Friday, September 5, 2008

Luxury Comp Results!

Well, I was wrong on all counts. Dan won the luxury competition, and he gets to spend a day at a private beach. He had the option to take another person, and decided to go alone to avoid any "animosity". Oh, I think he'll still have some hurt feelings, particularly from Memphis. Jerry is babbling about the line regarding "changing the game", and thinks maybe he'll be bringing somebody back. Yeah, right. You've been saying that all season.

Personally, I would take Keesha!


Stacey said...

Kind of a LAME luxury, but you can't look a gift horse in the mouth, right?! I'm glad Dan won it! I don't know that I would've chosen to go solo...too much opportunity for the 3 left to conspire against me! But hey...nothing surprises me in this game anymore!


treeqtr said...

He chose to take Michelle!!!
He said to himself in the HOH, "if I can get Michelle's vote..."

callie44 said...

if he gets to go to the jury house to ...berry the hatch it...i'm gonna be pissed. that's a bit of a stretch in changing the outcome of the game..wouldn't you think?
i'm hoping it is a trip during the pov and he choses not to go.

DaveA said...

Dan wins again???? hahahhahah losers. He is on his way to getting the big prize. GO DAN!

davie said...

What you going to be pissed for callie, youre not getting any of the money anyway. Why lose any sleep over it