Monday, September 8, 2008

Keesha Keeps It Up

Keesha is still venting in the Sauna Room to Dan.

Memphis was sitting out in the Living Room and could hear most of it.

Dan is saying that Memphis was the one that kind of started switching things up - that it was Memphis that started reconsidering who to put out after he won the POV.

At this point Keesha has promised her vote to Dan or Jerry - but that is what I have been saying all along.

Someone has to win the half million and I can't see Jerry making final two.


IndyMike said...

Dan has to be loving this.

Keesha is planning on how she will do anything to secure anyone but Memphis wins.

That is a good thing for Dan - since he isn't Memphis - and I think Keesha has a lot more ability to sway votes than Jerry.

ale said...

I can't believe that he's coming out of this as the good guy. Does Keesha seriously buy it?

IndyMike said...

Yeah - however it WAS Memphis that suggested going afer keesha first - right?

That is what I recall.

ale said...

It was. Strangely, Dan didn't argue with him about it. No blood on his hands.

Davia said...

Dan is the good guy compared to Memphis. Memphis has been a asshole to everybody in the house behind their backs including Renny who everybody loves. Dan crossed certain people who he will not get their vote anyway but now memphis has done the same thing. Memphis has been a asshole thru out this game, You memphis lovers just never wanted to face it or admit it. Memphis will pay for this more for his arrogant attitude

Davia said...

I cant wait til Keesha goes to bed so Memphis can tell Dan that he heard him throwing him under the bus to get votes in the jury house. Memphis is not dumb and wont be real nice to the little wussy. The only problem is, Keesha may not never go to bed and Dan is ready for her to leave

Davia said...

Keesha was telling Dan that she would get him the votes but he wouldnt have michelle"s. Dan started to tell her about the beach thing but he told her that he would tell her tomorrow by herself. It seems that Dan did meet with Michelle on the beach and their is a possibility that michelle can be changed. Memphis making deals with everybody may have out smarted himself. The funny thing is he thinks that it is no way Dan will have the votes. Cant wait to see his face when they pick dan to win it all

callie44 said...

i do want memphis to win. i will not argue he is "cold hearted" but this is a game and it's for a lot of money. i do argue that he is the most cold hearted of them all!
dan has hidden behind his choir boy image throughout this game. memphis went in and told everyone what's up from the start. he never said he went in to make friends.
to state that memphis is the most cold hearted is simply untrue and your judgement is unfounded.
need i remind you that dan was the one who has been pushing to TAKE jerrys 4 grand way back when he got it and has continued to press memphis to get it from jerry as late as yesterday.
that's pretty cold hearted if you ask me. what do they need the money for? assuming the two make it to fin2 why take what prize the man has left?
the veto ceremony was another cold hearted move. to poke fun of ollie and to rub michelle's nose in her alliance with ollie. that fiasco was not necessary. yes, it made good t.v. but let's face it if dan hadn't won the lux prize and gotten to take would be a cold day in hell before michelle would have ever voted for dan to win.
so let's call a spade a spade...and dan is a spade.. and a cold hearted one at that!