Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Luxury Comp? Nope, It's Another TV Appearance

The feeds have been on the fish for the last half hour or so, and the last thing heard was Keesha asking Dan about "having to be down there at 4:15?" Various boards are speculating that either there's a luxury competition, producer instructions, or even an official birthday party for Renny and Keesha.

Edit: Feeds are back, and they were on Craig Ferguson again. Michelle is saying they've been told they'll be on every week, a perk which "even movie stars don't get". Oh boy. Apparently, Craig made fun of Jessie again, asking about taking off his shirt during the earthquake. Keesha was also called out for something. I get the impression that they learn more from this about how they're being portrayed than from the interviews with Julie on eviction night.


IndyMike said...

Oh they must be SOOOOOO popular!!

Scott said...

I hope he made fun of Jessie again. We need his rage to flare up one last time.