Thursday, October 1, 2009

Natalie and Lydia fight. Russel and Michele on superpass tongiht.

Natalie was on Big Brother After Dark radio last night (no affiliation with Showtime) and Lydia decided to call in and rip into her. Here is just that part of the interview.

That took place about one hour into the interview which lasted 2 hours. You can hear the whole thing right here:

In other news - Russel and Michele will join Chelsia on Real Superpass tonight for an interview/chat. Log in to superpass and go to the Big Brother tab for details. Need superpass? See below for a free trial.

Click to get a free trial of Real's Superpass and join the chat with Russel and Michele. You can also use Flashback to re-watch anything you missed from the live feeds!

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