Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Finally the Real Player Info and "Early Bird Special" officially announced.

Real has officially released information about their new Real Player for Big Brother and the Early Bird special is also now available for those that want to sign up early.

First off the deal - the link below gets you the entire Big Brother season for $29.99 so roughly $10 a month. Big Brother usually runs through early September.

Watch Big Brother 24/7

Unlike the regular superpass link you only get three free days with that one (the regular link gets you two weeks free). However with the two week free trial the final cost is in the area of $15 a month so you can see how this Early Bird special is still a good deal.

Whats more - with the new player you will now be able to watch multiple feeds at once - you will also be able to go back and view past events including Season 10. Here is how the folks ar REAL tell it:

  • FLASHBACK - Go back to any moment you missed in the Big Brother live feeds, including all of season 10
  • New Video Presentation - Watch the Quad Cam OR get 4 simultaneous video feeds in addition to the main camera
  • New SuperPass Content - SuperPass now includes shows from The Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, and TLC including Deadliest Catch, American Chopper, Dirty Jobs, Meerkat Manor and Mythbusters
Sounds like an improvement ove other seasons huh? In essesnce you will be DVR'ing the entire BB season and won't have to look elsewhere for things you might have missed - that alone makes it worth the cost if you ask me.

So click and sign up today - there is lots of content already on the site and you won't find a cheaper deal by waiting!!

Watch Big Brother 24/7


KP said...

I cant wait for BB to start. Im having withdraws.

Christine said...

Mike, do get a benefit if I sign up using your link here??

I will be away for the first two shows, but I am looking forward to the new season!!