Thursday, July 24, 2008

Does the live audience add to the show?

Upon seeing the poll and voting a resounding NO, I thought this would need more comments.

I found it just another time waster. I have made it clear every season that enough of the show is wasted already showing pretty much EVERYTHING that happened the previous show. The first 10-15 minutes of every show recaps the 45 minutes previous (and I'm not even going to break it down more to include the commercial time).

At most in an hour show we get about 30 minutes to cover the feeds since previous show (and Wednesday thru Sunday is a long time to cover that) along with whatever competition is happening that day.

What did the live audience bring besides wasting more time showing them clapping? Absolutely NOTHING. There were questions from them, that chenbot read, so they could have been taken from an online blog for all we know.

I just wish CBS would stop finding ways to fill the time of the show with shit. Stop over producing and manipulating what the TV audience sees (that rarely is what really goes on) and show more of the good juicy stuff that does happen.


Anonymous said...

They really need to take their cues from the overseas versions of BB. Granted BB UK was the only other version I've seen, but that show felt more like you were watching the actual feeds, which is how it should be. Isn't the whole purpose of Big Brother to feel like a fly on the wall watching these people?
But reality shows in the states are so far gone now it's sad. They all rely on scripted scenarios meant to play out like real life. Or in the case of Big Brother, somewhat fabricated drama edited together from various things that happen throughout the week. And instead of focusing more on people wheeling and dealing and scheming and making deals, they focus more on who hates who, mindless bickering, and far too many sappy moments that have nothing to do with anything. And even when there is a good blow up they either take out a huge chunk of it, or edit it in a way that it doesn't even really resemble what actually went down.
We do have to keep in mind though that they are trying to cater to 16-24 year old Joe and Jane America. Who are more inclined to sit and watch a show where people yell at each other, hookup and there are crazy games, than a show where the real object is more comparable to a game of chess than anything.
I think after this season, depending on the ratings, they should step back and take a look at their whole template, and look to revamp it.

Anonymous said...

Oh and I think the live audience is there to give the illusion to people who are unfamiliar with the show, that it's way more popular than it actually is.