Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Dammit, Jessie Is Calm Tonight

Angie lovers should be bummed - Jessie has been on his best behavior all night. That much-needed explosion that is needed to convince Keesha to save Angie is just not going to happen.


ale said...

You're not going to like this, but with the little action Angie has engaged in, she deserves to go. All the crap in DR sessions about "it's not over" was all bullshit. She has made no push to stay, and Jessie has done more inadvertent campaigning for her than she has her entire time in the house.

IndyMike said...

In the post I made right before this - I suggested that the girls might decide to vote Jessie out - fearing he might do well in an endurance competition. Doubtful but possible.

But Ale is right - Angie hasn't done squat - Jessie at least has made moves - and actually had Keesha convinced to put up Libra for 30 seconds.

Sydney said...

damnit! I just want Jessie to go more than I want him to stay. It's clear BB is invested in him after seeing the "hunk" commercials they aired last week featuring him. I hope they didn't tell him in the DR to calm down.

Conversely Ale, I totally agree with you. She's done zero and my original hopes for her as an actual playerhave plummeted.

Scott said...

The problem is there was nothing she could have done to help herself, and I thin she realized that. When she's nice to the hens, as she is most of the time, they shit talk about her phoniness. When she just hangs out and has fun, she's flirting with the boys. April is by far the worst, with Keesha right behind. They just seem to be the bitchy types that don't like it when they're not getting 100% attention from all of the boys.

ale said...

They certainly are jealous and bitchy, but she could have easily approached Keesha as soon as she won HoH and told her- look, Steven was a common thread between us, and we need to avenge his eviction. I'm not after you at all, and I want to work with you.

He told them to trust one another, and it would have been great if they'd worked together. Keesha herself said that she hardly spoke to Angie one on one, and I think that was a huge factor. Angie could have easily recruited Renny to her cause, as well.

Scott said...

But Angie did attempt to talk to her right after Keesha won HOH, but was not allowed in as the hens plotted her demise.

I really think in other seasons, she would have done much better. But she just couldn't infiltrate the hens.

BTW, Steven apparently said in an online chat that he prefers Angie to Keesha. I can't wait until she hears that.