Saturday, September 6, 2008

Slow Night.

Look, it is a slow night ok?

Keesha is sleeping - dan filled up the hot tub a bit ago.... as Scott's post says Jerry has been talking to Memphis. Just not much going on. Seems like Dan will go on his trip tomorrow.



Scott said...

They really need Renny back to liven this place up.

callie44 said...

does anyone have the straight scoop on whether or not dan is taking a juror...michelle, is what i hear on the bb street...with him on his trip?
if dan is taking a juror with him or he is going to the jury house to...."bury the hatchet"...that would be so unfair..."and could change this game!!" as julie said.
i'm hoping it is just a horrible rumor.

IndyMike said...

I doubt we will know for sure until Tuesday's show - Dan wouldn't tell anyone in the house now - it is to his advantage to keep that info quiet - even from Memphis.