Thursday, January 14, 2010

So whats up with BB11 Michelle?

Hey there Big Brother fans. Today someone sent me a link to the picture at the right from TMZ. In ir you can see Lydia and Michelle from BB11 locking lips. Is it a pose for 'shock value' or are the two a 'couple' now? Who the heck knows.

I have kept quiet about things but I am really wondering what Michelle's story is. Is she still with her husband? Following me on twitter is an account claiming to be someone from her family, and they claim she hasn't been in touch with them since the show.

Anyways - I thought I would touch bases and check in - we'll be back in full force for sure when Big Brother 12 kicks off.

Yout can check out my twitter account here, Michelle's here, and Lydia's here. The TMZ article - which is doesn't really contain any info more than I have relayed, can be found here.


Waiting Lisa said...

She is definitely not with her husband anymore. She talked about it on Facebook.
And the twitter account claiming to be her family seems real. They say she has not called them at all since the show. They said she moved, which I know she did from what she wrote on FB. They said she didn't even get in touch with them for xmas. Ouch.