BB House:

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Big Brother - Season 11, Finale Recap (Part One)

Well, here we are almost to the conclusion of another season of Big Brother. So what did my readers think of this year’s show? Personally, I had problems with a few of the production decisions. The “high school clique” angle was a disaster; allowing a former cast member to return was also terrible; and they never did touch on the “green” angle that was a part of the pre-show publicity. Most of the competitions were also a bit lacking. It’s a sad state that the best games were those that we’d seen before.

I hate to admit to this, but the feeds were also a bit lacking this season. A good portion of this cast did little more than sleep away the day, and when they were awake they just rehashed the same conversations over and over. Even when there was action, this skewed sleep schedule made it so all of the good stuff happened in the middle of the night.

Having said that, though, the CBS broadcasts were a giant leap over previous seasons. This was mainly due to the timing of what little action that did occur. Blowouts after nominations and POV competitions ensured that the Tuesday show was generally more action-packed than usual, and the twists and backdoor evictions also created livelier Thursday shows than usual. (It also helps the hour-long broadcasts when a good portion of the house is just a half-step away from being certifiable lunatics.)

Surprisingly, the real star of this season was Julie Chen! It pains me to say this, as I’ve long said she’s the weakest link of the show, but she came alive this season. Maybe it was the hormones kicking in, but she was not the Chenbot we’ve seen in past years (or on The Early Show). She was very quick-witted this year, and for once didn’t seem content to let B.S. statements just sit there. I hope the post-pregnancy version next year is as vibrant as she was this season.

Speaking of the Chenbot, let’s get this show on the road! Ugh, enough with the “first time ever” garbage. Keeping a third person to the finale is not an earth-shattering change. Oh, how I’ve missed Laura’s tatas! Otherwise, the season recap is unnecessary. Wait, Braden was one of Jessie’s biggest threats? Oh God! Blah blah blah, alliance, coup d-etat, blah blah blah, Chima is nuts, blah blah blah, “last minute lie“, Jeff‘s betrayed, blah blah blah. Let’s get to the good stuff!

Ok, here we go. Ooooh, Jordan looks fantastic tonight! Ugh, we have to proceed with the final three hanging out in the house this past weekend. I don’t know how they can make this sound exciting. But we begin with Julie’s announcement that she won the second round of the HOH competition. Jordan, of course, is excited. “I’m so excited!” Kevin is also excited, as that means “Natalie is no longer a part of the equation.” He feels confident that Jordan would take him to the finals.

Natalie, obviously, is not so happy, and says she has to spend these days convincing both of them to carry her to the finals. Um, judging by what I saw on the live feeds you didn’t do that great of a job sucking up to them. She heads into the bedroom with a deck of cards, and is joined by Kevin. “I hope if you win, you stick with the deal and take me. I don’t know why, (but) I just feel like you’ll go with her.” Kevin says he believes “the bitch” (Jordan) would take her instead of him. Kevin says he just wants to relax and enjoy being in the final three, but says in the diary room that Natalie is indeed correct in her assessment that Kevin won’t be taking her if he gets that choice. “I just hope I can trust you”, says Natalie.

We next see Natalie being called into the diary room, and Kevin asks if Jordan is on board with going together to the finals. She tells him not to worry, but is worried that Kevin won’t take her to the finals. “1000 percent, if I get the choice, I’ll take you.” He goes to describe how taking Natalie is a guaranteed second, and at least with Jordan he has a chance. Jordan, though, says in the diary room that she’s going to take Natalie if she wins. Ohnoes!!!

It’s now dark out, and Kevin is heading outside with a blanket. Natalie wants to play pool, but instead kisses up to Jordan by saying that she hopes they keep in contact after the show. Come on, Jordan can’t really believe that! Natalie claims that Jordan is just like one of her girlfriends back home. Yeah, sure. They both claim that if evicted, they’ll fight for the other in the jury. Jordan says in the diary room that her final two deal with Natalie is “genuine”. God, I hope Kevin wins the final round!

Kevin is now sitting outside contemplating if he has a chance against either girl, and confides this thought to Natalie when she comes outside. He thinks his only hope is if Jeff decides to vote for him, even though he evicted him. It turns out into a pity party, though, as both of them talk about how the jury hates them. “People vote personally, Kevin.” Natalie does stick her foot in her mouth, though, when she says that if she’s evicted she’s voting for Jordan. This (supposedly) causes Kevin’s head to jerk back towards Natalie. Kevin still thinks he’s playing for second place, even though he’s played the best out of all of them. Ok, I’m done with this segment, and luckily we quickly head to commercials.

When we return, we go to Julie’s interview with the house. She asks Kevin what BB has taught him about himself. He says that it has taught him to have more confidence in himself. Natalie is then asked what she’ll miss the most of the house. “I’m going to miss living with 12 people.” Julie follow up with “all 12”? Good one. Jordan is then asked about being away from home for the longest time in her life, and after a customary “oh gosh”, she says she learned “patience with everyone”, and that she’s a “grown girl”.

Now it’s time for Michelle’s entrance to the jury house. It begins with a cheesecake shot of Jeff for the ladies, and he says that after a couple of uncomfortable days he’s enjoying his stay. As they’re all playing pool, Jeff jokes that they should “wait for Kevin”. Lydia asks who Russell thinks will be next, and he answers Kevin. Lydia wants it to be Michelle, and Jeff says “raise your hand if you think whatever Jessie thinks”. Jeff’s on fire tonight! Lydia returns the joke that it may be Jordan, but Jeff thinks he’s safe. Russell adds that he really doesn’t want to see Michelle enter the jury.

Cue to the view of the limo pulling up, and it’s the standard response as Michelle enters. Jessie’s excited, but Jeff says it’s shocking. Michelle fills them in on how she was evicted, and Michelle fills them in on the second Pandora’s Box. Lydia’s responds to the engagement with “who cares?” Jeff asks if Natalie’s boyfriend is a tool. Lydia now likes Jeff…and so does most of America. Michelle is then filled in on the age lie, but Michelle claims that she’s known that from the beginning, and she says that Natalie’s reputation in the jury house has gone downhill.

They then watch the video, and Lydia retches when they hear Natalie claim she won HOH by sticking to her word. They also roll their eyes at Natalie’s ridiculous nomination getup. Trust me, when Lydia makes fun of your costume, you’re in trouble. Oh God, I’m loving this. Jeff says the costume alone will make him not vote for her. “I hope Jordan takes her out”, Lydia adds. Wow, even Jessie says he’d “even” vote for Michelle over Natalie for the prize money!

We return from commercials to a shot of Natalie’s family in the audience, and we head to the jury meeting. Well, we kind of already saw that in the last segment, but this one is the overly-staged version. Russell points out that the three left in the house are not the hardest players in the house, so they should consider voting on how they interacted. He says that he never talked to Natalie, but Jeff counters that he never talked to Kevin. Um, you did one week, and it screwed you. Jeff thinks it’s a tossup, and then it just goes around and around for a bit. Jeff points out that Kevin wasn’t always so sweet, and Jeff blows up at Lydia. “Get in your spaceship.”

Jessie says that Kevin and Natalie both played a lot better than Jordan, but Jeff responds that they had a lot of chances to eliminate her. Lydia counters that she did stay in the house longer than Jeff. Russell says Jordan’s best move was to attach herself to Jeff, but otherwise she had no power moves. Ok, the Lydia and Jeff show is getting tiring. “She was your little marionette that danced when you told her to.” Jeff again throws it back at her that she does whatever Jessie instructs her to do, which angers Jessie. “Play your strings, N’sync”, Jeff replies.

Russell moves the conversation on to Natalie, but says she “fell onto her strategy by mistake”. Michelle says she just attached herself to stronger players until they were gone. Jessie claims that Natalie didn’t persuade him to do anything he did. Jeff doesn’t think she deserves to be in the finals at all, and of course Jessie has to flex when Jeff throws a compliment his way.

After all of this, Lydia suggests that they should just wait and see how this plays out. I agree. Michelle adds that Kevin was great at moving misinformation around to benefit him. Jessie then out of the blue says his happiest day was seeing Jeff enter the jury house, and his second happiest day was seeing Michelle come in. She goes on to sort of agree with Lydia that they need to wait until they hear from the final two, and Lydia smartly adds that they need to be aware that the final two are going to kiss their asses to get their vote. Thankfully, we have come to the close of the jury discussion.

So here we go with the final HOH competition, and it’s questions about the jury members. Kevin looks nervous. The first question is what Jessie thought was the best part of the house, and Kevin correctly guesses that it’s the ladies. The second question is about what annoyed Lydia the most, and this time Jordan guesses that it’s Jeff’s coup d’etat.

Russell is the subject of the third question, and again Jordan is correct! Jeff’s question is about his fatal mistake, and this time Kevin is correct. It’s now 2-2, going into the final question about Michelle. They both have the same correct answer, so it’s tie breaker time. Uh oh, it’s a number question. This doesn’t look good for Jordan. The question is how many votes to evict have been cast this season, and Jordan looks confused while Kevin is actually calculating. Jordan guesses 50, and Kevin’s guess is 80. The correct answer is 51, and Jordan is the final HOH!!!

OMG, what a shocker!!!

Big Brother - Season 11 Finale (Part Two)

It’s now time for Jordan to decide who she’s taking to the finals. Natalie is first to plead her case, and after a history lesson she says that they both stayed true to their partners. Now they’re friends (yeah, right), but no matter what they’ll still remain friends. “Please keep me in this game, Jordan.”

Kevin then gets up, and after saying he’ll keep things short, he says “please keep me in the house.” He claims he never did anything against her in the house, and that she’s “Gucci”. After being reminded that at the very least she’ll get $50,000, she needs to make the “half million dollar decision”. Jordan then gets up and says how much she hates to make this decision. She thinks that no matter what she’s destined for second place, but she has to go with her gut. She then evicts Kevin because he’s already won ten grand, and continues to go on about how awful she feels.

Jordan continues to try to explain to Kevin, and he says it’s ok. “It’s a good decision.” Natalie reminds him that he has to go, and he finally enters the studio to loud applause. We go back to the house, and they’re going through what they think will be the jury votes.

Julie starts in with what went wrong with Jordan, but Kevin says that he thinks she made a “smarter move”. He adds that he’s not mad at her. Julie then asks if booting Michelle over Jordan was a mistake. “I don’t know! No regrets, Julie. I had a blast. It was a dream of a lifetime. I‘ve been applying since the first season!” Julie ends the segment by asking what is going to influence his vote, and he says it’s how they played the game. We go out with sweet goodbye messages from both Jordan and Natalie.

After an extremely long commercial break, the jury members are brought in one by one. Jeff easily gets the biggest round of applause, although Russell’s ovation is also pretty nice. Julie then asks Jeff who is the person who will be joining them in the final jury spot. He says Kevin, and Lydia says she hopes it’s Natalie. (Who doesn’t?) Kevin is then introduced, and Lydia comments that “there’s two witches in the final two.” Julie then informs them that Jordan won the final HOH, and evicted Kevin.

It’s now time for jury questions, and as a group they got to come up with three questions. Kevin also gets to ask one question. Russell begins the questioning by asking Jordan about her strategy before she came in. She says that she told herself to “lay low, and not trust anyone.” She babbles on like a silly little valley girl, and that she decided to just “be herself” and “lay under the radar”.

Lydia has the second question, and asks Natalie who the biggest threat was to her. Natalie answers that it was Lydia, and it was because of her strong friendship with Jessie. Um, I’m not sure that’s a great answer. Lydia shakes her head.

Jeff then asks Jordan what her best move was, besides aligning with him. She says it was probably evicting Kevin, since everybody would be happy about Kevin voting out Jeff. “I would not have a shot.”

Michelle then asks Natalie about the age lie, and her engagement. Natalie babbles on about that the engagement is real, and that it was important for Michelle to inform everybody of the big news. The age question is not addressed at all.

Jessie then asks Jordan why she should get the money over Natalie, and she answers that she proved herself by winning the final two rounds of the HOH. “I didn’t have to depend on anybody else.”

Russell is then up again, and he asks Natalie why she deserves to win. She says she came in with a strategy, and that was to not be the strongest or weakest player, and to align herself with strong player. She also claims that she never backstabbed or betrayed anybody. Yeah, right. “I was true to my alliance.” Even the audience laughs at this.

Kevin then gets his question, and asks Jordan what she did better in the game than Natalie. She again babbles about laying low, and says that they both acted very similar. She doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Jordan and Natalie now have to give their final speeches. This should get interesting. Jordan goes first, and she again repeats about how she wanted to stay true to her alliances, and wanted everybody to just think of her as harmless. She says she’s very proud of herself, though, and that she has proven herself with her wins. “I didn’t need anybody else to help me. I think it showed I was a better competitor than I was playing off to be. I hope that you guys see that.” She adds that nothing was ever personal. Whoa, nice thighs!

Natalie then starts off by saying that she didn’t need to win competitions, and that Jeff putting her up with the coup d’etat proved that she was really playing the game. She also repeats how she never betrayed her alliance, and that she proved that by giving Ronnie a vote even when she knew he was going to be evicted.

Voting now starts with Jessie, and they all insert their keys with a final statement. Jessie just babbles “hakua matata” (I thought it was "coup d'etat"), and Lydia says to Jordan that she “loves a good blonde”. Russell says that he voted for the person played the best game, while Jeff tells Jordan that he’s very proud of her. Michelle says she’s voting for “the strongest female in this game”, and Kevin says he wanted to vote for “who was cuter, but you’re both cute so it’s strictly strategic”. Julie then announces that the seventh jury member is “America”, and she locks in “our” vote.

Before we get to the votes, though, we get a segment with Braden, Laura’s tatas, Ronnie, and Casey. After another lengthy clip package, they’re all introduced. Julie begins with asking Ronnie what surprised him the most, and he babbles about how he bows down to Natalie’s feet for her great lying. He tells Jordan that Natalie has lied to her more than he ever could. “Shut up!” He spills the beans on her age, and we hear Kevin yell “I knew it!” He then says that he’s made at Natalie for him being the only person in their alliance that wasn’t informed of the lie. “Week two would have been different if I had known I was the odd man out.”

Julie moves on to Casey, and he’s asked about the biggest mistake in the game. He says that it was Jeff believing Natalie and Kevin’s lie, and the “last minute lie” clip is then showed. Jeff is asked for his response, and Kevin looks nervous before Jeff tells him to relax. He claims that he’s not mad at either of them.

We move on to asking Braden about what surprised him the most, and he asks Jessie how he’s such a big pimp in the house. “You got all the girls in your bed. I’m taking notes all day.” Jessie says he was just trying to play the game “like Kevin”, but it was Kevin who could pull it off. Wait, no questions for Laura? Hmmmmm.

Oh wait, we get more chatter from the former HG’s. Laura’s tatas are asked about Chima, but she starts by applauding Jordan. Laura says that as a big fan of the show, she was “hurt” by Chima’s actions. “There are thousands of people out there in America that would have killed to still be in the house.” She adds that she felt bad for Kevin, Lydia, and Natalie as they lost an ally. Kevin says that he agrees with Laura.

Julie then asks about all the nasty stuff said about each other in the house, and we then see Ronnie’s infamous eviction of Michelle. She says that she knows Ronnie doesn’t really believe that to be the case, and that she really doesn’t know what she did to offend Ronnie. He apologizes, and says it was about a disagreement they had earlier that day…and that it was strategy to throw the rest of the house out.

Jessie is then asked about his relationship with Lydia, and his claim that it was platonic. We then see clips of their action under the covers, and Julie then reads the Webster’s definition of “platonic”. “Would you still say your relationship was platonic?” He doesn’t answer, of course, and Lydia is asked if this romance continued in the house. She also doesn’t answer, and Julie responds, “silence is golden, and also says a lot”. Good one! Julie notes that Russell looks shocked, and he had no clue this was going on.

Of course, we have to conclude with a question about Jeff and Jordan’s relationship. “We’ll see if she wins or not”, he replies to lots of laughter. Julie presses, and he says “we’ll see what happens outside of the house.” Jordan is asked for a response, and she just says that she agrees. Milking it a bit more, Julie asks the audience if Jordan should get to go to Hawaii with Jeff, but he just says she’s on the “short list”. Hahahaha!

It’s now time to pull the keys and FINALLY see who won this year’s game. America’s key is pulled first, and we voted for Jordan. Wow, Jessie voted for Jordan!!! We know Lydia also voted for Jordan. Russell voted for Natalie, though, but Jeff, of course, voted for Jordan! Jordan has won Big Brother!!!

Jordan is greeted by her family as she comes out, but we Jeff gets lost in the shuffle. The last two votes are shown, and Michelle voted for Jordan and Kevin voted for Natalie. Jordan says that she’s going to use the money to put a down payment on a house for her mother, and some help for her aunt. “Maybe a new car.” America’s Favorite Houseguest’s prize goes to Jeff. No surprise there.

And that’s it for the season. Thanks for following the show at our silly little site!

Finale Commentary Thread

C'mon, my friends. Let's fill this up with running commentary of tonight's show!

BB11 Good-bye 8: gNasty-lie

I helped this person track down the exact time Natalie cheated at pool (one of several btw) - check out this cute video. Natalie fans might want to take a pass ;)

Preview of Tonight's Jury Discussion

Here is a snippit of the five jury members talking about who should win in general terms.

Feeds Over - Whose Going To Win?

It's possible we'll get another last look, but this screencap indicates we're not going to see the final three until tonight's broadcast.

So who do you predict is going to win tonight? I'm starting to believe that neither Jordan or Kevin will select Natalie to go to the finals (which should lead to an interesting outburst), and that Kevin will beat Jordan in a landslide.

As for tonight's format, Kevin said last night that the finalists will get a 90 second closing speech, and then will get a question from only three jury members. Unless Natalie somehow makes it to this point, I doubt that this segment will be that interesting. Jeff did all of Jordan's dirty work, so nobody truly hates her (ok, maybe Lydia), and the only person truly pissed at Kevin would be Jeff. Natalie may perceive herself as having the cliched "no blood on my hands", but at this point everybody knows this is not true. Plus, the age lie won't help her.

Ross Matthews interviews Keesha, Janelle, Danielle and Boogie.

Last day in the house - here is Ross' interview that was posted late yesterday - I haven't had a chance to watch myself yet - but I think they will be a bit more candid on this one than last Thursday.

via The Insider

PART 2 Should be out later today.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday - We've almost reached the end of BB11

Hello Big Brother Peoples, one day to go and as is usually the case this time of year we've run out of steam ;)

Has the game changed at all since Friday when I last posted? Not really.

Do we know for sure who will take who to the final two tomorrow? Not really.

Any better sense of how the Jury will vote? Nope.

America's vote? For Kevin over Natalie and Jordan over the other two.

So what in the world have I learned? A couple things not related to the game at all.

Last night the HGs talked about Chima's eviction. It was pretty un-censored and Natalie told the other two that one thing that went on their neither knew about was that she and Lydia and Chima covered the cameras in the Red bedroom and put pillows over all the mirrors and took off their mics - they then were called into the DR as a group and told to knock it off. Truth or fiction? We won't know unless someone asks them after the show.

Click to get a free trial of the BB11 Live Feeds so you can check out the Big Brother House Guests youself! You can also use Flashback to re-watch anything you missed!

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Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday - Sleep all day and up all night?

The HGs got lots of crafts and things to do today. Kevin and Natalie slept away most of the day but are up now and most likely will be for a lot of the night.

Jordan is currently coloring designs on plates. Kevin and Natalie sitting on the hammock talking.

I mean all in all its not a bad watch but there really isn't a lot going on game wise. The HGs have been told they are pretty much done being interviewed in the DR for the TV show.

All we have to do now is see if we can get a sense of what Kevin and Jordan will really do come Tuesday. I think right now we all agree that its hard to tell.

Remember Jeff and Michele both talked with Jordan that Kevin was the big threat and Jeff wanted to take Natalie to the final three. She could very easily still be thinking that and we would have a hard time telling.

The same goes for Kevin - he at times sounds like he is SICK of talking to Natalie about the final two but he may feel his best shot is against her since he thinks Jordan will get "America's" vote (he is corect).

People are still signing up for the feeds and with flashback you can go back and see things you missed so if you still want to check them out - you have time.

With Flashback you can actually also go back and watch ALL of season 10 as well if you are interested.

Click to get a free trial of the BB11 Live Feeds so you can check out the Big Brother House Guests youself! You can also use Flashback to re-watch anything you missed!

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Big Brother - Season 11, Episode 28 Recap

It’s hard to believe that we’re almost finished with the eleventh season of Big Brother. It seems like just a few days ago that people such as Chima, Ronnie, Casey, and Laura’s gigantic breasts first appeared on our televisions screens.

We’re now down to the final three, and I must admit that I’m ready for the season to end. Not that there hasn’t been some entertainment this season. We’ve had a steady stream of live evictions that were memorable and unpredictable. Even the Tuesday episodes, traditionally the trash bin of silly filler, have had enough material to allow producers to edit them into precise stories that outshine the typical CSI garbage that fills their lineup.

Yet, it’s time to put the show to rest, as the finalists may be the most boring in the show’s history. Yeah, Kevin gives good diary room commentary, and Jordan’s naivety is good for a laugh or two. As for Natalie…um, I can’t think of anything entertaining about her. Sorry, Gnat fans.

But the last few days have been snooze fests on the feeds. Jordan sits outside and tries to memorize the alphabet, Kevin worries about which hoody matches his nerd shirt, and Natalie pats herself on the back for being the most loyal, honest person in the world. I don’t know how anybody can sit through more than a few minutes of this drivel.

At least tonight, CBS is keeping us in the dark as to what’s going to happen. We know that we’ll see tape of Tuesday’s round of the final HOH competition, and we’re supposed to also see round two. Other then that, we have no clue. There are rumors the last expulsion won’t happen until the finale, or that we may actually have a live show on Sunday (I doubt that one, though, since it’s the first NFL Sunday). It will be interesting to see just what CBS has planned for us tonight.

So let’s get started. Oooh, all three are officially lasting until finale night. Interesting. But after that announcement, Julie takes us to where we left off last Tuesday with Natalie, Jordan, and Kevin perched on a giant, rolling log.

This is not exactly exciting material. They’re all shocked by the introduction of the “elements”, and they all babble about how it’s so important they win. Natalie thanks Kevin for sticking to his word, and they flash back to Michelle’s eviction. Kevin goes on about how it was such a “huuuuuuuuuuge” decision. Um, sure. For the second time in two minutes, we hear Jordan babble about how she’s alone in the house. Natalie gloats, but the other two sort of ignore her. “Evil is gone.” Ugh.

Back to the competition, and Natalie is still babbling about Michelle. She needles Jordan about how Michelle can now hang out with Jeff, but Jordan says it doesn’t faze her. “You’re a little instigator.”

The log stops, and the rain begins. We hear Kevin complain again about the cold. Enough. Oooooh, Natalie almost falls, but swings around on her rope and saves herself. Jordan now whines about the “wind”…and then the “real” snow. “Can you torture me anymore?”

After three hours, Natalie starts egging the others to drop. Kevin says that he’s going until the sun rises, but Natalie counters he might as well just drop. She then whispers to Jordan that Kevin’s hand is starting to shake, and that if Jordan falls she’ll drop five minutes later. Natalie adds in the diary room that she’s just playing with Jordan to make her take her if she miraculously wins HOH.

Jordan complains that she’s cold, and Kevin sees that as an opportunity. He tells her to shiver so that she’ll warm up, knowing that it would distract here enough to drop. Sure enough, she falls. “I sort of zoned out because it went forward. I’d say it was a five hundred thousand dollar mistake.” Natalie and Kevin smiled at each other, knowing that their plan is working.

After a bit more self-congratulatory babbling, bickering, and a promise to take her to the finals (as they had promised a few days before), Natalie finally drops. This despite the fact that Kevin says in the diary room that his word means nothing in this house. “I hope this move pays off for me in the end”, says Natalie right before they show her jump. Thank God that’s over.

When we return from commercials, it’s time for Julie to chat with the final three. She informs them that all three of them will make it to finale night. They all yell “what?” over and over. Tonight will be part two of the HOH competition, and part three will be on finale night. The jury questioning will then happen immediately before the vote.

Now it’s time for Jeff to enter the jury house. They all hope that it’s Jeff coming in, and that they hope Kevin survives. Russell asks how he’ll handle Natalie if she’s evicted, and he babbles about how he’ll treat her respect. Ugh. Lydia explains that Natalie has a lot of explaining to do. Oh Lord.

Russell again says he hopes that it’s Jeff coming in, and they all jump for joy to see that it is indeed Jeff. Jeff says coming into the jury house was “nerve wracking”, and Lydia is happy to hear that Kevin backstabbed him. Russell says it’s “validation” that Jeff got burned by Kevin. Jessie can’t wait to inform Jeff that Natalie is 24, and surprisingly they all agree that she has survived by riding on everybody’s coattails.

They then watch the video as Lydia continues on needling Jeff. Jessie notes that Natalie “doesn’t even try”, and Lydia babbles more about how she doesn’t like her. Jeff says he thinks Jordan and Michelle will be the final two. Oh Lord, Jeff.

After commercials, Julie interviews “four of the best players in Big Brother history”. Hmmm, I don’t know if I agree with that assessment, but it is nice to see Janelle, Danielle, and Dick. I could live without Mike Boogie, but whatever. Dick is asked what he did with his prize money, and he says he’s “still playing with it”. Boogie “treated” himself to a Bentley, and kisses Julie’s ass with a baby gift.

They move on to game play. Danielle says that Natalie has played the best game because she “has lied really well”, and “gotten Kevin to do her dirty work”. Janelle says the worst move of the season was Jeff getting rid of Russell. Boogie says the best move of the game was Jeff got rid of Jessie, and Natalie and Kevin’s lie to get rid of Russell. Dick agrees with this.

They move on to Chima, and Boogie agrees that she should have been kicked out but says that people should give her a break because being in the house is very stressful. Dick says she lost sight of the end goal when she lost her mind. He’s clearly not a fan of this year’s final three.

Julie asks who they think is going to win - Boogie, Dick, and Janelle all say it will be Kevin. Danielle babbles about how women can only win if they’re sitting next to each other in the finals. I don’t know if I buy that. Wow, that segment wasn’t as entertaining as I thought it would be.

We move on to part two of the final HOH competition between Jordan and Natalie. The game is called “Heads Will Roll”, and the goal is to put balls with the HOH’s name on them in the correct order. Poor Jordan is not going to do well in this.

Natalie starts by getting all of the balls out. Oh wait, not all of them. She starts rolling them up, but is struggling. She ends the two minutes with five correct answers. I‘m surprised she didn‘t do better, but I predict that Jordan only gets two.

Too bad we have to sit through one more commercial break to get to Jordan’s turn. How is a girl who can’t remember what she had for breakfast possibly remember the order of HOH’s? She also grabs a handful of different balls first, and starts rolling them in, but spends too much time watching the balls instead of grabbing more. At the one minute mark, she does have four, and ties Natalie with five. OMG, she just beat her!!! Wow, she got nine out of ten!!! I can’t wait to see Natalie’s reaction.

Ah, Julie just confirmed that America will be the tie-breaking vote thanks to Chima’s departure from the game. Too bad that they’re making this as confusing as possible, as there are different numerical choices based on who makes the final two.

Kevin appears to be the most nervous to find out who won this round, and is shocked to discover that Jordan won! Jordan’s reaction? “I’m sweating.” She says she’s up for the challenge, and Natalie babbles that she should have won because she knows “everything” that has happened in the house. Yep, make it about yourself, you twit.

And that’s it for tonight!

One final note. I’m not going to bother recapping Sunday’s clip show, as they’re always basically unwatchable. So I’ll see you on Tuesday to see who wins a half million bucks!

Live Show Comment Thread

Mike's running late, so I guess I have to start it. Nobody is sure what exactly is happening tonight, but this pic proves that some old "faves" will be on hand.

Live Show on Sunday too?

Feeds have been on Trivia for a long time this morning - when they returned briefly a few minutes ago we heard Kevin talking and he commented that they would not know the final two until Sunday.

That makes it sound like Sunday might be another live show - and we'll see one of the three walk out the door that night.

That would give America time to vote in place of Chima and give the jury time to get together. The HGs usually sat around bored for 5 days anyways when the season wound down with an eviction on Thursday and final show not until the next Tuesday.

Nothing has really gone on since the last post. The HGs practiced last night - they assume it is for Part II so Kevin only tried the ball game a few times. Mostly he helped Natalie. He did work with Jordan early in the evening but after midnight Jordan had to practice alone while Kevin and Natalie played pool or hung out inside.

The consensus among those watching is that Jordan was better at it that Natalie. Of course Jesse stunk at the ball in the bucket competition and won HoH so the practice isn't really much of an indication as the final game will be different - and will most likely also include some questions.

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