Thursday, July 24, 2008

Nominations Are In!

Yes, it's as expected - Jessie and Angie, with Michelle apparently the last key to be pulled. That should be fun to watch on Sunday. Jerry's Angels are in the HOH spying on Angie's non-reaction because it "somehow" proves she's talking about them.

Jessie just asked Jerry if he has his vote, and is in the process of exploding on him when Jerry says he's not sure because of the things he's heard that Jessie has said. Ugh, he's going on and on about being disrespected on national television.


Sydney said...

Who is going on and on ? Jessie or Jerry? If it's about disrespect I assume Jessie.

DING DONG, so glad he's up!!!!!! I'm an Angie fan and hope she stays. Let the fireworks begin as Jessie self destructs (I hope) and takes the whole house on a tornado ride the next few days.

I pray he doesn't get the veto!

Scott said...

It was Jessie pulling a Libra and demanding that Jerry tells him his source. Jerry then used it as an opportunity to voice his frustrations with various people.

Anonymous said...

Angie pic 2 rules. Nice eye.