Saturday, November 15, 2008

James is living in Paris on fan's dime?

Today I learned something about Big Brother and I will explain it in a minute.

I was crusing around the web sites looking for any news to share just so it doesn't look like this web site is dead. Trust me it will be hopping come next summer but most of us hear just plain don't care about Big Brother when Big Brother isn't on.

Anyways, I come across a note that says that James is now living in Paris and that he got the money to go there from donations. Now I am sitting here thinking of James.....

And I follow the link to the blog where James is apparently pouring out his heart to some lost love, and talking about how tough it is in Paris to make ends meet. I continue on reading and I am really starting to get annoyed that this guy has the audacity to get money from fans to pay for his total screwing around as far as I am concerned.

Then I scroll down to another post (past more pleas for donations) where there is a video blog about a road trip to Austin, Texas this past September. In the video I see no sign of James, just two women talking about driving to Austin and partying. Then into the frame walks James with three beers in his hand. OHHHHHHHH, it was the OTHER James that wrote that blog.

You know - Big Brother 9 James. Pink hair, gay porn, biking around the world James. Things suddenly became much clearer and I felt bad fo thinking so badly of BB6 James. I wonder if he has noticed the lessening of name recognition since pink haired James burst on to the Big Brother scene.

And that was the lesson I learned today. The names are starting to get confusing. James, Alison, April, Mike, and more I am sure if I wanted to spend the time looking it up. Lots of duplicates now in the BB alumni list.

Oh and if you want to read the post that BB9 James wrote, you can find it on his Myspace Blog.


Esco said...

God, I really dislike pink-haired James. Why doesn't he get a job like a normal person? All he is is a homeless bum that got on a reality show somehow and now he's begging for money to his fan base (which I can't believe is there).

To all the people who are giving him money: I feel bad for you. But please call me if you're interested in a ocean front condo in the sunny beaches of Arizona :) . Suckers.

I bet Chelsea is really kicking herself in the butt for ever hooking up with this freak. He was a loser on the show and I'm glad to see he's still a loser.

EK said...

Hi! I'm French, I live in Paris. I used to watch BB US, and I'm pretty sure I saw Pink-Hair James yesterday evening on the m├ętro getting on at Montparnasse-Bienvenue and getting off at Volontaires (Parisians will know). I wasn't so sure so I didn't engage conversation. It would have been a hell of a coincidence if it wasn't him after all -_-