Wednesday, September 17, 2008 Interview With My Girl Angie


youre_a_fool said...

Posting 2 interviews from the 3rd person that got evicted from the house.... talking about bias.

Well you done it all year. so what else is new

Scott said...

It's wrong to have a favorite? Since she was the third person evicted, my so-called "bias" certainly didn't affect my writing on the show.

BTW, we're not the network news. We can show any bias that we desire. Luckily for you, I never really had a favorite the rest of the season.

youre_a_fool said...

I know, you just adopted the next best looking one in keesha, all of a sudden she became so smart and all that BS.... some things never change... same thing with your friend Ale, first it was memphis this and memphis that until ahe saw he was sinking then she just act like he didnt exist.... such losers you are(lol)

To say you guys are bias is an understatement

Scott said...

Did Keesha grow on me? Sure. Did I want her to win? It wouldn't have bothered me, but not really. I thought she was attractive, so I put up some bikini pics. What's the harm?

I honestly didn't care who won this year, as long as it wasn't Jerry or Michelle. Yes, I was biased against them. Big deal.

I'm still pleading with you, though, to tell us what you think about the SHOW. We know that you somehow think that Ale is fat, and that we all think alike. For all the energy you put out on this site, you really just repeat yourself over and over. I want to know who you like or didn't like. Hell, I'll even put it in as a regular post.

youre_a_fool said...

Its funny that you say that scott because i look at it the same way..... seems like all of you guys energy that you put out on this site, was the same bias opinions over and over again. so at least we feel the same way about something.

But like they say opinions dont make you right it just lets you know that they are similar to assholes, we all have them.

callie44 said...