Friday, September 26, 2008

Replay of the Wall HoH Competition.

It is on right now (Friday - 6:45pm) and Ollie just went down.

My money is on April to win it for a second time!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Today is July 28th In the Big Brother House......

The Big Brother Replay has apparently been running for a couple weeks - ummm...... I never got word of it - not the way to get viewers guys.

So I went digging and now have the camera links posted. So what was going on July 28th?

It was a Monday - Keesha was HoH and Angie was going home in a few days.

Tomorrow is the earthquake - tune in to the feeds about 11:35am BB time (2:35pm Eastern) - the quake took place a few minutes after that but better safe than sorry.

I'll try to remember some highlights now that I know how things are sync'd up.

Looks like they started the replay on September 8th - did I miss an announcement?

So things are off by one day of the week (Today is Monday in the house) but the time is correct. The re-feeds will end November 12th.

Keesha & Chelsia Chat This Friday.

Still yearning for more Big Brother? Still have your Super Pass Subscription?

If you still have it you can watch a live chat with Keesha and Chelsia (oh Scott.....) this Friday at 9pm Eastern - 6pm Pacific. The chat will take place on Feed 4 of the 'live feeds.' You could see it by clicking on the feed link on the right - however if you want to chat your best bet would be to start by logging in at and following the instructions on the Big Brother page there.

More Evel Dick Interviews

April and Ollie Set a Record!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Hurray! Welcome To!!

Hot dog, some of you may know I own the name But today I became the owner of!! I have been quietly waiting and waiting for the name to become available since I discovered it was 'expiring' a while ago and finally today I got my wish and bought the name!

Now what this means is no more long names like or (although those names will still work). Now all you need to remember (and tell your friends about) is !!!

So even thought I set up the page - just come back here for Big Brother 11. We'll be waiting for ya!

One Last Gag Reel Clip

Saturday, September 20, 2008

More Gag Reel Material

Some of this overlaps the other videos.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Jessie and Michelle On The Soup

I just finished uploading this!

Big Brother Back Next Summer

So there won't be a winter edition after all.

TV Week

By Josef Adalian

"Big Brother" will be back next summer.

Just days after wrapping a successful 10th season, CBS has confirmed that its long-running reality soap opera has been renewed for an 11th cycle. The news was announced to "Brother" staffers Thursday night at the show's wrap party in Studio City, Calif.

The renewal doesn't come as much of a surprise, given "Brother's" solid performance this summer. Airing three times per week, the show regularly delivered CBS's best ratings of the night with its Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday broadcasts. Its finale attracted nearly 8 million viewers, down from last summer's swansong but up compared with the show's 2008 spring finale.

While CBS has traditionally aired "Brother" once a year, during the summer, the network launched an in-season edition of the show earlier this year as a way of filling programming gaps caused by the writers' strike.

Allison Grodner and Rich Meehan are the executive producers of "Brother," which is produced in association with Endemol USA

More Gag Reel

Partial Gag Reel

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Controversy Over Memphis' Car

Big Bro Walks Over Memphis
Posted Sep 18th 2008 1:15PM by TMZ Staff

"Big Brother" is in a little doo doo this AM.

In the first episode of BB10, Memphis won a sweet 1969 Camaro in a car-pulling contest (don't ask). Small problem -- "Big Brother" couldn't give the car away because the show didn't own it. We're told someone else actually held the title. In fact, the car had already been returned to the owner almost immediately after the contest.

Memphis the Mixologist was none the wiser because no one told him about the snag while he was inside the house. But on Tuesday, Memphis gained his freedom, losing to Dan, and learned the car he had come to treasure wasn't really his. Another problem -- the car has been repainted since it was on the show.

We're told producers are now scrambling to buy the car from the real owner. Sources say the real owner will turn the keys over for $24,000. A '69 Camaro online sell for anywhere between 7 and as much as 80 grand. Fact is, Big Bro doesn't have a lot of bargaining power, so they are more SOL than HOH.

We made several calls to "Big Brother" -- so far, no comment.

Update to the Story:
Memphis Takes "Big Brother" for a Ride

Posted Sep 18th 2008 7:28PM by TMZ Staff

Memphis, the "Big Brother" contestant who won a 1969 Camaro the show didn't even own, has decided he doesn't want the car anyway.

After setting up a test-drive to see if he wanted the classic car -- which "Big Bro" would've had to purchase from the rightful owner -- Memphis realized the gas-guzzler wasn't for him and chose to pocket an undisclosed amount of greenbacks instead.

Dan On Bonnie Hunt Show

Original Video- More videos at TinyPic

Evel Dick Interviews



April and Ollie (this is worth watching)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Housecalls From Today

I usually don't care for house calls because they cater to the TV viewer and tend not to spoil much (unless it has changed lately) - but with the show over here is today's interview with Dan and Memphis.

Watch CBS Videos Online

Another Angie Interview

Post-Finale Interviews

 Interview With My Girl Angie

I'm Jealous Of The Guy In This Pic!

Angie, Chelsia, and Dan's girlfriend Monica? Ooooooh!

EW Interview With Dan

'Big Brother 10' winner Dan Gheesling on house hygiene, the Judas comment, and his future plans by Lynette Rice

EW talked to Dan Gheesling, the 25-year-old Catholic school teacher from Michigan and quite possibly the nicest winner in Big Brother history, about his landslide victory, his thoughts about Jerry and what his girlfriend Monica asked him once the show was over.(Catch Josh Wolk's Big Brother finale recap here.)

What did you think of the unanimous vote in your favor? Who did you think was the least likely to vote for you on the jury?
Man I was hoping to get four votes … maybe. But 7-0, wow, what a phenomenal feeling. I thought Keesha and Renny were solid but the others were up in the air. I thought Jerry and Libra would vote for Memphis and April, Ollie and Michelle would decide the game. I think this is a first in Big Brother history. (Editor’s note: He’s right. It is. Even the Big Brother master, Dr. Will, had two votes against him in season 2.)

We saw your girlfriend Monica hug you at the end. Did she think you acted like a good boy?
Monica was pretty supportive but I had some questions to answer. One had to do with my sharing a place to sleep with Keesha. I assured Monica that I built a wall of pillows between us and put a picture of Monica on top of the pillow wall. I told Monica it was for game play. Any girl would hate to see her boyfriend in bed with a girl as beautiful and charming and nice as Keesha, but we were just friends.

There was speculation in the house that you were America’s player. Did that last for long?
I had to fight that off every second thanks to one woman: Libra. She started the America’s Player conspiracy. It went on constantly. I always had to battle it. (Editor’s note: Dan was America’s player for one week, and won $20,000 for it.)

It’s all over now Dan, so you can say it. Who was really a vile person in the house?
You’re trying to get me in trouble here! How about we say who was the most un-clean? The person with the least amount of personal hygiene was Jerry, but we still loved him. At 75 he doesn’t need to wash his hands anymore.

Was it just us or were you always yelling to the camera in the diary room? Are you just a loud talker?
I tried to be very inconspicuous, very calm, in the house. I’m very calm as a teacher. But after school as a coach I like to get fired up. So in the diary room I’d like to coach up America. That was my chance. I took it and ran with it.

Let’s go back and talk about specific things in the house. I have to start with what you said at the start of the game … that you think a trip to confession will help wipe the slate clean. Dude, really? Are you gonna go? And what on earth will you say?
Without a doubt, I’ve already spoken to the powers at be back at St. Mary’s and arranged a three-hour confession. Part of being Catholic is that you’re not supposed to lie and manipulate, but that’s what you have to do to win. The St. Mary community was behind me 100 percent. I didn’t want to be seen fighting or dropping f-bombs. I didn’t want the kids (back at school) losing their temper, and they never saw me do that. I played Big Brother the best that I could. I stayed within the confines of the rules, though there are no rules in Big Brother.

Let’s talk about Jerry’s Judas comment. Were you hurt by that or were you more hurt by the implication that Jessie, of all people, represented Jesus in that scenario?
Neither was offensive. It was like water running off my back. I never let it pull me in. I knew what they were trying to do, but it was not worth getting into personal fight over religion. I was focused on the game.

Jerry was in your face a lot. Did he scare you?
No, Jerry’s a big teddy bear. He’s still is tough man, though, who could beat me in a fight.

Can we go back to that HOH competition when Michelle won and we heard Jerry trash-talking you in the background? Do you remember all the crap he said?
When Michelle won, it felt like Jerry won. He was in my face, pointing his finger in my face saying 'don’t hide behind the cross,' blah blah blah. He got so fired up and made it so personal, but I never did anything to him in the game. I voted Jessie out, not Jerry. He acted like I took shots at him but I never put him in harm's way but he took things so personally.

Now let’s talk about when you won against Ollie. We at home were pretty suspicious that you were the only one wearing a hooded jacket during what turned out to be a very wet challenge. Ollie said he was half-nude. How is it possible you knew to wear a jacket?
I’m been waiting for this question. In this game, it’s not about being bigger or stronger, it’s about being smarter. I knew we hadn’t done an endurance competition yet with any kind of liquid, so I decided why not wear a jacket to be prepared? Sometimes I carry out a long sleeve shirt and throw it aside if I don’t need it. This was the one case where I got lucky with it. There was a lot of speculation that producers told me to wear it. Being a Big Brother fan I was suspicious about how involved the producers were, but there was no funny business. No one told me to wear a jacket.

What are you going to do with the money and please don't say you’re going to give it to charity.
Here’s what I’m going to do. Some time in the near future I’m going to buy Monica a gift to fit on her ring finger. Other than that I may invest it. I’ll stay at St. Mary’s and continue the job I love. I may even set up a college scholarship for Big Brother alumni -- but only for the non-winners because the winners won’t need it.

Dan and Memphis On The Early Show

Watch CBS Videos Online

Dan's TV Guide Interview

How Big Brother 10's Dan Talked His Way to $500,000
by Adam Bryant

After a long summer of manipulation, betrayal and all the other underhanded adjectives that go along with Big Brother, Catholic school teacher Dan Gheesling was crowned the game's winner by a 7-0 vote from his evicted peers. We caught up with him to learn his plans for the cash after besting his "Renegade" ally, what he believes was the defining moment of his game (which might surprise you), how he really feels about Keesha and when he'll be heading to confession. Congratulations! What are your plans for the $500,000?
Dan Gheesling: It's very overwhelming. I do have some plans, but I'm not sure how immediate they will be. My girlfriend Monica is probably going to be getting a gift that fits on her left ring finger, but when that's going to happen, we still need to talk about. Other than that, it will probably be some smart investments. I want to stay in teaching and coaching, so if I invest well, I should be able to do that without worrying about my financial future. Nothing too extravagant for me — I'm a straightforward Midwest guy and don't need a lot. But having that kind of money is unbelievable. You obviously had fan support — you won America's Player and were always at the top of our reader Power Rankings. But did you have any idea you would win over the jury for a 7-0 vote?
Dan: [Laughs] No way. I thought it was going to be either Memphis or me in a 4-3 win. A 7-0 vote is overwhelming. I thought I had Keesha and Renny, and I thought Jerry and Libra would definitely vote for Memphis, which left the game for April, Ollie and Michelle to decide. It was all up in the air, and I had no idea what they would do. For it to work out the way it did, I was just as shocked as anyone. When did you decide that it was the right moment to stop playing "weak"?
Dan: I needed to wait for a challenge that I knew I could win. When I looked at April winning the earthquake challenge, she impressed a lot of people. So, I knew if I was going to win an endurance challenge, I had to pick my mark, and I did when I got up on that vine. Plus, I had just won the veto right before that. Once you win competitions, there's no turning back, so I knew I had to pick something that I could control my own will. Luckily I was able to talk good ol' Ollie into dropping. You're head whipped around a couple of times at Memphis during the jury interrogation. What were you most shocked to learn about your fellow Renegade?
Dan: I found out a couple things about him on the trip with Michelle — mostly that he had an alliance with Michelle. I felt like that was the case, but it was never really proven. He also told me that the banner said "We Love Libra" not "Libra's a Liar," so he did pull some Dan-like antics on me with that one. Other than that, Memphis was very loyal, and I found a best friend in the house. So you never doubted him in the game?
Dan: Memphis never really had a chance to prove himself to me until he won that veto. I was like, "Alright, it's time to find out if the Renegades are for real or not." So when he used that veto on me and took me off the block, I knew there was no stopping us unless we got unlucky. We did get lucky a couple times, but when he used the veto, I knew we had a shot to take it to the end. When he took you off, he then evicted alliance member Keesha. Did he know how much of a bad guy you were making him out to be in Keesha's mind?
Dan: I talked to Memphis and told him I was going to have to throw him under the bus. But I don't think he realized I was going to throw him under the bus, run him over, put in reverse and keep running him over back and forth. That's exactly what I did, and I had to take that opportunity. When he voted Keesha out, that was my glimmer of hope to win — prior to that I didn't think I had a chance. Explain your gift to Keesha on her way out the door.
Dan: I gave two people gifts when they left the house, two people I cared for deeply. I gave Brian something when left, and I gave Keesha this duck that I confiscated from the house on Day 1. I wanted her to look at something that would remind her of me everyday and remind her to fight for those votes for me. The meaning on the bottom was harmless and just something I threw out there. But basically, it was a token to remind her of me and to fight for me to win. Do you think Monica sent you that "Taken" shirt because she saw you and Keesha flirting on the feeds?
Dan: [Laughs] I had a long talk with Monica last night about the entire experience, and there were a few questions about Keesha. But everything is good on the homefront. She knows Keesha and I are just tremendous friends. I think the world of Keesha, and I wish her the best of everything, but we're just friends. Obviously, the big moment for you was backdooring Michelle because you said she was strong. But we only saw her win one competition. Was it actually more to get in Ollie's head?
Dan: It was a definite combination of both. When Michelle was in that competition with April, she hung up there for what seemed like days. She proved to a lot of people that in a test of will's Michelle is going to win, and that scared a lot of people, me included. I knew if she got to the end, she'd be fighting tooth and nail and could probably beat me. She was strong in competitions, not so much in manipulating people, but she would've been tough to beat down the line. As for Ollie, he stabbed me and Brian in the back in Week 1, and I told Brian I would take out Ollie and Jerry for him. It's a game, and what goes around comes around. You told the jury you did that to ensure that you were disliked so Memphis would take you to the end. I smell some teacher Dan rhetoric.
Dan: [Laughs] Did you ever see me work any rhetoric in the house? I didn't do that kind of stuff in the house, did I? [Laughs] I knew I pushed the limits of that roulette game a little too far. I got a little borderline overconfident, and I knew I had to put a strategic spin on it, and lucky for me it worked. I always prepared in the house, whether it was for competitions or speeches, and this was no different. I was able to cover my tracks a little because I did get out of hand, but luckily I had a chance to redeem myself in the eyes of the jury. You said you would play the game dirty if you had to and then go to confession. So, when's confession?
Dan: [Laughs] I talked to the powers that be at St, Mary's early this morning to make sure I still have a job, which I do. The chancellor is supporting me, and I just set up my three-hour confession time with him as soon as I get back to Michigan. It's going to be a long one, but I have a lot of support at St. Mary's. They said, "Is it a sin to bluff in poker and is it a sin to trap someone in chess? If it is, then Dan's a sinner, but if not, he was just playing a game." And that meant the world to me.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Big Brother Season 10 Finale!!!

Well, it’s finally here – the finale of season ten of Big Brother. 71 days ago, we had our first glimpse of the thirteen contestants, and tonight we crown the winner. Will it be Memphis, the “mixologist”, who for the most part skated by while allowing others to do his dirty work, or Dan, the “good” Catholic, who somehow made it to the end despite continually creating drama inside the house.

There are plenty of other lingering questions as we commence the broadcast. Will Michelle’s meeting with Dan sway her to vote for him? Will the producers allow Jerry’s ego to grow by giving him the swing vote? How will the house react to the news that Dan was America’s Player for one week? Will April and Ollie discover that everybody saw their late night backdoor adventures? Most importantly, how hot will my girl Angie look tonight?
Once again, I’m surprised that CBS only gave up an hour for material that could have easily filled two. Hell, the ratings were even up this year. Instead, we’re stuck with an overly-crammed show that’s marred with an extended opening that recaps what everybody already knows. Actually, this final recap was better than what we’ve seen all season, as it really does tell the story of the season.

Finally, we get to the actual show, and we jump right into Jerry’s entrance into the jury house. Instead of the usual set inside the house, we see them walk outside and discuss who they want to see show up.

Keesha, still hurting over her eviction, wants the final juror to be Memphis, while Ollie babbles again about Dan “disrespecting” him. Libra says she’s “thank the dear Lord” if it was Jerry as he wasn’t the “gingerly old man” he wanted others to believe he was. Renny’s not happy with that idea. “To spend one more night with that man? Please.” I miss her.

As Keesha talks about how they “floated the old man” along, the codger shows up to hear Libra talk smack about him. They all immediately grow silent, and Renny is clearly not happy. “Are you glad to see me”, he asks…to more silence. I love it!
Michelle is the first to realize that if Jerry is with them, then the “two evil people” are the finalists. You get an A for the night, Manchelle. Oh wait, she’s not done, as she’s all excited to tell Jerry exactly what he already knew – that Dan and Memphis had an alliance. “They played us to the hilt”, Jerry drones on. “We could have handled them one at a time. Two of them we couldn’t handle.”
Keesha’s had enough, and complains to Jerry about putting her and Dan up instead of Memphis. “I had an agreement with Memphis…and Memphis didn’t keep his word”, Jerry responds. Renny doesn’t buy it, and once again we get to hear Jerry yell, “will you let me talk?” Oh boy, this is fantastic watching these two go back and forth.
It’s now Jerry’s turn to say the obvious, as he tells them they have to choose the “worst of two evils”. Renny complains that Memphis is the “most insensitive person I’ve ever met in my life. Memphis is very cunning, conniving, insensitve.” Keesha agrees, saying that Memphis survived by being cold-hearted, and that Dan’s best move was “getting everybody to like him”. Michelle says that she would have respected Dan more if he “had just told me why he was putting me up” instead of his roulette game. April wasn’t there, but she certainly has an opinion on how embarrassing that moment was for everybody involved. “Talk about heartless.” Ugh. Keesha responds that she doesn’t have “bitter feelings towards Dan”. It’s funny (and scary) how Libra is suddenly the voice of reason in this group, as she puts it all in perspective as that’s how you have to play the game.
Since nobody was talking about Michelle for at least two minutes, she has to again bring up how she was backdoored by Dan. April asks her to “elaborate” on her trip with Dan for Jerry’s benefit. She babbles on about it, until it finally clicks into Jerry’s head that Dan was playing her for a vote. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!” All of this talk just leads Keesha to repeat what we’ve already heard about how it just means that Dan played the game the best. “He definitely worked a lot harder.” I think we know how she’s voting. Jerry actually makes a good point, as he says that Memphis allowed Dan to do all of the dirty work, but was just as responsible. They really are all talking in circles, though, as Keesha again talks about carrying Memphis. April actually agrees with Keesha. Mark that one down, although it means to April that Memphis played a tougher game. Renny disagrees.

Thank God that’s over, and after commercials we get the jury questions. We start with Libra, who asks Dan what his biggest move was. He says it was backdooring Michelle, which was hard because he likes her. “This game is not about liking someone. I had to get someone out of the house that could probably beat me in a competition and probably beat me in the final two.” Manchelle doesn’t look like she’s buying it.
We don’t get to see her question to Memphis, as we move on to Apirl’s question to Memphis. She says that since they never talked to each other, why should she give him the money? “I don’t have anything against you, but I feel like we just got separated at the beginning of this game, and we never kind of got back together. I wasn’t trying to put up a front with you. I’ve been a straight shooter.” That comment didn’t work very well, as we can hear groans from the entire jury.
Michelle’s up next, and her question is for Dan. Oh, she’s clever (not). “We’re going to play a little jury house roulette.” Oh, god. She asks him to tell the jury why she chose her over everybody else for the trip, which is the first that Memphis has heard of this. The followup is that on the trip he said the move was his alliances’ idea, so he needs to also explain that.
Dan explains that he chose her because he treated her “the dirtiest”, and just “wanted to make amends” with her. As for the role of everybody else in the plan, he says it was his idea but he couldn’t do it without everybody’s help. Renny and Keesha don’t seem so pleased with him anymore.

Oh wait, with Michelle we get questions to both finalists. She asks Memphis about their supposed alliance, and why she should award the money to a person who never won HOH and supposedly threw a bunch some competitions. His answer is weak. “Maybe winning HOH wasn’t a good plan for me. I’m still here.” He also talks about how tough of a player she is, and that he needed “convincing” to jump onboard the plan to evict her.
Up next we have Ollie, and of course his question is for Dan, who jokes that “this will be a tough one”. Yes, he talks about the deal they made that led to Michelle’s eviction, and why he would put “your girl” (Monica) into this deal. Dan explains that he only had five minutes left in him, so he had to come up with something to make him drop. “I had to do whatever it took, whether it was shameful or not.”
Renny asks Memphis to name “one thing you did for me in the game”. There’s an awkward silence before he finally stumbles some stuff about “giving myself”. Oh, that’s not going to work very well as Renny and Keesha laughs. He continues on about how he never did anything behind her back, which leads Keesha to complain that he’s “skirting” around the question.
Keesha now addresses her “best friend” Memphis. She wants to know why he picked Jerry over her. “I thought we were very close.” Memphis says it was the hardest move in the house to vote her out, but he had to do it for gameplay. “It was the only way that I can get to this point. It bothers me that I may have ruined a friendship that I’ll never get back.”
Finally, we conclude with Jerry, who for some reason complains about Dan’s arrogance whenever he won a competition. “Do you have respect for any of us in the jury house.” Obviously, Dan responds that he has lots of respect for everybody, and that the incident with throwing the card was just a celebration of finally winning something. He does understand how Jerry may have taken those actions in a bad light. “I hope you respect me, because I respect you, Dan”, Jerry concludes.

Somehow, Jerry is the only other person to have both questions shown, we now have to endure him whining about his failed alliance with Memphis. “Who would you have picked, me or Dan?” Dan’s intrigued by this question, and Memphis again stumbles on how he would not have known until that opportunity arose. Dan throws in a comment that maybe Memphis didn’t want to make that decision, and possibly threw that final HOH. Keesha gets a good laugh out of this.

They now get final statements to the jury. Memphis goes first, and talks about how he had a “business plan” to make it to the end. To clear things up, he says he only threw two HOH’s. Keesha again groans when he says he was honest the entire time.

Dan now stands, and tells a story about how he walked into the house knowing that he didn’t excel in many of the ways everybody else did. He had to come up with ways to remain in the house, and aligned himself with people for that very reason. He says that he wanted Michelle and Ollie to be upset with him, so that he could help Memphis make it to the end with him. When he concludes, Libra says Dan gave a good speech. April doesn’t agree. Imagine that.

With the jury questioning complete, they are introduced to the studio audience. Renny gets the biggest applause, and milks it. Jerry’s applause is very subdued.
After commercials, Dan and Memphis are introduced back in the house. Dan is asked to say one word about the jury questioning, and gives us about three sentences. Memphis compares it to a firing squad. “It was intense, but it was good to express your feelings towards the people you had to evict.”

Wasting no time, the jurors begin their voting. Libra begins, and babbles nonsense about “going crazy” as she inserts her key. April is next, and thanks them for the experiences “they all shared”. Michelle babbles about it being a “crazy ride”, and Dan responds something about a “princess from Providence”. Ollie talks about remembering this experience for the rest of their lives.
Next up is Renny, and talks about how the decision was easy “as a businesswoman”. She goes on about not forgetting the little things and ‘human spirit”. As expected, she ends with a flourish. Keesha says she loves them both to death, and considers them both “little brothers”.

Finally, it’s Jerry, who suddenly has a “lot of respect” for both of them, and his vote was “based on kindness”. He promises to explain it later.

Now we get the moment I’ve been waiting for – the initial evictees, including my girl Angie!!! Oh boy, she looks as beautiful as always.

Brian is asked about being close to Dan, and predicting Memphis as a potential winner. He talks about how they both never made it personal, and that it “was just a game to get you both where you both are”. He tells Ollie that he was surprised by his “personal reaction”, and also Michelle’s fight with Libra that included her whining about Libra’s mothering skills.

He also points out April and Michelle’s personal attacks that included making fun of their looks, which Manchelle denies.

Julie notes that Steven was nodding his head, and he’s asked who acted the most surprising. He says that Jerry’s reactions were disappointing, especially his actions against Dan. To show what he’s talking about, they play a clip of Jerry’s actions after Michelle’s HOH victory. Jerry is given a chance to respond, and talks about using religion to break his word. (Good to see that somebody made note of the “real” Jerry.)

Julie then tells everybody that despite the conspiracy theories, there was no plant in the house, but for one week somebody was America’s Player. They show the clip of Dan getting the news. Michelle feels vindicated. Ollie is heard saying America’s “stupid” when they show the clip of Jessie’s eviction.

Jessie is asked to respond to what he just saw, but he wants to respond to America instead of Dan. He thanks America for some reason, and talks about his appearance in the house as a gorilla.

What, no question for Angie???? This is not right. Julie tells the jury about the $25,000 prize for favorite jury member. I bet Michelle believes she has that wrapped up.

Finally, it’s time for Julie to pull the keys. Libra voted for Dan, as does April, Michelle, and Ollie. Dan wins!!!
Dan’s girl hugs him as he walks out, as do the rest of the contestants.

When we get back from commercials, we see that Dan received all of the votes.

Julie reveals the favorite juror winner, and although Jerry won second place the winner was…Keesha? What an upset! How did Renny not get at least second place?

Well, that’s it for this season. It’s been fun. See you next summer? Or maybe next spring?

Feeds Are Over - Final Show Tonight.

The final is on at 9pm Eastern tonight.

The feeds have been off since 10am with the message shown on them since then. I am not sure if they will re-run the feeds starting at midnight - but don't be surprised if they do. Perhaps Scott will tune in to revisit with Angie for a few days.

I have a feeling Dan is going to win this thing - every one seems to be a 'fan' of Dan and I am sure he is more well liked by the production staff since he seems to be much more of a 'company man' than Memphis. But the only people that count are the seven that vote. Even given that I suspect that they will vote Dan as the winner since Memphis played much more of a floating game even though he did do some back stabbing along the way.

And the $25k? Still no doubt in my mind - Renny will win it. I think Jerry will finish second even thought Keesha did on the poll on this site. The TV viewer didn't see Keesha in the same way we did so I doubt she gets the votes that Jerry will have.

I'll be posting here in the comments as the show airs. See you then.

For those that are only passing through - thank you so much for making this one of your stops during Big Brother 10. The Big Brother 11 Gossip site is up and running - but we won't be posting a whole lot until we A) Know there will be a Big Brother 11 and B) Are A LOT closer to the start date which at the earliest would be February (personally I am rooting for a break until next summer so I can re-charge my BB batteries).

Jerry'sTV Guide Interview

So Memphis not wearing Jerry's tacky shirts proved his alliance with Dan? Oh boy.

Big Brother 10's Jerry: "I Don't Have to Apologize"
Monday, September 15, 2008
Big Brother 10's Jerry: "I Don't Have to Apologize"
by Adam Bryant

Jerry MacDonald, Big Brother 10
Jerry MacDonald made history before he ever walked through the Big Brother house's front door by being the oldest person ever cast for a reality TV show. And then the 75-year-old made memories by fondling a fellow houseguest two-thirds his age and being in the middle of several of the season's most heated shouting matches. Even so, the great-grandpa from Texas worked his way to the Final 3 before being evicted just short of the prize money. In our chat he tells us why he was so grabby, why he makes no apologies for his behavior in the house and the real reason behind his problems with Dan. Getting booted just short of the money can't feel good.
Jerry MacDonald: It was a great ride, and I played as hard as I possibly could. I don't feel I have to apologize for any of my actions. I felt good about the people in the end, and in the last half of the season, I tried to play nice to improve my image. To get to the Final 3, I think, was quite an achievement. Do you think you'd still be in the house if Memphis had won the final HOH?
Jerry: No, he had a deal with Dan, no questions asked. I tested it just before the eviction, because I had a couple of shirts that were too large — I hadn't worn them, and they were brand new. I gave them to Memphis, and he took them, but then the night before the eviction he gave them back and said I should give them to my son-in-law. I knew then that he had a deal with Dan either way. What kind of information do you plan to bring to the jury house?
Jerry: I won't be in a position to sway people on how to vote, but I do know how a lot of people feel. A lot of that is going to determine who ends up in the end as the winner. But right at this moment, I have no idea how it's going to go. You told Julie you think you could be the deciding vote.
Jerry: I think I very well could be. I don't want to say who I am leaning toward or why. I have reasons to go either way. And that's just something I'm going to have to think about hard. It's a life-changing situation for one of those men, and I want to use my head and do it right. It could have also changed your life. Will there be any revenge in your vote?
Jerry: I like to leave sour grapes in the house if I can. There are a couple things I am going to consider in weighing my decision, and there may be a couple of things that happened in the house that bother me. But there isn't going to be any real animosity toward either one. I have reasons to dislike them both. You were most outspoken earlier in the season against Dan, even calling him Judas. Do you still feel the same way about him?
Jerry: It's all part of the game, but I think Dan has a lot more talent than he realizes. What bothers me most about Dan is the arrogance. He doesn’t know how to win something and have other people enjoy it with him. He has to demonstrate like he's a superior-type person, and I don't like that. We saw a range of emotions from you this season. Is that your nature, or did being in the house draw them out of you?
Jerry: I'm very upfront, and I don't hide anything. I don't talk behind people's backs, I talk right at them. I like to get things off my chest, whether it's emotion about my wife or if I'm angry. Either way, I don't keep it inside, and I think that's why I am as healthy as I am. You said you're proud of yourself. What was your proudest moment in the game?
Jerry: It was probably winning the POV on the onion contest, when I had no reason to win POV other than to return a kindness to Keesha. By doing that, I kept her off the block and let Libra stay [on the block] and go home. And that absolutely changed the game. The floaters definitely booted some strong players this year. How do you think you managed to sneak by until the end?
Jerry: I had never been on the block until the last four or five nominations. At that point, I decided to get quiet and be nice. [Laughs] And it worked. I just backed off and watched for my moments, and I slid kind of like a greased monkey right though the thing. One of the season's most memorable moments had to be your "introduction" with April. What was going through your mind when you grabbed her boobs on Day 1?
Jerry: I did nothing wrong. She walked into my hands. [Laughs] It really was kind of strange to have this young girl just walk up to me and say, "Are they real?" I don't know how quickly I reacted, but I guess it was pretty quick. I'm not embarrassed by it. It was probably one of the most humorous things that happened on the whole show. Think your wife saw the humor in it?
Jerry: I don't think I will have to explain it to her. When I came in here, she said, "Don't let any of those women get in bed with you." I told her if they do, it'll only be foreplay. [Laughs] You'll be able to ask her soon enough, I guess. Are you looking forward to getting back home?
Jerry: I'm looking forward to it, but I don't know — maybe they better put me on Survivor or something to raise the stakes.

Guess Who Dani and Gretchen Want to Win?

Monday, September 15, 2008

Memphis wins round one.

The Big Brother Olympics are under way and Memphis has just won the card game competition. It didn't seem to be poker but it was some type of card game.

They are now moving on to chess. Dan has announced he gets to choose his color and side of the table.

Dan usually beats Memphis at chess so I would have to say advantage goes to Dan and most likely they will be tied 1-1 after this event.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Big Brother Olympics.

Dan and Memphis have decided to have their own little mini olympics tomorrow.

Bocce Ball, Chess, Playing card tossing, Poker, and toy car parking are to be the events I believe.

Hang in there guys - 48 hours from now Season 10 will be all over.

Shhhhh!! Dan Is Still Sleeping!! Don't Forget Tonights Show

Yup, it is 2:15pm and Dan is still in bed. BB doesn't really force the guys to get up now. There is nothing left to video for the show. Most likely the only part they will show after the jury questions is Memphis and Dan's initial reactions.

There is a show tonight - don't forget - and with the NFL on CBS - those of us out East will most likely need to tune in a bit late (I set my TIVO to record an extra hour).

The spider, Ted, has also been prominently featured on the live feeds overnight - he is a busy little spider and catches his own fair share of bugs.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Jerry On House Calls - Being 1st HOH Screwed Up His Game!

He's really clueless.

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Renegade Clothing?

If this is what the guys have in mind I ain't buying.

Seems to be a lazy day in the house as you would expect now that all the guys have to do is wait around for Tuesday.

They were given the makings for shirts and you can see some of what they came up with. They were also given a couple remote control cars to play with.

The only talk of interest has been the re-hashing of the jury questions. But even that isn't much to note.

Post-Jury Questioning

The feeds came back at around midnight to Dan mumbling to himself about how he has to get either April or Ollie’s votes, but he never talked to either of them. But in his mind, it’s Renny’s vote that is the most crucial. “If I do not get Renny, then I cannot win.”
Memphis then joins him (he apparently was in the diary room), and over beers they discuss the jury questioning. Surprisingly, it appears that the jurors are now going to be separated from each other until the finale.

Each of them believes the other has the votes to win. Dan says Memphis has three votes “wrapped”, so only needs one more vote. Memphis replies that Dan’s probably overestimating the count, and that it’s a toss up. He believes that Dan will get Michelle’s vote because of the trip (“that trip was huge”), but agrees that April and Ollie’s block votes could determine the winner.
Keesha apparently asked Memphis about his line about taking her to the end, and Memphis response was that she never made a similar promise to him. He doesn’t remember what Ollie asked him, though. (No surprise.) Renny’s question to him was what did he do for her? Michelle whined to Memphis that he threw all the competitions. No, that was Dan. “We didn’t win shit for six weeks, and then we won everything.” They both agree that if Michelle had remained in the house, she would have won a lot of the competitions.
Jerry apparently complained to Memphis that he tried to take his four grand that his children “need”. Dan asks Memphis if he would have had his vote if he kept Jerry over him. I think everybody knows the answer to that question.
One other interesting tidbit that came out last night – besides teaching, Dan is also a website designer. This info came out when they were discussing the “shocking” disclosure that Renny owns her own business. I still don’t get why that’s a big deal.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Pre-Recorded Showtime!

The feeds went to trivia a little bit ago, and Showtime is showing this afternoon's (not so) exciting Bocce Ball game. I'm assuming the jury questioning is now happening.

No Jury House Questions Yet.

I would guess it will be tomorrow night - but it could possibly be tonight.

The last few years they have done it via a closed circuit TV connections and the Jury has had a few drinks before it takes place.

If I remember right it takes place at midnight BB time so they can still do Big Brother After Dark.

I haven't seen much of the feeds today but a few hours ago the boys were playing Bocce Ball.

Jerry On The Early Show

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Will Dan Now Tell Memphis About The Luxury Trip?

Judging by the footage we saw of the jury house tonight, I have a feeling that Dan's trip will be one of the major topics of the juror questions on Saturday. Will Dan let him know ahead of time? One can argue that it won't matter, but I think it's in Dan's best interest to tell Memphis. Finding out during the questioning could bring an ugly tone to the rest of the proceedings, which may lead to Memphis nabbing a vote or two of Dan's.