Saturday, September 6, 2008

Memphis Wins POV

A quick note....

Memphis won the POV - and from the sounds of thing Dan threw it to him (not that Memphis knows that) - so now Memphis will be the bad guy whomever he votes out.... point Dan.

Memphis and Dan actually discuss the option of voting out Keesha - and they are serious - so even she is not safe as of now.

Vote isn't until Tuesday and they may still think it isn't until Thursday so they are in no rush to decide right now.

Interesting developments!


Tracy said...

This is an interesting dilemna for sure, and if Dan IS going to the jury house, it may help swing his decision one way or the other.

The only way for Dan to beat Memphis, would be for a very sore Jerry working against Memphis in the jury house. Everyone has burned Jerry, but Memphis' offense will be the most fresh.

Either Dan or Memphis stands a chance against Jerry. Libra would be the swing vote, but I think she'd go for one of the renegades. The "old man" factor is certainly a wild card though.

The only one they can both solidly beat in a final two scenario would be Keesha, so I think they'll ultimately toss Jerry. Those catty bitches in the jury house are never going to give Keesha half a million.

The question is whether the renegades will choose to battle it out in the end, knowing they will both with some amount of money, or secure the big prize by choosing Keesha for the final two.

callie44 said...

i couldn't be more thrilled!! no matter how memphis got the veto...he got it, and that makes my saturday!!

Scott said...

This may be shocking, but i was actually hoping for a Keesha victory so that we could finally get rid of Jerry.