Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Big Brother Season 10 Finale!!!

Well, it’s finally here – the finale of season ten of Big Brother. 71 days ago, we had our first glimpse of the thirteen contestants, and tonight we crown the winner. Will it be Memphis, the “mixologist”, who for the most part skated by while allowing others to do his dirty work, or Dan, the “good” Catholic, who somehow made it to the end despite continually creating drama inside the house.

There are plenty of other lingering questions as we commence the broadcast. Will Michelle’s meeting with Dan sway her to vote for him? Will the producers allow Jerry’s ego to grow by giving him the swing vote? How will the house react to the news that Dan was America’s Player for one week? Will April and Ollie discover that everybody saw their late night backdoor adventures? Most importantly, how hot will my girl Angie look tonight?
Once again, I’m surprised that CBS only gave up an hour for material that could have easily filled two. Hell, the ratings were even up this year. Instead, we’re stuck with an overly-crammed show that’s marred with an extended opening that recaps what everybody already knows. Actually, this final recap was better than what we’ve seen all season, as it really does tell the story of the season.

Finally, we get to the actual show, and we jump right into Jerry’s entrance into the jury house. Instead of the usual set inside the house, we see them walk outside and discuss who they want to see show up.

Keesha, still hurting over her eviction, wants the final juror to be Memphis, while Ollie babbles again about Dan “disrespecting” him. Libra says she’s “thank the dear Lord” if it was Jerry as he wasn’t the “gingerly old man” he wanted others to believe he was. Renny’s not happy with that idea. “To spend one more night with that man? Please.” I miss her.

As Keesha talks about how they “floated the old man” along, the codger shows up to hear Libra talk smack about him. They all immediately grow silent, and Renny is clearly not happy. “Are you glad to see me”, he asks…to more silence. I love it!
Michelle is the first to realize that if Jerry is with them, then the “two evil people” are the finalists. You get an A for the night, Manchelle. Oh wait, she’s not done, as she’s all excited to tell Jerry exactly what he already knew – that Dan and Memphis had an alliance. “They played us to the hilt”, Jerry drones on. “We could have handled them one at a time. Two of them we couldn’t handle.”
Keesha’s had enough, and complains to Jerry about putting her and Dan up instead of Memphis. “I had an agreement with Memphis…and Memphis didn’t keep his word”, Jerry responds. Renny doesn’t buy it, and once again we get to hear Jerry yell, “will you let me talk?” Oh boy, this is fantastic watching these two go back and forth.
It’s now Jerry’s turn to say the obvious, as he tells them they have to choose the “worst of two evils”. Renny complains that Memphis is the “most insensitive person I’ve ever met in my life. Memphis is very cunning, conniving, insensitve.” Keesha agrees, saying that Memphis survived by being cold-hearted, and that Dan’s best move was “getting everybody to like him”. Michelle says that she would have respected Dan more if he “had just told me why he was putting me up” instead of his roulette game. April wasn’t there, but she certainly has an opinion on how embarrassing that moment was for everybody involved. “Talk about heartless.” Ugh. Keesha responds that she doesn’t have “bitter feelings towards Dan”. It’s funny (and scary) how Libra is suddenly the voice of reason in this group, as she puts it all in perspective as that’s how you have to play the game.
Since nobody was talking about Michelle for at least two minutes, she has to again bring up how she was backdoored by Dan. April asks her to “elaborate” on her trip with Dan for Jerry’s benefit. She babbles on about it, until it finally clicks into Jerry’s head that Dan was playing her for a vote. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!” All of this talk just leads Keesha to repeat what we’ve already heard about how it just means that Dan played the game the best. “He definitely worked a lot harder.” I think we know how she’s voting. Jerry actually makes a good point, as he says that Memphis allowed Dan to do all of the dirty work, but was just as responsible. They really are all talking in circles, though, as Keesha again talks about carrying Memphis. April actually agrees with Keesha. Mark that one down, although it means to April that Memphis played a tougher game. Renny disagrees.

Thank God that’s over, and after commercials we get the jury questions. We start with Libra, who asks Dan what his biggest move was. He says it was backdooring Michelle, which was hard because he likes her. “This game is not about liking someone. I had to get someone out of the house that could probably beat me in a competition and probably beat me in the final two.” Manchelle doesn’t look like she’s buying it.
We don’t get to see her question to Memphis, as we move on to Apirl’s question to Memphis. She says that since they never talked to each other, why should she give him the money? “I don’t have anything against you, but I feel like we just got separated at the beginning of this game, and we never kind of got back together. I wasn’t trying to put up a front with you. I’ve been a straight shooter.” That comment didn’t work very well, as we can hear groans from the entire jury.
Michelle’s up next, and her question is for Dan. Oh, she’s clever (not). “We’re going to play a little jury house roulette.” Oh, god. She asks him to tell the jury why she chose her over everybody else for the trip, which is the first that Memphis has heard of this. The followup is that on the trip he said the move was his alliances’ idea, so he needs to also explain that.
Dan explains that he chose her because he treated her “the dirtiest”, and just “wanted to make amends” with her. As for the role of everybody else in the plan, he says it was his idea but he couldn’t do it without everybody’s help. Renny and Keesha don’t seem so pleased with him anymore.

Oh wait, with Michelle we get questions to both finalists. She asks Memphis about their supposed alliance, and why she should award the money to a person who never won HOH and supposedly threw a bunch some competitions. His answer is weak. “Maybe winning HOH wasn’t a good plan for me. I’m still here.” He also talks about how tough of a player she is, and that he needed “convincing” to jump onboard the plan to evict her.
Up next we have Ollie, and of course his question is for Dan, who jokes that “this will be a tough one”. Yes, he talks about the deal they made that led to Michelle’s eviction, and why he would put “your girl” (Monica) into this deal. Dan explains that he only had five minutes left in him, so he had to come up with something to make him drop. “I had to do whatever it took, whether it was shameful or not.”
Renny asks Memphis to name “one thing you did for me in the game”. There’s an awkward silence before he finally stumbles some stuff about “giving myself”. Oh, that’s not going to work very well as Renny and Keesha laughs. He continues on about how he never did anything behind her back, which leads Keesha to complain that he’s “skirting” around the question.
Keesha now addresses her “best friend” Memphis. She wants to know why he picked Jerry over her. “I thought we were very close.” Memphis says it was the hardest move in the house to vote her out, but he had to do it for gameplay. “It was the only way that I can get to this point. It bothers me that I may have ruined a friendship that I’ll never get back.”
Finally, we conclude with Jerry, who for some reason complains about Dan’s arrogance whenever he won a competition. “Do you have respect for any of us in the jury house.” Obviously, Dan responds that he has lots of respect for everybody, and that the incident with throwing the card was just a celebration of finally winning something. He does understand how Jerry may have taken those actions in a bad light. “I hope you respect me, because I respect you, Dan”, Jerry concludes.

Somehow, Jerry is the only other person to have both questions shown, we now have to endure him whining about his failed alliance with Memphis. “Who would you have picked, me or Dan?” Dan’s intrigued by this question, and Memphis again stumbles on how he would not have known until that opportunity arose. Dan throws in a comment that maybe Memphis didn’t want to make that decision, and possibly threw that final HOH. Keesha gets a good laugh out of this.

They now get final statements to the jury. Memphis goes first, and talks about how he had a “business plan” to make it to the end. To clear things up, he says he only threw two HOH’s. Keesha again groans when he says he was honest the entire time.

Dan now stands, and tells a story about how he walked into the house knowing that he didn’t excel in many of the ways everybody else did. He had to come up with ways to remain in the house, and aligned himself with people for that very reason. He says that he wanted Michelle and Ollie to be upset with him, so that he could help Memphis make it to the end with him. When he concludes, Libra says Dan gave a good speech. April doesn’t agree. Imagine that.

With the jury questioning complete, they are introduced to the studio audience. Renny gets the biggest applause, and milks it. Jerry’s applause is very subdued.
After commercials, Dan and Memphis are introduced back in the house. Dan is asked to say one word about the jury questioning, and gives us about three sentences. Memphis compares it to a firing squad. “It was intense, but it was good to express your feelings towards the people you had to evict.”

Wasting no time, the jurors begin their voting. Libra begins, and babbles nonsense about “going crazy” as she inserts her key. April is next, and thanks them for the experiences “they all shared”. Michelle babbles about it being a “crazy ride”, and Dan responds something about a “princess from Providence”. Ollie talks about remembering this experience for the rest of their lives.
Next up is Renny, and talks about how the decision was easy “as a businesswoman”. She goes on about not forgetting the little things and ‘human spirit”. As expected, she ends with a flourish. Keesha says she loves them both to death, and considers them both “little brothers”.

Finally, it’s Jerry, who suddenly has a “lot of respect” for both of them, and his vote was “based on kindness”. He promises to explain it later.

Now we get the moment I’ve been waiting for – the initial evictees, including my girl Angie!!! Oh boy, she looks as beautiful as always.

Brian is asked about being close to Dan, and predicting Memphis as a potential winner. He talks about how they both never made it personal, and that it “was just a game to get you both where you both are”. He tells Ollie that he was surprised by his “personal reaction”, and also Michelle’s fight with Libra that included her whining about Libra’s mothering skills.

He also points out April and Michelle’s personal attacks that included making fun of their looks, which Manchelle denies.

Julie notes that Steven was nodding his head, and he’s asked who acted the most surprising. He says that Jerry’s reactions were disappointing, especially his actions against Dan. To show what he’s talking about, they play a clip of Jerry’s actions after Michelle’s HOH victory. Jerry is given a chance to respond, and talks about using religion to break his word. (Good to see that somebody made note of the “real” Jerry.)

Julie then tells everybody that despite the conspiracy theories, there was no plant in the house, but for one week somebody was America’s Player. They show the clip of Dan getting the news. Michelle feels vindicated. Ollie is heard saying America’s “stupid” when they show the clip of Jessie’s eviction.

Jessie is asked to respond to what he just saw, but he wants to respond to America instead of Dan. He thanks America for some reason, and talks about his appearance in the house as a gorilla.

What, no question for Angie???? This is not right. Julie tells the jury about the $25,000 prize for favorite jury member. I bet Michelle believes she has that wrapped up.

Finally, it’s time for Julie to pull the keys. Libra voted for Dan, as does April, Michelle, and Ollie. Dan wins!!!
Dan’s girl hugs him as he walks out, as do the rest of the contestants.

When we get back from commercials, we see that Dan received all of the votes.

Julie reveals the favorite juror winner, and although Jerry won second place the winner was…Keesha? What an upset! How did Renny not get at least second place?

Well, that’s it for this season. It’s been fun. See you next summer? Or maybe next spring?


IndyMike said...

Nice job Scott!

Scott said...

Since the comments were disabled in the other post, I have to say it here. In response to your retort with the idiot, I just would like to tell Ale I love her.

ale said...

Aw, Scott. Thanks for the back up! <3 This recap was definitely the mother load, but a great one at that! I don't know about you, I hope it's a "see you next summer."

IndyMike said...

Sorry Scott - I was tired of refreshing and thought people could comment HERE about the show :)

Scott said...

No big deal; I obviously couldn't get to the comments until I finished writing and capping. When I saw Ale had finally responded to our fine friend who obviously has such a glorious life, I had to respond.

youre_a_fool said...

The 3 of indymike/scott/ale are the biggest ass kissers of all time people. May big brother 11 return so you can continue your ass kissing abilities.. Thank You Very Much(lol)

IndyMike said...

And on that note - you can deal with IT as you see fit Scott ;)

I am off to bed in a few - waiting to see if they start a replay of the season at 9pm BB time.

David__ said...

thanks for another season of blogs guys see you in maybe a year?? if not sooner! take care see ya

Scott said...

Keep checking the blog for the next few days, as I'll probably be posting videos and news stories as they appear.

Maura said...

I enjoyed the recaps with personal opinions included. Yes Scott, Angie did look nice tonight.

Dan was the best player, but I wasn't overly excited about his win. Maybe because I wasn't suprised or maybe because I grew tired of watching him look at himself in the mirror during BBAD!
I was happily suprised Keesha won America's favorite. Why Jerry came in a close second is beyond me. Maybe all of Jerry's kids and grandkids were on-line voting for him. Maybe his son that needs a house was calling all his buddies. Who knows? Who cares anymore? Bye Jerry.

Thank you guys for all your work on this site. Please tell me how to give a donation.
I'll be back next season and I'm hoping it's a good one!

Sandiekay said...

There is no way to repeat this too many times........I am thrilled! Wanted Dan from the get-go, and didn't mind Memphis in second place. Good show for the finale except for April and Jerry being present. To think.... no more of Jerry's voice and vile ways, a touch of heaven. Seeing the evicted houseguests who weren't on the jury, what an injustice they were booted so soon (with the exception of Jessie). Wonderful job of recapping the show Scott. You and Mike have done an amazing job, and handled the occasional "idiots" with class. I think Memphis and Dan wil remain friends, long distance, but friends non the less. They seemed to truly like each other, didn't act like it was faked to me. Dan, IMHO is far more serious about life than Memphis, so that may put a crimp in business ideas... but I could imagine them enjoying a friendship by email and maybe a visit sometime. Hopefully they are both waking up happy today and ready to get on with life. This was my favorite BB season so far. LOVE YOU DAN!!!!!!!

Janice said...

I just want to take a quick moment to say a huge THANK YOU to all of you who kept us non-feedsters up to date on what was really happening in the house. I LOVE this site and it is one of my first stops when I am on the internet. I will miss everyone until next time.

callie44 said...

I too would like to thank everyone responsible for the daily updates. This site is one of my first stops every morning for all it's wonderful pics, videos, blogging, and comments (well, except for the trolls :)
I enjoyed the show very much. Still wish it was two hours. One seems so rushed...but never the less...a great ending. Obviously, I am a Memphis fan but was satisfied with the results. He will do just fine when he gets back to his normal life.
Hope to see ya next season!!! thank you again :))

Scott said...

Thank you Janice, Callie, Maura, and all of the rest of you for your kind words.