Wednesday, July 30, 2008

24 Hour Lockdown - Endurance Time?

The HGs are stuck inside for the next 24 hours.

Sounds like the backyard is being prepared for a big competition.

SO if it is en endurance you think the women would put their heads together and speculate that it might be smart to vote out Jesse - who is very strong? I wonder if the producers might plant the seed of that in their head tonight.

What most of us know is that the women usually do better on the endurance competitions - the largest people always seem to wear out much faster than the (generally) smaller women.

And here are you current viewing options... 4 women bitching about Jerry in the HoH room or 4 guys and the two other women having fun in the living room.


ale said...

You know, I was thinking there would an endurance comp either this week or next, because it's that time of the season. I can't even imagine these women being smart enough to do the right thing and vote Jessie out knowing there will be one. Then again, Angie also stands a very good chance of winning it. But if Jessie's week of madness hasn't pushed Keesha over the edge, this idea probably won't either.

But for us, yay @ endurance!

Anonymous said...

As for the viewing options, as soon as i realized that 1 of the other two women is Michelle, I dont know if I can watch either