Monday, September 8, 2008

They Know There Is An Eviction Tomorrow

The Hgs found out about an hour ago that there is an eviction tomorrow. Dan got the camera for pictures and is doing his blog.

Memphis actually tried to get Jerry to promise him the $4,000 as insurance that Jerry would take him to the final two - but Jerry said he wouldn't but he did give his word. So Memphis has Jerry locked for the final two if by some odd chance he won - and Dan would seem to be in agreement to bring Memphis so it looks like - if Memphis does vote out Keesha tomorrow which seems likely - that Memphis is a lock for the final two and he will probably let Dan win it so that he has to send Jerry packing.


ale said...

He has to be wearing that shirt I like while he contemplates voting out Keesha. Grrr, Memphis...grrr!! It really doesn't seem like a good move to me- that's two jury votes he's losing by making that move. Not to mention the fact that April and Ollie hate him to bits. He's better off keeping Keesha, because it's just as unlikely that she'll win the final HoH as Jerry is...and she will most definitely not give him her vote in the end.

Davia said...

From a moral standpoint, here's a guy thats won a car so far, will do no worst that $50.00(2nd) and probably win the whole game for a half a million and trying to take 4,000 from a 75 yr old man.

Thats flat out greed to say the least and also puts him in a bad position in the jury house if jerry goes back and tell them

As much as i think Dan screwed everybody, Ill take Dan over Memphis anyday because he genuinely cares for people. Memphis is a wanna be thug who could only take advantage of people in a house who cant pop him in his mouth.

May the young jerk burn in hell

Maura said...

Looks like Keesha is out of there. Memphis is being greedy, but Jerry is an easy target. We finally learned why Jerry is such a freak last night on BBAD. His Dad beat the crap out of him and his mom took off. He joined the Marines at 18 and that was the only security he probably ever felt. The Marines were more of a family to him than his own family. I'm not a Jerry fan, but it did make me soften a little when it comes to him. That still doesn't explain his booger issues though!
I hope Memphis comes to his senses and keeps Keesha, but it's not looking good.

Anonymous said...

There's nothing like making an alliance then breaking it. Those boys are rotton to the core and I sure wouldn't want Dan teaching my child in Catholic School!!

callie44 said... was dans idea to get memphis to ask for the 4 grand from jerry....saint dan he is NOT! besides...memphis asked to use it as collateral not to keep it...whereas dan wanted him to flat out take it saying "if your gonna skin a cat might as well go all the way."

youre_a_fool said...

Ale.. "He has to be wearing that shirt I like while he contemplates voting out Keesha. Grrr",

Once again Ale, let me inform you that this game is not about you, your thoughts or any shirts that you like... Seems like everytime something goes wrong, it pertains to something about you

Read my lips, youre not in the game so shut the fuk up

callie44 said...

dan may have been able to convince michelle (as well as others she reports too) but dan screwed over a lot of people and i do believe april is more angry at dan (he screwed over her BF big time) than memphis. she even said in her interviews that she didn't hate memphis, just mistrusted him because he is a good player.
dan, however, has to worry about the next two hg going to the jury house and finding out all the lies he's been telling them...mainly the last one about going to the beach alone. i hope it hurts him in the end and he loses their vote...especially if they are keesha and memphis.
errg! i'm still so bent about dan (or anyone of them left) getting to mingle with a juror. i think it is like handing him the money...if he stays. am i wrong for thinking it's cheating on BB part? it messes with the integrity of the game.

IndyMike said...

Umm OMG... one more crack like that out of you and your comments will no longer be welcome here.


ale said...

The jury thing is weaksauce. As if meeting with the dimmest of the jury members will really get him anywhere. If anything, he should have taken Ollie. He's not much brighter, but still brighter nonetheless.

youre_a_fool said...

im not welcome here anywway indymike so do what you got to do dude.. Did I hurt your feelings talking about one of you yes people

i dont give a rats ass

IndyMike said...

This is a blog about a reality show.

You seem to be the one taking things WAY too personal.

Everyone that writes for this site knows this is simply a TV SHOW and we know all of these people are just playing the bes game they can.

You however seem to feel the need to attack the people that post here.

If you don't like Keesha, Jerry, Dan, Memphis, whomever, by all means express yourself - but wy attack the others that post their opinion here?

Try a little respect - it goes a long way.

Telling people to 'shut the f up' isn't the way to win friends around here - and it seems to serve no other purpose than to cause problems.

We got rid of anonymous posting because some people couldn't behave - the result has been the site has become MORE popular.

Next step would be requiring all comments to be approved - that wouldn't be too hard to do.

Lighten up or go to a site like Survivor Sucks where you can have fun slamming others at will.

Need a link? Here ya go: Big Brother Forum at Survivor Sucks

youre_a_fool said...

man i could give a fuck what you say or do... im not on here to make friends with you or nobody else.... its open season on the contestants and as far as im concerned its open season on you dumb ass posters also.. fuck ya

youre_a_fool said...

if getting rid of anonymous posters made you more popular seems like to me that making comments get approved from you would make you even more popular right.

I mean it is all about you and your little group of asswipes to begin with

IndyMike said...

And with that - he wins!

Here we go again :)

skf said...

Gooooooooooooooo !!! DAN !!!! Why does everyone always hate the person that plays the game the best??? Do YOU play games to lose??? NO. You play to win and so does Dan and he's doing it great!!!