Saturday, September 6, 2008

New Showtime Commercial

Maybe this has aired before, but I saw a BBAD promo that I've never seen before that's full of the infamous Chelsia/Natalie striptease from last year. If you believed the commercial, you'd think there's lots of drinking and nudity every night on the show, instead of the boredom we've seen 99% of the time...especially the last few days.


callie44 said...

them were the days!!...but let's not forget how exciting things were last season at this time with sharon, adam, ryan, and shiela.....yawn!!

Sheryl said...

this show is always boring in the end.Dick made it exciting for a split second when he won the final challenge and then sent Zach packing but then we had a weeks worth of Danielle looking at Dick and wondering what to say next.