Monday, November 30, 2009

Here are Jeff and Jordan in the Amazing Race.

Here is a picture someone posted on Twitter of Jeff and Jordan.

You can see the original here:

I do hope they do well but I have to admit I don't have my hopes set too high. They never did the best in Big Brother competition and the competitions on Amazing Race tend to be a bit tougher.

If they make it even halfway it should be considered a victory for them

Anyone else have a feeling about this? I think it will be more enjoyable to watch than Allison (BB4) and her boyfriend - that was really painful.


Anonymous said...

That is interesting that both the stars of season 11 are all set to shine in the amazing race. Jeff and Jordan need to play a way bit smart than they have played in big brother episodes. Amazing race is a different show all together and the bb success has got nothing to do with it.