Saturday, September 5, 2009

Bye Bye Michelle

POV was apparently on dates, which means Natalie's premonition was (finally) correct. Kevin apparently won, and he's celebrating with Natalie.

Hehe - Jordan apparently didn't make it through the first "block"...and it was Jeff-related. She claims she didn't understand the instructions. Oh God.

Edit: Get this - Natalie is demanding that Kevin throw the first round of the final HOH.


McB said...

Does anyone still even watch this crap, besides the hayseed AName?

Reefer Jello said...

Like I said a couple of months ago...this season of BB was fucked for me on the very first night.

The second I saw Jessie was headed into the house, I knew this whole season would be a washout. It went steadily down hill from the first show.

Grodner is an idiot for putting that lame schmuck back oin the house. Also....way too little eye candy for guys this year.

To me...the only diggable babe was Laura...and she went out before I even got wood.

BBAD was absolutely the worst...this season. It was almost totally unwatchable...every second...every night..except for one or two nights when there was some squabbling going on.

WAYYYYYY too many lamers/floaters/ugly people.

I don't give a flying fuck who wins it this year.

See you guys next season if the show isn't cancelled.

It got the axe in England the other day and it could get canned, now that Julie is with child and they have apparently run out of ideas and decent cast members.

Valerie said...

I have given up watching the show too. I cannot stand to waste anymore time watching Kevin and NastaLIE's shenanigans! They are very, very dirty!

And then I was sooo hoping that Jordon would pull it out but damn it, she is so feakin dumb! I'm still not sure why she had the boob job done when she seems so she's 16 years old. I like her, she's sweet but the dumbest 22 year old I've ever known.

I didn't like Michelle much through-out the game and did not like her nervous laugh. But, she really played the game well and deserves to win.

I vote to elect Nastalie and Kevinpoo!!!

Valerie said...

Correction: I vote to eVict Nastalie and Kevninpoo!

Cal said...

If Kevin obeys Nat and throws the first round he doesn't deserve to win. Runner up to the Marcellus (?) Award for stupid game play, yes. $500K, no.

He does understand Nat is NOT going to share the prize with him, doesn't he?

AName said...

LMFAO@ McB wanting to quit again and again and again. You must have been a spoiled little kid. Dont worry, Natalie is not going to win it my friend and you dont have to go into deep depression.LOL

AName said...

Add Valerie to the spoiled little "im not watching the show anymore since my person didnt win group" LMFAO

AName said...

I have Prozac at a discount people. Please just relax . LMFAO

Wouldnt it be nice if Kevin won and took the dumbest player of all-time to the finals and america gave her another break and awarded her the money

It would be like a story book finish and I wouldnt be surprized if it happened. Depression medicine would hit an all-time low in sales..LOL

AName said...

Bottom line is this, who ever hooks up with Jordan is bound to lose. She is absolutely no help to no one

Kevin and Michelle will vote for her. She may get Russell's too so she could win it all so relax and sit back and keep hope alive. LMFAO(esp for DaveyA)

Valerie said...

AName throwing stones... pathetic. Are you that bored?

He with sharp tongue cuts own throat.

We left our comments about the show. Why don't you stick to the same, you idiot.

AName said...

Not throwing stones Valerie, Im like a lot of other fans that are just so amazed at how people claim they are quiting because there favorite houseguest dont make it. There have been big blogs about this on all the major BB sites including CBS. Some of us just find it just as much pathetic to see people do this all the time. Sorry if it offended you and im sure it wouldnt bother you at all if you wasnt one of the ones quitting all the time

AName said...

LMAO@ U Reefer, you always come up with some very interesting stuff but be serious dude, BB had the higest ratings ever, do you really think they will cancel the show now.. I dont think so dude and I really hope they dont but they could change the way the are selecting people to this show. Stop taking people from off the streets for popularity and sign up the true applicants

bish said...

As much as it's weird for me to say this, but Aname is right. There is always those people every year that threaten to boycott the show once their favorite is out. And it's never made sense to me. Clearly you aren't a fan of the show, you are only a fan of certain people. As much as I can't stand Natalie, and I know this week will be horrible, I won't "boycott" the show because my man Jeff is off of it.
And any of Kevin, Natalie or Michelle need to take Jordan to the finals with them because that's the only way that any three of them are assured a win. Jordan had Jeff's vote, but going by my gut that's all she has. She has done fuck all the rest of the game and I guarantee that everyone in the jury house would recognize that.

Valerie said...

I have to disagree with you bish. AName, is not correct here. AName, is only assuming. Aname, does not know my mind set or anyone else's and cannot say this is “the way it is”. AName can speculate but not state something as fact.

I watched season one and I have not seen Big Brother again until this season when I stumbled upon it by accident. I did not have a favorite player on the show. I did have a fun list of names I did not care for and that is normal to dislike the villains but to see players that have stooped to the lowest of lows in the game which was not needed is quite cruel. I enjoy watching villains in any venue because they stir things up, but to watch Nat and Kevin stoop to actually hurting people is monstrous at best.

Natalie did not have to eviscerate Michelle. I bet Nat's speech about Michelle will be edited by BB and I hope that Nat is pissed about it. Natalie has big issues. She just makes me sick to the point where watching the game is an insult to my intelligence. She’s not playing, she’s hurting.

I do not find it odd that Nat does not get along with her Step-Mother, and her BF’s Mom and Sisters. It is what it is. Chips on shoulders will weigh her down her entire life. She will also go through life with people not believing her. I bet her Dad will not be proud.

Nat’s boyfriend was not in Pandora’s Box. Jessie was. He was there to tell here that the Jury House KNOWS ALL ABOUT HER LIES, and they will not be voting for her to take first place.

I am curious to see who has won the game but I am done with watching BB11 and done with all of the Big Brother Comment Boards. I feel it has become a waste of my time and THAT is my prerogative. My decision is not indicative of me losing the person(s) I was cheering on because each week, there was someone new that I hoped to win the HoH or the PoV.

So, do not TELL me what you THINK YOU KNOW ABOUT ME because you do not.

Valerie said...

Fair enough?

MoCrak said...

I am so happy that Crazy B-itch aka Michelle is gone!!!!! Thank you Natalie and Kevin for getting revenge for Chima!!!!! All the people who had a hand in Chima’s demise are gone 1st. Russell, 2nd. Jeff, and now the crazy B-itch Michelle. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, Natalie!!!!! Natalie you are a woman of your word and I hope you let Michelle have it. Send that B-itch crying out the door after she backstabbed you and Chima. Karma is a B-itch! What goes around come around!

Natalie and Kevin deserve to be in the final two. They were down in numbers and came back fighting. Congratulations on getting Russell, Jeff, and Michelle banished from the House!

AName said...

Sorry Valerie but Natalies boyfriend was in the pandora box, and I was just about to believe some of the stuff you have been saying too. I think I will just wait and see what happens before i ever assume again.(lol)

Valerie said...

See how the asssumption works? :)