Monday, September 8, 2008

Feeds From Showtime

Keesha has taken the fight into the living room and kitchen. "I backed you two up, and I'm paying for it. Michelle tried to tell me that the three of you had something and I didn't listen to her. Don't just sit there and not say something to me. How long have you known Dan?" Dan doesn't really respond, and Keesha now knows he's in on it.


IndyMike said...

Feeds are finally back.

I wish Keesha would let Jerry know that he is the third wheel though.

Unknown said...

I'm just glad she just said "Jerry is going to win this whole thing."

bish said...

I think Memphis is between a rock and a hard place no matter what he does. If he decides to keep Keesha and she makes it to the final 2 with him, he won't win. If by some fluke Jerry makes it to the final 2 with him, he won't win. If he takes Dan then it's really anybody's game. It seems like he's in a bad spot no matter which one he chooses to go home.
As much as I've grown to like Keesha, I can see why Memphis and Dan would see her as the bigger threat, so why wouldn't they want to get rid of her now while they can, instead of chancing it with the final HOH.
Either way I'm picking Dan for the win.