Monday, September 8, 2008

Time To Lie To Jerry

"Dan's really pissed about this whole thing", Memphis just told Jerry, who is all full of appreciation for everything he's doing for him. Meanwhile, Dan's sweet talking Keesha, and badly lying that the "change" occurred while he was at the beach, and that he told Memphis that Jerry was lying about his neck injury.

"I've always fucking had his everybody!" She just predicted that Jerry is going to pull out the win.


ale said...

The thing is, Memphis asked Dan if he should go talk to Jerry and lie to him, and Dan said that they should stop playing that angle with him.

callie44 said...

sure he did, cause it's all about dan these days. i hope memphis wakes up and figures out that dan is running this show while dragging memphis through the ringer.
i just hope keesha figures out that dan is as rotten as she thinks memphis is!!...since she says she's not dumb and all it should be obvious.