Thursday, September 17, 2009

And Still More Videos

I think 32 in one post is enough - so here are some more videos (make sure to at least watch the Allison Grodner interview below):

Ross Matthews with a LONG interview with Jordan:

via The Insider

Allison Grodner on EW - she answers several questions to do with the final endurance competition - worth the watch!:

Jordan On EW:

Natalie on EW:

Diane from Big Brother 5 also interviewed TONS of people - however I can't embedd the videos so you need to go to the page to see them:

More to come when I get the links!!


AName said...

All that crap from the fans was "the Jesse and Natalie haters complaining about nothing like they did all year. They didnt want Natalie or Kevin to win at the end so instead of letting it play out, they tried to get someome disqualified. Its called win at all cost whether its right or wrong. Im not a Jesse or Natalie fan but people did anything including calling into the show over and over again to get their way. Their was also a petition to get Natalie disquaified because it was wrong to let kids see a person pretending to be 18 drank in front of our kids. Pathetic fans at best and if you were a part of this bullcrap, then the pathetic description fits each and every one of too.

Even though Allison has said this, it really dont make no difference, I bet you the boards are still saying shes lying. The spoiled people are actually controlling this game