Sunday, July 27, 2008

More Tool Time!

He just won't let it drop. Even though everybody, including Angie herself, has conceded that he's safe, he's still going on and on about the injustice of being on the block. After another one-sided conversation with Keesha, he believes that they're now working together, as is Dan and Renny. He also has "noticed" that the people in his own alliance are now distancing themselves from him. Um, no, tool. They're sitting outside, as they have been since they walked into the house. You're the one now hiding in the bedrooms conspiring.

He's lucky that Michelle is as needy as he is. She's now mad that Angie is actually talking to her enemies. So she's supposed to just roll over and let herself be evicted? (For the most part, that's exactly what she's done.)


Anonymous said...

Makes no sense these people do.
It's been what, four days, of Jesse's none stop bullshit and complaining about what an injustice has happened, and they're still going to vote Angie out? He's the one that wins HOH's and Vetos. He's the one trying to make deal after deal. He's the one actually trying to make some moves in the game. No offense to Angie but it doesn't even seem like she's playing. She tried to make one move to keep Brian and she's still paying for it.
That's like choosing to get one zit looked at by your doctor while a flesh eating disease takes over your entire left leg.
As much as I can't stand Jesse I hope this 75 person alliance gets taken out one by one by him, because note voting him out is probably going to be the dumbest move to happen all season.

Sydney said...

Michelle's been making comments to Jessie about being ablt to fix his problem when he says he has a problem needing fixing (h*rniness)... that IS needy.

I loved it when Jessie was in the HOH trying to convince Keesha to nom Libra, saying that once it's happened, she'll bury herself going around to everyone raising hell and trying to make deals.... um, that would be what HE'S been doing now.

Sydney said...

Bish, I am dying here reading your post. You're hyseterical!!!

Jen said...

Bish I completely agree!! As much as I can't STAND Jessie, it serves the jeryatrics group right for playing stupid!!