Monday, July 28, 2008

Renny Is Sly...and Memphis Is Dumb

Renny has been up in the HOH while the hens slop on makeup to look presentable for BBAD. Renny is throwing up a ton of subtle hints that maybe Jessie should be the one ousted this week. For example, when Libra babbled that they have to make sure Jessie doesn't make it to sequester, she points out that there is one more week to do that...and that she thinks Jessie's going to win.

Meanwhile, Memphis is still going on about how he's going after Jerry next week. Tool boy agrees. Come on, you guys. Jerry can be taken out at any time. They must put their personal feelings aside and go after a person with power. Jerry is the first person Libra and the hens are going to cast off after Memphis, Jessie, and Michelle are gone (or some combination of the three). It amazes me how few of these people look at the big picture.


ale said...

It's annoying when all 4 feeds are on the same conversation, involving only 2/11 HGs.

bish said...

After reading that, Renny has pretty much cemented herself in as my new favorite. Her peculiar tendencies still put me off, but she is way smarter than she looks, or dresses for that matter. It's too bad for her that no one else in the house is even remotely on the same page. They've got themselves stuck on this set agenda of who to vote out when, and it's going to bite them in the ass in one way or another.

And just when I was really starting to like Memphis, he turns out to be just as bad as the others. I hope he snaps out of whatever he's in and gets back on the common sense train. Lord knows once Angie is gone there will be no more logic used in the game. Everything is going to be based on personal vendettas and hurt feelings. Welcome back to last year.

bish said...

Also, I started a blog this year to get all my BB grievances off my chest. If you guys want to check it out it's

And if you guys don't check it out, just know that I will hold a grudge against each and every one of you.

Reefer Jello said...

I'm already looking forward to BB 11. It would be great if CBS put more thought into the cast members. For instance, if they are going to have older contestants, how about selecting people who are erudite and have had interesting life experiences to talk about and have some savvy. I give them credit on Renny. She has her eccentricities, but she is an excellent listener and when it is her time to be "on" for the house, she does a good job. I like Renny. Jerry is a typical old right wing fart from Texas. He reminds me of a couple of my uncles. After about ten minutes with them...bye bye. The rest of this cast doesn't have much going on. I'm having a hard time staying with them. I now watch BBAD in about fifteen minutes. Not much distillation out of three hours.

Anonymous said...

Yes exactly what I said these people are not playing with their heads.. letting jealousy etc get inthe way of the game stupid

Sydney said...


oh, what? OMG 5.8 quake near the house! We are finally going to see the first action in the place for awhile now.

They will edit it into a 10 minute ordeal, but won't show it til next week, and after that we will see it reviewed in black and white for several eps, like we saw the girl (how quickly we forget) who had the diabetic seizure on last season...

Sydney said...

Lol Bish -

I have three blogs and none of them are about BB so I invite you all to come check those out if you need a break from our shared obsession.
Culture shock in Houston after leaving a high life in NYC as a celebrity stylist
Several fun little movies and pics re: adventures in nature
Short opinion pieces about pop culture

(they're all linked thru the profile)

Ale, caught a bit of your writing when it was not private and thought it was great.

Scott said...

I'll have to check those out, Sydney.

And I agree - Ale's blog was great and I was bummed when I could no longer access it.

Sydney said...

Thanks Scott-

BTW, for the Adventures in Nature, might be best to click labels as there are more interesting things up than the current post about the creatively names "Mr. Goose" .

Try Squirrels

and Tigers

ale said...

Oh, you two. :) I haven't posted any further since then, so you're not missing anything.