Friday, July 25, 2008

Early Veto Comp

Angie's fate will be decided in the next hour or so. They were told late last night that the veto competition will occur at 10 am, BB time. It's now around a half hour later, so it could start at any time.

It looks like Jerry, Dan and possibly Ollie are the other players. This does not bode well for Angie. Then again, I'm basing this only on the fact that those are the ones that appear to be awaiting instructions, and three of those four are dressed in the same color.

Note the hat and bandana Angie's wearing. How soon will the catty comments commence?


Anonymous said...

Dan + Jerry might not be that bad for Angie because while they probably wont take her off, they won't win, giving her a better shot. Dan will throw it again and Jerry probably won't win it.

And remember, there aren't too many people that will take her off. I think only Memphis would be willing to do it, but he told Keesha he wouldn't and he might not want to stick his head out like that. So I think Dan + Jerry were probably among the best options for Angie.