Saturday, June 28, 2008

New Rumor Regarding BB10 Cast

According to Joker's Update, the BB10 has been rounded up and put into sequester in preparation for the July 13 opener.

One cast member has already been replaced, though, and supposedly by New York model Laura Leigh. If this photo is indeed her, I pray the rumor is true.

Also, the live eviction shows will be in front of a studio audience.


IndyMike said...

Hi Scott,

Gee, wonder why you might like that possible cast member.

Anonymous said...

i'm hoping this is also true. but above all here's to a new BB season bring on the drama!

Scott said...

Hahahaha Mike!

ale said...

I'm gonna be a total party pooper and hope that this isn't true. Weren't we all complaining about how fake and fame-hungry last season's cast members were? EH.

Scott said...

I actually agree with you on that, ale. Yes, she's hot but I would much rather see real contestants and not planted out-of-work actress/models.