Saturday, September 6, 2008

More On The Early Morning POV.

I was visiting TvClubhouse - a moderated message board I highly recommend (but I am biased) and saw that the excellent fans there had captured just what I was hoping to find. Here is a screencap of a victorious Memphis as well as a cap of the final POV set up that was shown for about 2 seconds on the feeds early Friday evening when it was still being set up. Credit goes to Estfan and Missyb for catching these itms.

Now - take a look at that image on the right - look familiar to anyone? It should if you have been a fan long. I can't recall how many other seasons it has been used - but here is a clip of the set from Big Brother 4.


callie44 said...

PHEWW! it's going to be another great weekend here for me. i can rest easy once again...go memphis!!