Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I've Moved! Bigbrothergossip is off blogger.

Hey guys,

I'm trying something new so I have pulled up roots and shipped my entire site over to another provider. Blogger has been great but as any free site has its limitations - so I am now trying something new.

I am posting this mainly for the 51 followers that might come here expecting to see stuff. Simply go to and all will be well!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Audio Interview with Allison Grodner.

Here is an interview with Allison Grodner - it runs about 15 minutes and these are some highlights:

  • The theme this season may be a "summer camp" kind of thing.
  • Allison doesn't have any plans for this or next season (if CBS wants it) to be the last.
  • No definitive number of HGs for this season, she said anywhere from 12-14.
  • Will the fans have a vote this year? Maybe - it seemed to hinge on the number in the jury.
  • Allison admits that at times the producers have checked out the various live feeds on the internet when they think they missed something.
  • An all star season might be possible next year.

Monday, June 7, 2010

31 days to Big Brother 12

Alrighty folks, start getting ready. Big Brother is right around the corner. The ads are on tv and everyone is ramping up for the show which will hit the airwaves on July 8th.

Here is what I know (very little) and what I am guessing is going on currently......

CBS reports that the casting is officially over. However based on past seasons - if you are in your 20s and have an agent and live in the LA area - you might still yet be cast for the show.

A very small amount of the house guests each year are actually found by casting - most are actually discovered by the casting people or agents send in people from their 'stable' they think fit the kind of characters they need for the show.

If it hasn't happened already, the people that have been cast will be moved into individual hotel rooms to keep them isolated for the most part (although previous cast members have said they ate together but were not supposed to talk). For a little Big Brother trivia, it was at this point during Big Brother 4 that Brandon Showalter lost his chance to be in the Big Brother house when he broke out of his hotel room to call his girlfriend (I'll post that story soon). He was replaced by Jee Choe who was the "ex" of eventual winner Jun Song.

Around July 3rd or 4th the HGs that have made the cut will be moved into the Big Brother house and the taping will begin. We won't get to see them live until after the July 8th season premiere but they will use the tape compiled from the time the HGs enter the house until July 8th for the first couple of shows.

The live feeds - in my opinion THE reason to watch Big Brother will be back - I haven't heard any 'new' news in this area but I assume we will once again have four feeds and the ability to flashback to parts earlier in the feeds (but not before July 8th). This is a great feature as it allows all of us to go back and watch anything we missed over and over again (can you say Chima's mic tossing or Ronnie's calling out?).

Big Brother After Dark will also be shown again so those with showtime will get a few hours of the show - in the past it was 12am - 3am Eastern - I'd assume this will be the case again.

Feel free to ask away in the comments section if you have any questions and one of use will give the best answer we have.

One last thing - the 'staff' of Big Brother Gossip will be growing a bit this season. I'm still not sure who all will be participating but I would expect at least two or three new faces - all long time Big Brother fans. I'm looking forward to the new folks helping out as well as the others that have helped in the past!

Monday, May 17, 2010

New Big Brother Commercial

As seen last night during the Survivor finale.

So the official start date is Thursday, July 8th. That means most likely the HGs will move into the house July 3rd or 4th and the first eviction should be July 15th.

52 days to go!

Friday, April 30, 2010

"Matty" might be the Biggest Loser from Big Brother

Big Brother has had a few contestants that have had their names in the news for not so great reasons in the past but BB9's Matt McDonald might have passed everyone else up with his latest indictment in federal court for apparent involvement in BB9 winner Adam Jasinki's Oxycodone drug ring as reported by TMZ on Tuesday.

The drug charge might cost McDonald 1 million dollars and 20 years in prison if convicted.

Besides the drug charges, Matty was arrested April 18th when his 8 week pregnant girlfriend accused him of assaulting her. He was then arrested two days later when the fiance and her family complained that Matty was harassing her to drop the charges.

The NY Daily News has a great summary article on Matty's woes including the following:

Police said McDonald, 26, punched his seven-weeks pregnant fiancée in the face, kicked her repeatedly dragged her around her Boston apartment and tried to strangle her.

Cops said the fight erupted after McDonald found a text message his fiancée received from a male friend and accused her of cheating.

"I hope the baby dies and hope u have a miscarriage," the heavily-tattooed McDonald screamed at his fiancée, according to a police report.

I would have to say that Big Brother 2's Justin Sebik is the current runner up in the 'Biggest Loser' of Big Brother. Although I can't find any new information since 2006, up until then Sebik had accumulated quite a list of accused infractions from assault to 'theft by deception' since he was kicked out of the BB2 house for holding a knife to fellow contestant Krista Stegal's throat.

Just think - Big Brother 12 is just two months away!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Last day to for mailing Big Brother applications is Friday!

There are still a few open casting call dates left but if you want to mail in your video and application you have until this Friday, April 23rd to get it done.

You should go directly to the CBS Big Brother Casting Page to get the most current application.

Good luck to anyone applying! The more real fans of the show that get in the house, the better if you ask me!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Full Big Brother Open Casting Call List and Instructions

Hi all - this is the last time I will post a full list of remaining open casting call dates. This list is up to date as of today. They have also announced that the tape submission deadline has been extended to April 23rd. (UPDATED 4/8/10)

A few additional notes from the Big Brother Casting folks for those that plan to go to one of these casting calls:

  • Please bring a completed application ( ), copy of valid ID & 2 recent pics (1 face & 1 full body).
  • If you didn't get it from between 3/8/10 and today, it's not the current application.
  • Casting producers are only able to attend select cities but attending ANY open call will guarantee your audition is seen.
  • Casting Producers will be on hand @ the following open calls- Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Portland, Phoenix, Atlanta, Tampa, New Orleans, Dallas, DC, Boston, Kansas City, Cincinnati, Chicago, Nashville, and Charlotte.
(earlier dates removed)

Thursday, April 8th

2-5pm Rochester, NY
Eastview Mall 7979 Pittsford-Victor Road (Route 96) Victor, NY 14564

Saturday, April 10th

10am (See for time specifics) ALEXANDRIA, LA
"Alexandria Mall" 3437 Masonic Dr. Alexandria, LA 71301

10:30am - 4pm SANTA FE, NM
"Buffalo Thunder Resort & Casino" 30 Buffalo Thunder Trail - Santa Fe, NM 87506

12-6pm NEW YORK, NY
"Roy Arias Studios" SAT, April 10th 300 West 43rd St. 5th Floor, room 505 New York, NY 10036

12- 4pm LAS VEGAS, NV
“Hard Rock Cafe Las Vegas” 3771 S. Las Vegas Blvd - Las Vegas, NV. 89109

MADAM’S ORGAN RESTAURANT & BLUES BAR 2461 18th St. NW Washington, DC 20009

On Deck Sports Bar & Grill 910 NW 14th Avenue Portland, OR 97209

2pm - 6pm DALLAS, TX
Main Street Fort Worth Arts Festival (CBS 11” Booth) 601 Main St. - Fort Worth, TX 76102

2pm - 6pm - KANSAS CITY, MO
Nick and Jake’s Bar & Grill 135th and Metcalf 6830 W. 135th - Overland Park, KS 66223

Sunday, April 11th

11am – 3pm ATLANTA, GA
“Hard Rock Café” 215 Peachtree St. NE - Atlanta, GA 30303

Tuesday, April 13th

CBS3 Studios 1555 Hamilton Street Philadelphia, PA 19130

12–3pm NEW YORK, NY
Empire City Casino at Yonkers Raceway 810 Yonkers Ave. Yonkers, NY 10704

Wednesday, April 14th

“The Barley House” 1265 W. 6th St. Cleveland, OH 44113

Friday, April 16th

Dave Edwards Toyota 2450 Reidville Road Spartansburg, SC 29301

"Virginia College" (Room 186) 6185 Rivers Avenue Charleston, SC. 29406

Variety Motors 2216 South Cushman Street Fairbanks, AK 99701

Saturday, April 17th
Firelake Grand Casino 777 Grand Casino Blvd. Shawnee, OK 74804

Friday, April 30th

“McFadden’s Restaurant and Saloon” 134 Second Ave. North - Nashville, TN 37201

Saturday, May 1st

“Strike City” at the Epicenter 210 E. Trade St. Charlotte, NC 28202

12-4pm CHICAGO, IL
“Mad River Bar & Grill” 2909 North Sheffield Ave. Chicago, IL 60657

I post new dates when they are announced - but if you want to see them as soon as they are posted make sure to follow

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tons of new cities and dates added to Big Brother 12 Casting Calls!

More BB 12 Casting dates posted by - list on the right will be updated to include these dates shortly.

CINCINNATI, OH - BlackFinn Restaurant and Saloon Sat April 3rd, 2-6pm 19 East 7th Street Cincinnati, Ohio 45202 11:06 AM Mar 16th

PHOENIX / CHANDLER, AZ - Sandbar Mexican Grill Sat, April 3rd, 1-5pm 7200 West Ray Rd Chandler, AZ 85226

BOSTON, MA - "Bell In Hand Tavern" Sat, April 3rd 11AM-3PM 45 Union Street Boston, MA 02108

PORTLAND, OR - On Deck Sports Bar & Grill Sat, April 10th 1–5pm 910 NW 14th Avenue Portland, OR 97209 12:57 PM Mar 16th

NYC - "Roy Arias Studios" SAT, April 10th Noon-6PM 300 West 43rd St. 5th Floor, room 505 New York, NY 10036 5:21 PM Mar 16th

LOUISIANA - "Alexandria Mall" Sat, April 10th 10AM (See for time specifics) 3437 Masonic Dr. Alexandria, LA 71301

CHARLOTTE, NC - “Strike City” at the Epicenter Sat, May 1st Noon-3PM 210 E. Trade St. Charlotte, NC 28202 11:35 AM Mar 16th

CHICAGO, IL - “Mad River Bar & Grill” Sat, May 1st, Noon-4PM 2909 North Sheffield Ave. Chicago, IL 60657

Monday, March 15, 2010

New Orleans and Kansas City added to Big Brother Open Casting dates

Announced today:

Friday, April 2nd 5pm - 9pm NEW ORLEANS, LA
“Hard Rock Cafe New Orleans” 418 N. Peters St. - New Orleans, LA 70130

Saturday April 10th 2-6pm - KANSAS CITY, MO
Nick and Jake’s Bar & Grill 135th and Metcalf 6830 W. 135th - Overland Park, KS 66223

Friday, March 12, 2010

More Cities For Big Brother 12 Open Casting Calls Announced.

These cities were announced today. I am posting a complete list on the right hand column.

Saturday, March 27th 1pm - 3pm BATON ROUGE, LA
Brian Harris Chrysler Jeep 11955 Airline Highway - Baton Rouge, LA 70817

Saturday, April 10th 12pm - 4pm LAS VEGAS, NV
“Hard Rock Cafe Las Vegas” 3771 S. Las Vegas Blvd - Las Vegas, NV. 89109

Sat, April 10th 2pm - 6pm DALLAS, TX
Main Street Fort Worth Arts Festival (CBS 11” Booth) 601 Main St. - Fort Worth, TX 76102

Sunday, April 11th 11am – 3pm ATLANTA, GA
“Hard Rock Café” 215 Peachtree St. NE - Atlanta, GA 30303