Thursday, July 31, 2008

Must Win POV...

Yeah I am thinking ahead - but why not? Nominations will almost certainly be Memphis and Jerry - and even though the women say they can't STAND the thought of Jerry in the Jury house, they would rather see Memphis go next (at least as of now).

I think Memphis also knows he is going up and is a bit concerned.

On another note Ollie kissed April on the cheek earlier and is getting teased about it - you can bet there will be a lot more than kissing going on tonight in the HoH room.

The Girls Get Some Lovin'

April Wins!

Jessie's Gonna Be Pissed!!!

Michelle's making a deal with April for safety. I wonder who April will put up?

Sports References from Dan.

It's 4th and goal.

Third overtime.

April, HOLD ON!

Sorry, his pep talks are annoying. Think of more cliche things to say!!!

He forgot, bases loaded bottom of the 9th, also. Maybe that's in the next speech.

Oh my gosh - look who is back!!

PSYCH!! Had to do it just to tick off the anonymous poster who seems to feel we liked Angie too much ;)

Who Will Win?

Renny's Out!

What a trooper!

I Have to Admit April Looks Determined to Win

"How Does My Hair Look, Guys?"

I guess it's not just how you play the game, but how you look. Ugh.


Smiling, and looking all happy. She really picked the right outfit to stand up there in.

Michelle looks evil.

Memphis Falls!

Memphis Down!

Memphis is down, just Renny, Michelle, and April left.


There's Four Left!

Jessie's down

Looks like Jessie went down when the feeds were on trivia.


Squirmers: Memphis, Michelle, Renny, Jessie
Non Squirmer: April

Of course that doesn't mean April is not moving at all, just not as much as the others.

Michelle keeps saying she can stay up there all night. Well. I'll be here all night.

Ollie's out!

Ollie's out.

Still in: April, Memphis, Michelle Renny, Jessie

Dan's Down.

Dan fell down.

Still up - April, Ollie, Memphis, Michelle, Renny, Jessie.

Renny and Jessie views

They're still up and crouched down. Renny is staying pretty stable, Jessie is stretching out his legs.

All are very uncomfortable. Memphis, Dan, and Michelle cannot stay still.

Libra, down.

Feeds are still in and out. The girls are starting to move around, specifically Libra. April hasn't crouched down like the rest of them yet, that I have noticed. Though she is moving her upper body a bit and just lifting her legs every so often. Again, the feeds are constantly going to trivia.

Libra is down as I write this!

Ollie, Memphis, and Dan are constantly moving. They look completely uncomfortable. Don't have a cam on Jessie or Renny, will update on them when I can.

Jerry is down!

First one down is Jerry.

Said the weight was too much for his arms.

So Far...

Dan looks completely uncomfortable. He basically can't sit still. But he is singing and asking for people to talk to him. I guess that's the way to go - annoy people off the shaking wall. Ollie And Jessie are also staying in motion. Jerry is moving a little bit to get comfortable. The girls have remained fairly stable and not moved.

Also, the feeds keep going to trivia. It's quite annoying.

Big Brother Season 10, Episode 8 Recap

Before we begin tonight’s sad, sad episode, I have to let everybody know that there will not be a recap of next Sunday’s show. No, it won’t be because I’m in mourning over the eviction of my girl Angie. I am flying to visit some friends in Ohio, and on Sunday evening we’ll be watching Radiohead in Indianpolis. I will be back in time for Tuesday’s show.
Since I’m straying from the topic, here’s one more plug. Go to and download Paul Westerberg’s new album, “49:00”. Forty-nine minutes of music (well, actually 43:55) for only $.49!
Ok, I guess it’s time to face the music – too bad it’s that awful Big Brother intro tune. After Julie’s usual dumb opening (“the game has become personal!”), we go right to the aftermath of the veto meeting. Angie babble (and I hate to downplay anything she says) about when you’re on the block you have to ignore your alliances and play for yourself. Then why didn’t you?
Jessie takes off his shirt (as usual), and brags to the bedroom camera that he didn’t even “break a sweat”. He says that since Keesha told him he’s safe, he “can do pretty much whatever I want”. Michelle does her best Amber impression, bawling about how she feels so bad because these people have become her family. She continues to cry to Angie, who gives her a hug and tells her it’s ok if she doesn’t vote for her.
Those three, along with Memphis, are now outside, and Jessie asks “where did we go wrong”? Angie answers the obvious question – “we didn’t win HOH, and we didn’t win power of veto”. Jessie, are you that dumb? Memphis again brings up the “womanizer” debacle. Get over it, Mr. Drinkologist.
Looking fantastic in her bikini, Angie points out to Jerry that after this week the “only people you can suck up to may be the ones not in power right now”. Jerry acts like he’s blowing it off when she asks if he’s willing to go against what the house wants him to vote. He complains that Angie’s friends have been acting like they’ve been running the house, and as far as the nominees, “none of it was my choice.” This goes back and forth a bit, and Memphis (wrongfully) thinks he was giving her encouraging words.
At this same time, Jessie is again bugging Keesha, and she’s doing her best to tell him he’s not going anywhere. Memphis rings the bell, and tells the two that Jerry just told Angie that she’s “not out of this game”. You can see the steam rising from Jessie.
Michelle questions Angie about the conversation, and Angie tells her she asked Jerry why he was all about getting Jerry out last week but this week is kissing her ass. When Angie adds the line about running the house, Michelle goes sprinting back inside. Angie admits in the diary room that she’s “kicking a little dust here and there”. Why oh why didn’t you do more of this?
Michelle attempts to hunt down Jerry, who has just entered the HOH. He sarcastically brags about being “in Angie’s grasp”, not knowing that he’s about to be interrogated by both sides of the house regarding that conversation. Not finding the old codger, Michelle reports to Jessie and Memphis what Angie just told her. “I have to calm down, because I’m going to flip out. I’m going to do physical harm, so I have to calm down.”
Upstairs with Keesha, Jerry denies saying anything of the sort to Angie. “They’re playing the game, big time.” He walks out, and runs into a waiting Michelle in the kitchen. He denies that he’s just following whoever is in power. “Do you think I’m going to kiss your ass? You’re trying to cause trouble.” They both scream that the other has to calm down. Jessie enters, and they both promise to put the other up if they win HOH. Meanwhile, my girl has a pretty, pretty smile.
After commercials, we go back to Jerry, Michelle, and Memphis conspiring for the next week. Oh yes, it’s earthquake time, and Jessie whipping off his shirt. Michelle is the person freaking out the most because she’s never been in one before. Jerry thinks somebody somehow ran into the house with a truck, which Memphis finds very funny.
It’s now the evening (a day or two before the earthquake), and Jessie is taunting Libra through the window from outside the house. He says he felt obligated to act antagonistic to her. Um, ok. “If I stay in this game, I’m going to be the one taking you down…she is the most deviant person in here.” Libra, meanwhile, whines to the hens and Renny about his arrogance. Well, at least it gives CBS some footage to make us think Angie’s safe.
Now we see Jessie acting like a fool to Jerry, calling him “Father Time” when he walks by. Keesha’s not happy about this, and they all can’t believe he’s acting like this when he’s the safe person. “He just buries himself.”
Libra is now walking with April and Ollie, and tells them about Jessie’s silly actions. April points out that “America’s probably like, ‘why are you so stupid’?” Ollie thinks they should talk to Keesha about giving him the boot. The hens gather to talk about this idea, and Keesha again whines about why he’s doing this.
(Once again, the producers have downplayed Jessie’s crazy behavior over the week. He really was ten times as nutty as they’ve shown.)
It’s now dumb question time, and Julie goes right to the dimmest bulb of the bunch. Michelle is asked about what was the first thing she thought when she saw the banner that flew over the house. “I said, ‘ooooooh’. I was actually excited to see the banner. There was a few of us that sawerrrr (yes, that’s how she pronounced it) the banner, and then we immediately had to go inside.”
Memphis is then asked about the “womanizer” fight. “I’ve dedicated my life with treating women with a form of respect, and when somebody takes your character…and drops it down that low. I kind of blew up…I’d rather get punched in the face than actually somebody attack my character like that.”
Next up, Jerry is asked if he still feels this “is a great group of kids”. He says he does, and makes sure that we all know that he apologized to Memphis. “It was a sincere apology.” Memphis affirms that he did accept the apology, but says it “might be a little bit harder to forget it”. I’m sure Jerry will whine about that for the next few days. Jerry is also asked about whether he apologized to Michelle, who is shaking her head no. Hey, he’s an old man, so you shouldn’t be that surprised that he doesn’t remember that incident. “Oh, those”, he suddenly remembers. “No, I don’t regret those. I had four of them after me. It was like survival.”
Renny’s birthday is now acknowledged, and she gets an audience question about her big day. She babbles about how great it was to share that day with all of these great new friends. “They made me feel so special.”
Now we head upstairs to interview Keesha. Julie asks why she’s after Angie when they both voted for Steven’s eviction. We hear the same crap about how Angie didn’t get any of the fallout that poor Keesha got, and how she supposedly never even hung out with him. The next question is about how long she’s going to be aligned with Libra, and the dumb blonde says “to the end”. What if it’s between Renny and Libra? Keesha says it would have to be Renny. The awful audience question is whether the house underestimated her before she won HOH. Yeah, you know the answer.
It’s now the sad portion of the show. Angie goes first with the final speech to the house. “It’s certainly been an interesting three weeks in the house. We’ve made some friends, and made some enemies. But it all started off with 13 strangers walking into this house, and basically trying to win a half million dollars.” She reminds them that only one person can win this money, so everybody should take a good look at their alliances, and the nominees, and decide which person is the “biggest roadblock in your way”. What a great speech!
Guess what Jessie talked about? Yes, respect! What a tool! He goes on with the history of his stay in the house so far, and how he’s consistently stuck up for himself. “I’m not going to sit down when I fell I’m being disrespected by anybody.” Um, ok.
We start the voting with Memphis, who sadly votes to evict Angie. So does Michelle, and everybody else. What a bunch of fools!
Hahahahah! Julie made it appear like Jessie may be evicted, and for a second he was ready to explode. Unfortunately, it was our girl. After quick hugs, she’s out. Before we get to the interview, though, we have to watch the houseguests say absolutely nothing.
Julie congratulates her for her speech, and we begin with Keesha’s dumb theory about Steven. “I actually think there’s some other underlying things…maybe it had a lot to do with the competitiveness of the girls in the house”. When asked why she only hung out with the guys, she says that’s the way she is in real life. “I just enjoy the time outside.”
Tearing up since the beginning of the interview, Julie points out that she claimed to not be an emotional person. Angie admits that some of the tears in the HOH room was strategy – a way to “make a connection with her. She seems to be someone who reacts to emotion rather than rational thoughts.”
We move on to the goodbye messages, and Jessie babbles about “initially pushing 110% for you”. He goes on and on some more about rational thought. Jerry calls her a “real neat young lady”. Memphis basically says nothing, and Michelle promises to “get back at these people for everything they’ve done. Jealousy is really ugly, and that’s why you are where you are”. Julie concludes by asking if her wearing Brian’s cap is an indicator of any romantic possibilities. Angie says no, but that she did wear it more when she discovered it bothered people.
Before we get to the HOH, we find out that Dan has won the opportunity to be America’s Player. After taking forever reading the script, and then a longer time explaining his decision, before finally saying he accepts the offer.
Now we get to the HOH contest, and it involves who can stand on a ledge the longest. The big twist, though, is that it’s earthquake related, and we see the wall they’re leaning against shake around a bit, and they’re also covered with sawdust. Renny appears to be already struggling, while Jerry claims this is something “I’ve always wanted to do”. What?
Before we get one last look, we’re given the first opportunity to give Dan instruction. Obviously, it’s the person he should work on getting nominated. Vote Libra!
As we leave the show, they’ve now turned the wind machines onto the shaking platform. With that, we leave this sad show. See you Tuesday!

Living On The Edge Begins.

Here is the first picture - everyone still up.

Feeds are back.

All are still on the wall. I will post updates!

Live Show Comment Crazy Thread

Here we go..... Join us as we go comment crazy watching the show live.

The Final Feed Shot Of Angie?

Special thanks to Christine for nabbing this!

Angie's Demise Is Near

Fake Earthquake?

I turned on the feeds at the exact same time our fearless leader, IndyMike, was talking about Big Brother on XM Radio's Ron and Fez Show. While he was joking about the video that CBS released of the earthquake, the brain trust of April and Libra were talking about how the earthquake was fake. They (stupidly) believe that it was a setup for tonight's HOH competition.

Craig Ferguson, again

Angie Video

Since I'll probably never again see Angie in a bikini, here's some footage that I hope CBS doesn't take down.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Other than the ladies complaining about Jerry's apology to Memphis earlier and how that means he can't be trusted and they need to get rid of him soon, things have been really really quiet in the house.

Angie is either resigned to the thought she is going - or she is waiting until tomorrow to make a plea to be saved. But right now she just seems to not give a care.

For those not willing to scroll down... the HGs are on a 24 hour lock down - looks to me like there will be an endurance HoH competition tomorrow night.

The Camerman Loves April's Grooming