Friday, September 12, 2008

Jerry On The Early Show

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Sheryl said...

Jerry honestly believes that he would have won this game and now thinks that everyone will vote for Memphis once he gets to the jury house. Does he really not see that Dan outsmarted everyone and played a better game than anyone in the house?

CakeGirl5 said...

Jerry is such a pig that I doubt he could be honest and admit to himself or anyone else for that matter that he was "outfoxed" by Dan... I will be really surprised if Ollie gives Dan his vote - that would be admitting that Dan "outfoxed" him too!

I for one hope to hell that Jerry does NOT win America's Choice (I think he thinks he has it in the bag!) He is NOT that much of a competitor and was "dragged" to the end by the boys because they knew he would be easy to beat in the end comps. I hope Keesha gets it because I feel like she was a tough cookie in that house and ended up getting a raw deal from Dan and Memphis (she was too big of a threat IMHO).

Dan to me is truly the BEST player ever!

Sandiekay said...

Oh Jerry, wait until all your fellow housemates get to see the vicious, vile, nasty things you had to say that went far above and beyond the game. You are a pig, both in your cleanliness habits (or lack therof) and your mouth. Your family has to spitting nails with the thought that you are coming back home.Can only hope you don't pop up in dreams in the future.....good bye and good riddance. Gee, do you want to know how I really feel?

youre_a_fool said...

Ollie, April or Lybra will not give dan their vote... You can call it outfoxed or just say that Reeny and Keesha wont give Memphis their vote because theu got outfoxed too.

He was responsible for getting rid of at least 5 people in the jury house or at least thats the way they see it. Michelle and Jerry would be the other 2. Although memphis had something to do with it, it fell on Dan , just like Keesha and renny fell on memphis when both of them had something to do with it. His plan of making everybody mad at him on the way out may have cost him a half a million dollars, plain and simple

Like Keesha said, when someone puts you out, its hard to vote for them... I know you dont like this theory but thats the way it is and it has nothing to do with outfoxed

Unknown said...

I don't know if April and Ollie will definitely vote for Memphis to win.. she even said he skated through the game. If there is a voice of reason in the house... it's quite obvious Dan should win.

Jerry is a definite vote for Memphis... and Keesha/Renny are definite votes for Dan... I think everyone else is up in the air. Could be wishful thinking, though, that everyone would choose (by far) the best GAME PLAYER to win the GAME.

Maura said...

Okay, Jerry is still annoying. I think we're all in agreement on that. April and Jerry should be in the running for the 'Most Annoying Player Award'. That would be hilarious.
I think Dan might take this because jurors will start saying Memphis didn't do anything. Dan will charm them with his answers to their questions, too.

youre_a_fool said...

Sorry matt but this game dont always come down to voice of reason. A lot of times it comes down to who feelings got hurt by who... Keeshas logic has nothing to do with reason, she said she would not vote for who put her out the game... that goes for a few other people also.

Im willing to bet my house that ollie and april wont vote for Dan just like im willing to also vote the house that keesha and renny wont vote for memphis and it has nothing to do with reason at all

Anonymous said...

Can you not see that Michelle is now on Dan's side? There's no doubt she has been convincing April and Ollie that Dan is the better player. It's going to be 6-1 in Dan's favor.

Davia said...

6-1 Dan???? You got to stop watching the edit shows dude and if you watch the feeds last night, Memphis said Ollie hinted to him that he was voting for him. I bet you Ollie and April vote together. Lybra also grilled Dan about the way he handled the Ollie/Michelle situation. No telling how this is going. Dan played the best game but he also made a lot of enimies. You see how Keesha turn 100 degrees against memphis and you know like i do, she would have stuck with memphis to the end. We will see