Thursday, September 18, 2008

Evel Dick Interviews



April and Ollie (this is worth watching)


callie44 said...

LOVED dick's interviews!!...especially april and ollies. but oh was he wrong at the end when he said..."most people are MORE screwed up then you two." ummm, no dick, most people aren't half as screwed up as april and ollie...not nearly!!
and what awkward (or was it pride?) laughs came from the two when dick kept referring to all the fucking they did...hahha. yea, let's see if they are laughing after they watch it all on you tube and then read the comments....or will they still not get how we all feel?
april in shock that she is the "bitch" from the show? is she serious? oh how is wish to be a fly o her walls at home.
are there any more interviews you can post? i'm loving all that you are posting. how about the wrap party gag real? i'll cross my fingers you post it all!!

bish said...

Oh man, that April/Ollie interview was great. Evel Dick should be the new host and bring up all that kind of stuff after the evictions and stuff.
I'd give anything to see April's reaction to seeing all the shit that is out there with her and Ollie. And most people's opinions of her.
And I love how she's still trying to blame her pissy attitude on everyone else in the house.