Thursday, July 24, 2008

It's Food Comp Time!

The feeds are now showing the fish, but a few minutes ago the hamsters were called together to wait for what is probably the food competition. They're hoping, of course, that it's a luxury comp. I hope to God that slop is involved, and Queen Libra once again finds herself on the losing side without either Renny or Jerry, just so we can see who she blames this week.
It's funny how the people complaining about Angie staying away from the group (Keesha, Libra) are the only two people not gathered in the living room.


Reefer Jello said...

What's with Keesha's missing tooth? It makes her look like the Ohio Hillbilly she really is. It would only cost a couple of day's Hooter tips to get a partial and shut off that bat cave on the left side of her mouth. I hope Angie rises up and goes toe to tow with this babe.