Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Question For Those Who Watch The Feeds

There was a discussion on another board about Keesha, so I thought I'd bring it up here. Has anybody ever seen Keesha do anything in the kitchen besides eat and whine? I noticed she was the only person that did absolutely nothing to help prepare dinner or clean up after.

The hens are continuing to complain about Jerry's apology and bathroom habits. Libra doesn't want to touch anything he's touched. Dan has also informed them that Jerry asked him to be in one of his super top-secret secondary alliances...just like the one he has with Ollie. Keesha wants to confront him tonight, but Renny thinks they should wait to see who wins HOH tomorrow.

Oooh, just as I was publishing this post, Jerry walked into the room. Suddenly, they're now speculating on tomorrow's HOH contest. But Keesha did bring up the apology, and Jerry said he just couldn't have it "festering anymore". And that's the confrontation...until April brings it up again. It's very, very uncomfortable. Stay tuned.


IndyMike said...

What I wanna know is have you ever seen a woman arch her back so much?

DaveA said...

Wow...first, Indymike that is really hot that you noticed, you dog you...and I don't think Keesha has ever had to cook or clean a day in her life. Mommy!!!!

IndyMike said...

Its hard to miss - she seems to always be standing around with her back arched - lol

Anonymous said...

Arched back...big boobs. The stature of a Hooter's Chick, donchaknow???