Sunday, July 27, 2008

Big Brother Season 10, Episode 7 Recap

Welcome to part one of a nightmarish week for this Big Brother correspondent. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you obviously haven’t read this blog the past couple of days. You’ll see at the end of the show exactly what I’m talking about.
We begin tonight’s episode with the end of Jessie the Body’s reign as HOH, and Steven’s departure. Thank God. Maybe we won’t have to deal with him much this week. (Spoiler alert: yes, we do. Even more than when he was HOH.)
Of course, a big deal has to be made out of Steven’s obvious joke of “suck it, bitches”. Come on, it was funny. Michelle is shown covering her mouth, and says she was “flabbergasted” (I’m shocked she knows such a big word). Jerry says he wasn’t expecting that. “That was a personal attack, in my opinion…and not on just the women.”
Dan is still bragging about his plan to masquerade as a weak player, while our girl Angie complains that it “kind of makes you feel a little lonely when the people that you are closest to are gone now.” Keesha adds that “it was kind of hard to see Steven go.”
As always, a big deal is made out of Steven’s picture losing color. “I hate seeing his picture like that”, whines Keesha. “I don’t think he deserved to leave. I think it was wrong that he was even up there.” Meanwhile, Jessie is giving his pal Michelle a look that my pal Lil would call the “c*** eye”. Angie claims that losing Steven is going to make her thing about strategy more. Sure it will, my pretty. Somehow, Keesha thinks that Steven’s exit is Angie’s fault because she “let him take the fall”. What?
We move on to the HOH competition, and Keesha’s victory. She’s obviously ecstatic, and says she “held back so much…I am going to turn this house upside down”. Renny is also happy, and describes Keesha as the one woman in the house she can call a friend. “She has a lot of depth.” Really? Libra is also ecstatic, saying “it gets better and better and better”.
Michelle is also cocky, saying that all they now need is for Keesha to do a “dirty deed for our alliance”. Boy, won’t she be surprised? Keesha notes the looks on people’s faces after the competition, and that “Angie seems to be worried. She has good reason to be worried. When Steven needed her the most, she bailed on him and all the pressure was on me.” I really don’t get how she believes that.
Dan thinks he proved that he’s not completely inept by actually scoring one correct answer, and that he then purposely missed the next one to help Libra. April is also happy, and hopes for her to put up either Jerry, Dan, or Renny. Keesha notes how suddenly everybody is kissing her ass, just as we see a shot of April and Libra hugging her.
Keesha is now in the bedroom, telling the other girls how much she loved Steven, and that he was her “release” from all the drama in the house. Libra’s head jumps up when Keesha says that “at this point, I have no idea who to put up”. In the diary room, Libra’s paranoia is in full display. “Is she sleeping with the enemy?”
Memphis runs into Jessie in one of the other bedrooms, and tells him that “this is perfect”. Jessie then goes on and on about how Keesha has to understand how “I trust her”. This begins a ritual we’ve all had to endure for the past four days. Both of them really are clueless, as proven when Memphis says “me and you are the only ones here she does trust”.
Later Libra sneaks up on Keesha in that same bedroom, and asks her if she’s excited. “Whatever you decide”, she claims. Yeah, as long as it’s what she wants. “Next week I’ll have your back.” “Yeah, I’d hope so”, Keesha replies. In the diary room, she adds that “there are quite a few people I hold responsible for Steven leaving”. Unfortunately, she never goes after the real villains. Oops, I’m jumping ahead here. She adds that the “big group” decision is for Dan, Jerry, or Renny to be put up, but she has “news” for them. “They don’t have the decision…and I’m changing this game”.
Ugh, it’s time for the HOH tour. Yes, pictures of her dog, which was more important than her family. More nothingness; you guys know the drill. At least they cut this segment shorter than usual, although Libra’s upset that Renny stuck around for Keesha’s reading of the letter from home.
Ok, it finally does become interesting. When Keesha talks about the people she can’t trust, Renny jumps in to make sure she includes Libra in that list. “Oh Libra, she’s all up in my ass now.” Renny warns her that Libra still thinks she’s running the house, and she’d “stab you in the back so fast”. Just that second, April rings the bell to do what Renny describes as “getting in on her good side…she’s just a pain in the ass”. I’m really starting to love that woman.
Renny leaves, and Keesha immediately informs April that she’s not going to do what the house wants her to do. “I don’t think I would either”, the bimbo lies in response. Seconds later, the bell rings again, and guess who it is this time? Yes, it’s Libra. And then Ollie. Keesha informs the group that she wants to put up Angie. “I feel that she let Steven hang there to dry. She didn’t have his back. She is a big threat to us. I think she’d put us up in a heartbeat.”
She then asks for suggestions on a second nomination. April suggest Memphis, mainly because he’s the best bet for a vote to save Angie. This may be the smartest thing April has said all season. Ollie, of course, agrees, and is rewarded later that night under the covers. Just to raise some suspicion, Keesha says in the diary room that “Libra is a target, and she doesn’t even know she is one”.
After commercials, Keesha is still in the diary room, and now is joined by Memphis. He asks him what he feels about putting up Angie because “she’s coming after us”. His reply is that “you can think whatever you want, but I can guarantee you she’s not”. Memphis adds that Angie had told him if she had won HOH she would have carried out the original plan. At this moment, Renny and Angie show up, and Keesha asks for a few minutes.
Angie heads back downstairs, and Jessie and Michelle are surprised to hear that she wasn’t allowed in the HOH. “They’re grilling Memphis right now”, says Angie, adding that Keesha’s not strong enough to not adhere to what Libra and April desire. Angie admits in the diary room that she knows that she’s now a target.
Meanwhile, Keesha is continuing to explain to Memphis why Angie is her target. Memphis says to do what she has to do, but “I wouldn’t want to put a target out there against somebody if I didn’t know for sure they’re coming out for me”.
Memphis runs into Jessie and Michelle, and the first thing Jessie asks is if she’s coming after him. Ugh, you tool. Memphis informs them that it’s Angie she’s going after, but that he should go up and talk to her.
Dan, though, is the next to visit Keesha. He completely kisses her ass, and claims he has no alliances with anybody. She tells him that he was the one supposed to go this next week, but she doesn’t want to do that. He again babbles the Brian loyalty oath story. I like Dan, but at some point these tales just shouldn’t be working.
Keesha is now in Libra’s bedroom, and lets her know that in the past she has felt hurt because of Libra’s doubts. Libra puckers her lips, and completely kisses her tight little booty. Keesha informs her that she needs to watch her mouth because “it’s making you a big target”. Libra’s silent, but her face clearly says “say what?”
Now we’re back with the entire clan of hens, and they’re wondering what the food competition is going to be like. “What if it’s pigs feet”, asks April. Michelle pipes up how she loves pigs feet, which means you know it’s going to be a part of the competition. She goes on and on about being Portugese, and the wonderful food people of that culture eat. She even acts out a dumb dance.
Everybody is excited when Keesha announces the food competition, especially for some reason Angie. Ok, dumb April doesn’t know her eras. They’re dressed as if they were at a 50’s sock hop, but for some reason she just LOVES the 60’s. Ugh. At least Jerry feels like he’s only 60.
There’s really no reason to go through the play by play of this contest. They won some food that made most people happy, and some other food that didn’t. Libra bitches about Jerry, but realizes that maybe they can mend some fences. Oh, and the lovebirds (April and Ollie, don’t work well together.) Oh yeah, they also won pigs feet, which makes Michelle happy. Only Michelle.
After another commercial break, we’re back to silliness – Ollie and April’s love connection. April claims to be a big reader of books. Yeah, sure. She’s “very, very independent. I don’t need a boyfriend at all.” Um, whatever. Ollie says he’s got a “lot of stuff I’m working with”, and April demands that he “open up to me a little”. No, April, opening up (your legs) is your gig. This goes on and on, with Ollie comparing relationships to road construction. Oh boy.
Finally, we get back to the game. Once again, April is up at the HOH to kiss Keesha’s ass. Again, the question is who to put up against Angie, and April still wants Memphis. Um, didn’t we go through this before? This time April brings up the car that Memphis won on the first day of competition. “America will love you for that.” How does she figure that? America wants Libra gone.
A napping Jessie finally gets an audience. Keesha admits to him that she’s putting up Angie, and that she wants him to vote against her. After getting no answer to whom else is going up, he follows it with “how do you feel she’s threatening you?” Good question, tool boy. She just knows, and Jessie points out that so far she hasn’t won anything, and that she was also close to Steven. Keesha nods her head no to the Steven line.
Jessie continues to make sense, pointing out all of the people who would love to see Libra go home. “I know if I put Angie and Libra up that it will be Libra that goes home”, replies Keesha. Then why not do that, silly girl? Jessie says the best scenario is to put up Dan and Libra. “She will bury her own ass. She will start coming at people. She’ll start freaking out.” People who have watched the feeds this weekend have to be laughing at the words coming out of Jessie. Keesha says in the diary room that she has an idea of what she’s going to do, and that the house will be shocked.
Wait a second here. They’re going to leave out a crucial part of the build-up to the nomination? In case you don’t know, Keesha was seriously considering putting up Memphis against Angie, but shortly before the nominations he made a deal with Keesha that he would not use the veto to save Angie if somebody else was put up instead of him. Wow, this is even more selective editing than we’re used to on this show.
So it’s now nomination time, and Memphis is telling us in the diary room that a target on Angie is also a target on him. Keesha, meanwhile, stares blankly at the wall of pictures. Angie says she knows she’s a target, but she hopes that “Keesha understands there are bigger targets in the house she needs to get rid of besides me”. Jessie believes that he’s pretty safe, and adds that she probably will do what “I told her”. Hahahah. Libra admits that sometimes she doesn’t give people the benefit of the doubt, and hopes that “Keesha doesn’t hold it against me”. As a final word, Keesha says she bets that the people she’s nominating won’t even “see this coming”.
The keys are finally pulled, with the last one pulled by an openly-squirming Michelle. Ok, the first key was Dan’s, and Jessie is clearly pissed. Keesha tells Angie that she felt when the “Brian thing” went down, there was suddenly a “huge target on my back because you pulled me to the side with Brian”. She goes on about how Steven took the brunt of “that whole thing, and you just kind of slid right through”. Interesting theory – how is it Angie’s fault that Jessie didn’t nominate her last week?
As for Jessie, Keesha says she “finds you to be a huge threat. Also, it’s a little bit personal because you sent one of my very good friends out the door last week”.
With the ceremony over, Dan is once again congratulating himself for being safe one more week. I like Dan, but he’s giving himself way too much credit for the stupidity of others. Angie promises that there will “be some battles commencing”. Keesha says that it was Jessie’s arrogance that forced her to put him up on the block. “He got very full of himself.” Nooooooooo! Michelle babbles that “it’s on like Donkey King”. Oh god, that girl’s an idiot.
As you may expect, Jessie is still full of himself. “Come on, Keesha. Really? Really? How is this going to help you? See you at the competition. Hope you lose.” Ugh.
That’s it for this sad day for lovers of our girl Angie. See you Tuesday!


ale said...

I didn't watch tonight because I hate the horrible editing (ie: the Manchelle pig's feet conversation/dance was in Week 1, when Brian was still in the house) and I've seen all this stuff unfold on the feeds. Tuesday's show is when all the good shit goes down.

Scott said...

Wow, I didn't know the pig's feet thing went back that far. Ugh.

Anonymous said...

The food comp went on way too long. From watching BB After Dark, it appears the houseguests have not been told the evictions have been moved to Thursday, (they were joking about what kinds of questions would be asked on Wednesday.)

Anonymous said...

im sending Angie another hat right now.. im so tired of seeing the same one day after day after day... plus its got to smell like an ashtray.... she almost smokes as much as evil-dick but is not 1-eight of the player he was... for a fact, shes one of the worst players that bb have ever had