Saturday, September 6, 2008

Last Night's Eviction Discussion


Tracy said...

That conversation makes me nervous. They need to stop worrying about Keesha's ability to win the next HOH and realize that neither of them can beat Jerry in the final two. Either of them can beat Keesha in the final two.

This is Memphis playing the hell out of the game right here, as he knows if he evicts Keesha this week, he is set no matter who wins the next HOH. The power is in his hands, but I hope for Dan's sake he sends Jerry packing once and for all!!

Right now they seem a bit too excited about the prospect of a kick-ass renegade speech as a final F.U. to Jerry.

Davia said...

Memphis is being Memphis, he's been the best strategic player in this game all season

callie44 said...

why shouldn't he look at all sides...and he has dan supporting the decisions. i have yet to hear dan say NOT to send keesha packing..
we know he is on the sidelines telling keesha "i want you to stay so i'm sure you will." essh dan. way to throw your alliance under the bus. let's hope memphis can get in keeshas ear while dan takes his fun outing..
at this point i have great concerns about keesha staying but i just can't look or listen to jerry a day longer than he needs to go.

Maura said...

I agree, they need to give Jerry the boot. Why are they afraid of Keesha? Keesha is loosing it. When she was outside with Jerry last night, you could see it in her eyes. Seriously though, her game is off and it shows in the comps, too. Jerry actually mentioned to Keesha that she could speak with a therapist. He sees it, too. She said Libra did, but she looked a little annoyed by him suggesting it to her. Jerry will do well in any mental challenge, as long as it's not like the baby picture one. No matter how much Jerry annoys me, I would like him to beat Memphis and Dan if they get rid of Keesha. It would be a pay back.
I agree, Dan is throwing Memphis under the bus telling Keesha he wants her to stay. Dan loves to play these games.
Dan and Memphis- Do the right thing! Jerry needs to go.