Friday, September 12, 2008

No Jury House Questions Yet.

I would guess it will be tomorrow night - but it could possibly be tonight.

The last few years they have done it via a closed circuit TV connections and the Jury has had a few drinks before it takes place.

If I remember right it takes place at midnight BB time so they can still do Big Brother After Dark.

I haven't seen much of the feeds today but a few hours ago the boys were playing Bocce Ball.


Scott said...

I haven't posted today because they haven't done anything worthwhile. It's all been self-congratulatory talk, a bit of reminiscing, and an attempt (and fail) to make REnegade shirts

ale said...

Much like every other final two.

ps. Scott, I replied to thine message.

Davia said...

I hope Dan wins so he can buy him some new shorts. I cant wait til he takes those shorts off. They got to be so so funky.

Didnt he hear Renny say that he was smelling all over the house

Talking about poor hygiene but of course he gets a pass for this because we love him so