Thursday, September 11, 2008

Big Brother Season 10, Episode 26

Tonight’s the night! Who will become the final HOH of the season, and who will they decide will stand next to them in the finals? Will the terribly-named Renegades alliance make it to the end, or will Jerry somehow find a way to avoid the jury house? We will see in the next sixty minutes.
When the show went off the air two nights ago, the three contestants were strapped onto the top of old-school airplanes. It makes sense that this is exactly where we begin tonight’s show after Julie’s battle with the teleprompter. Dan says that their “whole plan” depends on him winning part one of the three-part contest, while Jerry says that he needs to win to give Memphis some confidence that “he made a good choice” in keeping him over Keesha. Oh, Jerry.
The planes start to move around a bit, and then water begins to spray on them. Memphis says that he originally thought it was going to be an easy competition, but when they started swaying he realized that all he could do was attempt to “hang on”.
Dan plays up to the fake fight that they orchestrated just minutes before heading outside for this competition by babbling about how it was a “great game move” to evict Keesha. “I just didn’t think you’d do it.”
This gives the producers a chance to replay the clip of Keesha being evicted, and Jerry is all smiles because “it was the first time that somebody actually did what they promised to do for me”. Oh, Jerry. Memphis says it was difficult to evict her, but it makes sense because Jerry is “75, and he doesn’t see so well, and he doesn’t hear so well. We felt that we had a better chance at beating Jerry than beating Keesha in the final HOH competition.”
We again see Dan’s embrace of Keesha as she left the house, and his whisper admission of meeting up with Michelle on his luxury trip. Dan says he told because it meant that he “had now been completely honest with Keesha”, and that saying “finish it” meant that it was up to her to ensure he had Michelle’s vote. Too bad that I don’t believe she understood what he meant.
He goes on to claim that throwing that last veto comp was “probably the best move that I made in this game”, because of the anger it provoked in Keesha. We again see the fake fight between Dan and Memphis, and Dan’s promise to not take him to the final two. Memphis says he thought it was funny, and that “Jerry probably is sitting on cloud nine right now”.
Yeah, he is. “Memphis and Dan now feel betrayed by each other, and it is really leading to quite a riff. I’m hoping they stay in that mode, and if one of them wins HOH they’ll take me to the final two.” Oh boy, Jerry.
Dan and Memphis keep up this charade in the backyard, with Memphis talking about skateboards and Dan replying that he used to “stay on them for twelve hours until your friend stabs you in the back”. Memphis can barely hold back a laugh as they keep up this banter. Jerry is still buying it, saying that the more they talk like this “the better for me”.
Just then, a big gust of wind is blown on them, and Jerry loses his balance and falls. Dan slyly smiles as the old man gets up and walks away. They both wink at each other, and Memphis says that he was “surprised that he fell so quickly”.
With Jerry now out, Dan says the plan is for Memphis to fall to give this round to Dan. Memphis says he “overplayed the card”, though, after another dumb football analogy about staying up all night. Dan gets a bit perturbed, though, as he doesn’t fall as quickly as they had planned, and as the planes start moving more violently Dan is struggling to stay up. At one point, he comes close to falling, as Memphis continues to stand still.
Finally, Memphis does fall, but he admits that he stayed up just to “give the illusion” he was playing to win. “I didn’t want to take the chance of Jerry finding out that I threw it. That would ruin pretty much everything.”
With the game over, Dan hops down and celebrates, while Jerry babbles about how now he has to go against Memphis to see who ends up in the last part of the contest. Memphis and Dan continue to act like they’re upset with each other in hopes that Jerry throws part two. Memphis does give a little wink to the camera as he runs past to let us know he’s happy with the results.
We’re now in the kitchen, and Jerry thanks Memphis for choosing him over Keesha. “I felt that it was me against the world from almost day one, and I’m really enjoying Memphis right now. There’s a nice side to him that in the whole time in the house I really didn’t get to enjoy.”
Jerry probably wouldn’t say those words if he could hear Memphis and Dan celebrate how they’re “one step closer” to their goal. “We’re going to have to flip to see who sends him home”, says Memphis. Dan’s only worry is going against Jerry in the final round, and Memphis responds that they’re not going to let that happen. Dan sort of overstates the case when he says in the diary room that if Jerry wins the second heat, “all my hard work is going right down the toilet”.

After commercials, we move on to round two with Dan walking into the living room with two sets of boxing gloves. Jerry’s a bit concerned. “I was hoping that it wasn’t going to be that I had to actually box Memphis because I don’t want to die at this age.” Oh, Jerry.
The two are put into second rooms, and brought out one at a time. Memphis goes first, and he comes out to play a game where he has to set up each HOH and nominees for every week in the house. What this has to do with boxing is not very clear, although the cardboard cutouts of the evicted contestants wearing boxing gloves are pretty cool.
Oh, I get it. He has to punch the people that weren’t nominated of HOH, leaving the three that were up. The producers alternate between showing Memphis and Jerry competing, and Memphis definitely had a much quicker spring in his step than Jerry. Of course, that’s to be expected, because in case you didn’t know Jerry is 75 years old!
They both talk about how this is the most important challenge of the season, and the slow-moving Jerry has no problems with round one while Memphis had to go back and change a couple of choices.

Memphis continues to have problems in round two, but finally gets it correct. He says that he knew all of the HOH’s, but was confused at times with the nominations.

Wow, they’re really making it look like Jerry was doing well in this game.
Wait, maybe they’re not giving Jerry such a good edit, as he has problems with round three. Memphis continues to struggle in round four, as does Jerry. There really is no quickness in his step, while Memphis sprints to make his choices.

Memphis is really on a roll, but they make it look like Jerry is doing just as well. After he completed the task, Memphis says that he was disappointed in his performance. Yet when we see the times, Memphis wins with a time of 8:35, compared to Jerry’s 51:22. Wow, what a fantastic edit Jerry received during the competition.

Dan struggles to not laugh when Jerry’s time is revealed, but lets it loose in the diary room. “Memphis, you just slaughtered the old man.” Memphis babbles that he’s “glad that the Renegades are successful”. While Jerry drops his drawers and says that he’s embarrassed, the Renegades do their silly little hand clap in another room. “Embarrassing”, complains Jerry. Dan says his plan is to beat Memphis in the final round, but Memphis says he wants to win because he has yet to win a HOH.
Back to the live show, and Julie now interviews with the final three. Julie begins by teasing Jerry for his time, and he claims it was because of that fall into the pool the week before. “I got water in my brain.” Julie follows it up by asking about his fate with the other two.
Julie then asks Memphis about how tough it was to evict Keesha two days ago. He admits that it was a tough task, but “this game is business, and she didn’t fit in the plan”. Dan is then asked about how the mood in the house has changed, and he babbles about how they “can smell the half million dollars”.

Yes, we get jury house footage again! Damn, we don’t get to see Renny’s entrance, but we do get to see her play cards with Libra and Michelle. Oh, that poor old broad! Renny is pissed at their idiocy. “Being in the jury house sucks! But it’s all good because I’m a good sport. We’re losers, and that’s why we’re here. Being in the jury house, you have to suck it up and enjoy the house.” Michelle notes that the next person to walk in will “find it interesting that she got taken on a luxury competition that they didn’t know about.” Oh, won’t she be surprised.

April talks about how the one person she doesn’t want to see is Jerry show up, and you can see that Renny is holding her tongue. We now see Keesha walk in just as April is babbling that she hopes that’s the person who walks in. “I think its karma.” Um, what?
Keesha hugs Renny, as April and Michelle look on scowling. April doesn’t wait to start whining. “Keesha has done a lot of backstabbing to me. I really don’t respect her game.” Keesha informs everybody about how she was screwed by Memphis. “He’s a coward.”

Michelle butts in by saying “I know a lot”, and Keesha responds by saying “I know you do. You went on a trip with Dan.” Michelle now realizes that “Dan knows what he’s doing. He did a good job by having Keesha not liking Memphis.”

They throw in the DVD, and both Michelle and April are entertained by Keesha’s exit. April wants Jerry to win the money because she doesn’t like their cockiness, and Renny says that she warned Keesha that they weren’t going to take her to the end. We see Dan’s whisper to Keesha, and now it doesn’t seem so clear that his sucking up worked on her as she complains about how he was just working for her vote. “Dan’s smart. He’s playing the game. I think he’s a great player.”

It’s now time for the final competition of the year. Will Memphis throw it to Dan? As usual, it’s the jury statements quiz. The first question is from Libra, and Dan gets the first point. April’s question is about who coasted in the game, and Memphis gets it right this time by guessing himself.

Michelle’s question is about the best strategic move in the game, and they both guess that she picked backdooring her…which is correct. Ollie’s question is about his fatal mistake in the game, and they both choose “trusting Dan”, which is shockingly incorrect.
Question five is from Renny, and what irritated her the most. Dan guesses its Jerry’s dentures, and Dan gets the point. Keesha wraps it up with a question about her most uncomfortable moment, and Dan selects the night before her eviction…and wins!!! Goodbye, Jerry!
Or is it? Julie points out that Dan has surprised us before. Jerry gives his speech first, and he babbles about how hard he’s played the game and that he should be considered because he never broke his word except when he was forced to nominate Brian.
Memphis now stands up, and babbles about how it’s been a wild ride, and that there are times “that you can look somebody in the face and see if they’re a true renegade”. Oh boy. Dan then stands, and after talking about how tough this is, he evicts Jerry.

After Jerry walks out, the two jump all over each other and again do their stupid hand shake. Julie’s first question is about the “fight” between Dan and Memphis, and why Dan still chose Memphis over him. He just talks about how much time they spent, and he admits that he believes they made an agreement to stick together.
Julie then asks if Dan made a mistake by choosing Memphis, and Jerry still believes that he will ultimately be the deciding vote. We end with the goodbye messages, and Dan kisses his ass despite their “ups and downs”. Memphis gives him props with putting up with all of the craziness in the house, and he does consider him a friend. Julie ends it by asking about whether the house was everything he thought it was, and he tearfully says that it was.
Before we conclude with a final interview with Dan and Memphis, CBS shows a promo about how we get to vote for our favorite jury member to receive $25,000. Go, Renny!
Julie congratulates the Renegades, and Dan gives his love to all of the “Renegade Moms and Dads and girlfriends”. Ugh. Memphis just adds that it’s “crazy”. And that’s it for tonight! See you on Tuesday for the finals!


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callie44 said...

there is no way these two will ever stay close. they are wayyyy to different. but i am glad it all worked out for them. i hope that memphis wins the big money, of course, but either way i am happy with the outcome tonight.
thanks so much for blogging the show!!

Craft Crazy Carrie said...

Nice job!!! Love it! I'll miss reading while sipping on my coffee in the mornings!!

Craft Crazy Carrie said...

Nice job!!! Love it! I'll miss reading while sipping on my coffee in the mornings!!