Sunday, September 7, 2008

Dan is gone for the day.

Dan left about 30 minutes ago (11:15ish) - remember when Will and Bunky went on their helicopter ride and had to be blindfolded and walked out the back of the yard to a helicopter in the parking lot?

Well all Dan did was walk into the Diary Room and when the feeds returned the other three went off and napped. We won't know what Dan is up to until he returns - I would guess later tonight - but even then we will only know what Dan chooses to share with his fellow house guests - until we see the edited version on Tuesday night.


Scott said...

It should also be noted that Jerry is in a pissy mood today. He snapped at Dan for throwing away some old butter, and he's been giving Keesha the evil eye again. Nobody really knows what his problem is.

Sheryl said...

hopefully its because he knows he is leaving!

cc said...

Speaking of the diary room, notice how when Dan is in the diary room it sounds like he is reading off a prompter? I am sure they give them guidance but to make them read a script is crap.