Friday, September 5, 2008

Waiting For Midnight

Dan is a smart cookie indeed. A bit ago he went in and told Keesha and Memphis that even if the POV competition is tonight it won't be until midnight because they can't show the competitions on Showtime.

Ding Ding Ding!!

The feeds went to fish as soon as he said it - but like usual they were slow on the trigger so we already heard what we already suspected ourselves.

Jerry is going crazy as far as the others are concerned - Memphis was just telling Keesha how he walked into the hippie room a bit ago - looked at Memphis and Dan - and walked back out - without saying a word.


David__ said...

i'm not too sure what was the point behind telling keesha how jerry walked out of the room and just loooked at them and left..did anyone else catch it??

IndyMike said...

I took the screencap right as he told her - notice her expression?

The point in him telling her was just to illustrate how odd he is acting lately.

David__ said...

ahh thanks mike. most boring bbad this season. i'm off to bed ha

Davia said...

He told Keesha that to keep her in the dark

If you people cant figure this out then you need to stop watching the show. it works on keesha the same way it did when Dan put Memphis on the block: Im sure its designed for Keesha and Jerry to get thrown off track. Number 1, if keesha won pov, she still would evict Jerry and number 2, if Jerry won Pov, he would evict keesha and not Memphis.

Makes a lot of sense to me, either way like indymike said, the pov is the key and Keesha and jerry are to dumb to figure it out

Conclusion: Memphis and Dan gauranteed final 3

Davia said...

My question is this, Memphis best move is to carry Dan but is Dan's best move to carry Memphis.

Keesha has 2 eneimies in the jury house for sure and maybe 3 but I dont think Memphis has any. If I was Dan, I would take Keesha. Dan has to rethink his choices.

Unknown said...

memphis won:)

Unknown said...

it sounds like dan and memphis are going to vote out keesha because they have a better chance of winning comps over jerry, but they said if they lose to jerry they will never live it down........poor keesha:(