Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Jerry's Unsanitary

In a return to a Big Brother cliche, Libra has noticed that Jerry doesn't wash his hands after using the bathroom. This just became a twenty-minute discussion amongst the hens, who are already mad about his apology to Memphis. (Apparently, he made a big show about thanking Keesha for advising him to do this, when all she did was say now would be the time to do it if he's going to.)

Renny just prepared dinner, and as Ollie walked off to the bathroom he loudly announced that he promises to wash his hands before returning.

Oh, one more tidbit - Memphis, Michelle, and Jessie are possibly going to flash Jerry's top-secret cross sign when Angie's evicted tomorrow. I'll believe that when I see it.


Sydney said...

Bravo Scott -- you are a busy bee today!

Scott said...

Yay, Sydney's here! I noticed you (at least I think it was you) visited my main site yesterday.

IndyMike said...

Jerry is in deep doo doo with the three cat-keteers after this item and the apology that they see as nothing more than sucking up to the men.