Monday, April 27, 2009

Get Your Free Music And Games From Real Superpass.

In order to watch the Big Brother live feeds you need to have a subscription to Real's Superpass. Now Real promises some other things along with the Live Feed including "$10 worth of MP3 songs every month."

A recent added bonus is you can now download actual MP3's to use any way you see fit. Drag them to your player, burn them to CD - whatever you like - no more need to use Real's media management tool if you don't want to - you just download them in a ZIP file and off you go.

However, as wonderful as that sounds - actually getting those MP3's can be a bit confusing.

Every couple of months this 'feature' crosses my mind so I head over to and try to remember what I need to do. This time I decided to take notes and screen caps and share them. Hopefully they won't change the process again too soon. Now these instructions are for PC users. I can't say if it works quite the same for Mac folks.

First of all you should have the latest version of Real Player (as of this writing it is 11). Open up your Real player software and click on "Help" and then "About Real Player" to make sure you have version 11. You can then click the "check for update" button while you are at it to make sure you have the latest and 'greatest' version. If you have Real Player 10 the screens will look different, might as well get the newest version.

As you read this tutorial - click any image to enlarge.

So I'll assume you all now have version 11. The next step is to actually sign in to your account. Remember you MUST have a paid superpass subscription to get the ten dollars of free music each month. If you don't have one yet and want one - by all means PLEASE sign up via one of the links on this site or via this one.

Back to the instructions, once Real Player is open click on the link to 'SuperPass" button at the top if it isn't already highlighted. Then click on one of two places to sign in (if you aren't already logged in).

This pop up should be pretty self explanatory. Log in to your Real account.

Now the part that gets confusing. You should now see two places that say 'Music' - You want to click on the LOWER one - the one associated with SuperPass. The other one is for Rhapsody - and if you have that you won't be reading this because you already get lots of music to download.

Once you have highlighted the lower music tab you should see a button to "Get Your Mp3 Downloads" - Click on it and the rest should be fairly straight forward.

A couple of additional notes.

Real used to let you download your $10 any time during a month. Now it is a rolling 30 day calendar. So before you could download $10 in MP3's on the 30th of one month and another $10 on the 1st of the next month. Now of you download on the 30th - you can't download the free stuff until the 30th of the next month.

You also get a free game a month - getting that is similar to the music except you need to click the Games tab and then choose to download your free game.

I hope that helps, I don't really want to offer support but this was something I wanted to put together to help people out!

Click to get a three day free trial of the Big Brother 11 Live Feeds! And your free music once you are a subscriber!

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mike31981013 said...

Internet feeds are so 2000-2001 why is CBS still charging for this out of date techology, at least make it FREE.

Honest big brother should be on a cable channel 24 hours a day for 90 days.