Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Today is July 28th In the Big Brother House......

The Big Brother Replay has apparently been running for a couple weeks - ummm...... I never got word of it - not the way to get viewers guys.

So I went digging and now have the camera links posted. So what was going on July 28th?

It was a Monday - Keesha was HoH and Angie was going home in a few days.

Tomorrow is the earthquake - tune in to the feeds about 11:35am BB time (2:35pm Eastern) - the quake took place a few minutes after that but better safe than sorry.

I'll try to remember some highlights now that I know how things are sync'd up.

Looks like they started the replay on September 8th - did I miss an announcement?

So things are off by one day of the week (Today is Monday in the house) but the time is correct. The re-feeds will end November 12th.