Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday - Sleep all day and up all night?

The HGs got lots of crafts and things to do today. Kevin and Natalie slept away most of the day but are up now and most likely will be for a lot of the night.

Jordan is currently coloring designs on plates. Kevin and Natalie sitting on the hammock talking.

I mean all in all its not a bad watch but there really isn't a lot going on game wise. The HGs have been told they are pretty much done being interviewed in the DR for the TV show.

All we have to do now is see if we can get a sense of what Kevin and Jordan will really do come Tuesday. I think right now we all agree that its hard to tell.

Remember Jeff and Michele both talked with Jordan that Kevin was the big threat and Jeff wanted to take Natalie to the final three. She could very easily still be thinking that and we would have a hard time telling.

The same goes for Kevin - he at times sounds like he is SICK of talking to Natalie about the final two but he may feel his best shot is against her since he thinks Jordan will get "America's" vote (he is corect).

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Reefer Jello said...

Hi everybody!

I wonder what Laura's big old hooters are doing this afternoon?

lmanson said...

Tonights show was more than disappointing! CBS billed it as never before seen footage and the only part that was new was the three 'fabulous' players quoting the lines that were fed them for the review of all 'seen before' footage... zzzzzzzzzzz

I would rather have seen Michelle enter the Jury house and some blooper shots or something interesting... much less Jessie would have been wonderful too!

AName said...

LMFAO@ Kevin talking about how the people in DR kelp reminding him that Ivette won the last HOH in BB 6 and took her friend Maggie over Janelle to the final 3 and lost to sway Kevin to get rid of Natalie. Jordan also telling Kevin how they are telling her which stuff to study. Dumb to tell them this stuff Jordan but pathetic that the DR helping some people against the others none the less. And Natalie and Kevin saying to jordan, they tell you that, they havent told us none of that. go figure

Dont Worry America, Natalie will not get anything and CBS will see to it. Jordan will win it all and Ill bet the house on it

Garv said...

Sounds good to me, that b*tch doesn't deserve one penny. The only thing that can keep Jordan from winning is herself, and her own stupidity.