Thursday, September 3, 2009

Big Brother - Season 11, Episode 25 Recap

“Bye bye, love.
Bye bye, happiness.
Hello, loneliness.
I think I'm a-gonna cry-y.

Bye bye, love.
Bye bye, sweet caress.
Hello, emptiness.
I feel like I could di-ie.
Bye bye, my love, goodby-ye.” - Everly Brothers, “Bye Bye Love”

Welcome, my friends, to the breakup edition of Big Brother. While there’s a lot at stake tonight, it’s inevitable that the real focus (at least from CBS) will be the forced parting of “America’s Couple”, Jeff and Jordan. I have no doubt that it’s going to be WAYYYYYYYYYYY over the top (the fact that they did a joint diary room session today is a good indication).

But let’s not forget the actual game. Regardless of which player remain after the eviction (and there’s no chance it will be Jeff), we’re winding down to the finals, so the real focus on the show should be the HOH competition. The winner will be guaranteed to make the final three…one step removed from the finals.

Let the sob story commence with the reactions to Michelle using the POV. Kevin says the veto meeting went “perfect”, and that “if everything goes as planned, Jeff will be packing his bags.” Jeff, obviously, is still pissed that his worst nightmare has come true, and complains that Kevin is “not listening to reason right now” by not agreeing to the deal that he and Michelle gave him. He says he’s “coming right at him if there’s any chance I stay on Thursday night”.

Jordan is also upset, but it’s more because their storybook romance is coming to an end this week. “The only way I imagined me and him on the green chair together is finale night.” Michelle says that since Kevin wouldn’t listen to them, their only shot is to approach Natalie. Again, we hear Natalie talk about how there’s “no blood on my hands”. Her and Kevin celebrate in the “have” room, and that everybody in the jury house is going to love Kevin.

Moving outside, the storybook love filler continues. Jeff tells Jordan to not be sad, and they both complain about how “they” got exactly what they want. Jeff adds that it’s his job to keep her spirits up, and we see him give her a pep talk. “It’s destiny that you were here to meet me, and I was not here to win…you got to think positive…stick with Michelle…stick with Natalie…play both sides and get Natalie out next week.”

Jordan responds that Jeff is the only person in the house that deserves the money because he was the only one who played the game. More importantly, she wants to know if he’ll give her a big goodbye kiss. Oh God.

We now see Natalie in the kitchen, and Jeff talks about how he needs her vote. He approaches her in the kitchen, and she comes right out and says she can’t vote for him. He attempts to talk some “sense” to her, and Kevin is seen supposedly watching them on the HOH screen. Kevin says that his “faith and future is in Natalie’s hands”, and that the stupid Pandora’s Box proved she really can’t be trusted. You think? Jeff continues on with his attempts to sway Natalie, but she says there’s no way she’d burn the “only ally I have in the house”. Unless, of course, he offers her something special.

Back to the love birds. Jordan and Jeff are snuggling in the pool room, and she says she has a feeling she’s going to be following him next week. More importantly, she adds that if Jeff does indeed have the votes to stay, she needs to know so she can wear her best outfit. Oh boy. Jeff adds in the diary room that since their time together is over, he’s looking for any opportunity to kiss her. They then “practice” for tonight’s eviction.

It’s the next day (apparently), and Jeff is again talking to Michelle about somehow making it through the week. They decide to let Natalie know that Michelle will be coming after her if Jeff is evicted. After some more back and forth, we see Natalie in the backyard with Jeff. He says they’ll “guarantee” the next HOH if she keeps Jeff. She does perk up a bit, but says she doesn’t believe Michelle will “lay down” for her. (Note to Natalie - put those legs down!) Funny how they don’t show Natalie attempting to go after the prizes they’ve already won.

After commercials, Julie introduces a wasteful segment on Michelle. Jordan and her discuss Michelle’s husband, and of course we get to meet him. Yeah, it’s the usual “it was love at first sight” testimonial, and conversations in the house are combined with his commentary. He does confirm that she has issues with her memory, and even more clips are shown to prove this. Of course, it’s tough for him to see her break down, but he believes she can win the game. “She’s kicking ass now!”

Now we move on to Julie’s interview with the house. She starts with Kevin and the dumb Pandora’s Box segment. He really is good in these segments, as he says “in any other circumstances, I wouldn’t mind being bent over and handcuffed to a box” but because money was involved he wasn’t so happy. Julie continues, and for some reason we get fish for a sec. Natalie denies that she went against Kevin, but claims that she continued to pick up money so the rest of the house wouldn’t know there was a riddle involving Kevin.

After a compilation of falls from the HOH competition, Julie asks Jeff who had the best fall. He says it’s a toss up, but says that Natalie’s was the most dramatic. Time for one more silly clip, as Natalie goes nuts over the firefly. She just CAN’T believe they showed that! Ugh.

Now we get to see Russell’s entrance into the jury house. Great, more Jessie footage. Lydia’s hair is dyed black, and Jessie babbles in a monotone about how much fun they’re having. Lydia says her “little crush” has gotten bigger, but supposedly nothing has happened between them this week. Yeah, right.

The limo finally (and thankfully) pulls up, and they both hope its’ Jeff. Russell enters babbling “technotronics”, and Lydia is “bummed out!” For some reason, Jessie rips off his shirt (again). Russell then tells the story of how he got backdoored, and adds that he believes Jessie and Lydia were hoping he got farther. Jessie also informs Russell that Natalie is actually 24, and he flips out (sort of). Lydia babbles more nonsense about this dumb lie, and they finally watch the DVD of the previous week.

Jessie actually makes sense, though, when he says that Jeff’s most crucial week is this week. Oh, and Russell also confirms that he would also possibly vote for Jeff if he makes the finals.

Thankfully, this segment concludes, and we move on to Kevin in the HOH. Julie asks about having doubts about Natalie. “I know the word ‘lie” is in Natalie’s name, so I know that she’s a little bit trustworthy…but you know what, I have no choice!” Julie follows up with the possible ramifications of breaking his word with Jeff, and he says he “had to do what I had to do”.

After another commercial break, it’s time for the final pleas. Jordan goes first, and she talks about how this is her “worst case scenario” and that she hopes they vote on who can get them farther in the game.

Jeff babbles about how you have to let “destiny take its course and for my circumstance an 18 year-old (lol) stands in the way of my destiny”. He points out that she has an opportunity to prove her loyalty tonight to not go against their deal last week, and that by keeping him she’d get a free HOH. If she doesn’t keep him, she’s riding the coattails of a “back stabber” who broke the deal he had with them. No mention of Jordan? Hmmmm.

Voting begins with Natalie, who votes to evict Jeff anyway because he evicted her “best ally” Jessie. Michelle then votes for Jordan, which means it’s all up to Kevin. Guess who he chooses to evict? Jeff, despite his “nice desperate” try. He quietly hugs everybody, and gives Jordan a little kiss on the cheek before walking out. Wow, no big PDA moment with Jordan?

After he walks out, Natalie is babbling away about her “word”, and Kevin complains that he was going to be nice “but he was the one who got dirty”. Whatever.

Julie tells Jeff that he got the first standing ovation of the season, but starts right in on whether it was a smart move to go after Russell. Jeff says that he still believes it was, and that “the worst thing that happened to me was not winning that POV”. But why did he align himself with Kevin and Natalie? Again, he just couldn’t trust Russell because “I knew he was coming after me”. Of course, we move on to Jordan. He says he didn’t give her the big goodbye kiss because “I got too fired up.” The crowd groans a bit, and we’re already finished with Jeff. Interesting.

Tonight’s HOH competition is obviously up next, and it’s the circular question “fact or fiction” game. Wow, they really have run out of competitions for this show. The first question is about whether Casey began selling “banana-themed” merchandise after his banishment. Shockingly, Jordan is the only person to select “fact”.

The second question is about Laura’s eviction interview with Julie, and whether she said she was evicted because she was “beautiful”. They all answer correctly. The third question is whether Lydia and Jessie are speaking to each other, and Natalie and Jordan answer correctly.

For question four, it’s whether Ronnie received more coup d’etat votes Chima. They also answer fact, and they all get a point. Question five is whether “technotronics” is actually a word. (Actually, Julie reads off a lengthy definition that I’ll never attempt to transcribe.) Jordan is clearly confused. Michelle is the only one to get this once correct.

The sixth question is whether Chima issued an apology about Russell. Michelle gets this one right, and she’s now tied with Jordan for the lead. The final question is whether Ronnie went to a sci-fi convention dressed in his Princess Leia costume. Natalie is the only person who correctly says “fiction”, which means we have a three way tie.

The tie-breaker question is how many total cans did all five contestants have in their tubes at the end of the game. The correct answer is 91, which means Natalie is HOH! Oh Lord! “Chima, vengence is coming to you”, she yells. Ugh. Somehow she won this competition by “keeping her word”. What? We have a long week ahead of us.

We return to the house, and Julie says the Pandora’s Box event will actually have some sort of ramifications on the game. Sure it will. Oh, and next Tuesday will be a live show for the POV competition! Natalie is already holding court as we finally end the telecast.


Anonymous said...

bye bye high ratings is more like it...

bish said...

This is going to be an agonizing week that's for sure.
I cannot believe that Natalie was the only one with enough common sense to answer the stupid Ronnie Sci-Fi convention correctly. I find it hilarious that every year the HG's seem to think that they are all of a sudden mega-celebrities or something.

Guarantee the pandora's box has something to do with bringing Jeff back. Notice how they didn't play any goodbye messages for him? Obviously this is just pure speculation, just as the whole Russell returning thing, but in my opinion this one has legs, especially now since Natalie is the HOH.

Tony said...

"“Chima, vengence is coming to you”, she yells. Ugh. Somehow she won this competition by “keeping her word”. "

someone explain this insanity to me please?

bish said...

Remember when Chima got the boot? And all Natalie could talk about was how it was all Michelle's fault somehow? Well now it's her turn to avenge Chima's expulsion by getting out Michelle.

Yeah, it makes just as much sense to me as I'm sure it does to everyone else.

Tony said...

but... but it was jeff that used teh coup. would the vengeance have been to get out russel (her target) and jeff(the guy who over threw her power)

bish said...

But...Michelle nominated her, so that put her over the edge? I'm pretty sure she said stuff along those lines a bunch of times. I don't know, nothing Natalie ever says makes any sense to me.
And Russell and Jeff are already gone so Michelle is the only person left to target I guess.

Tony said...

my head hurts

bish said...

Natalie STILL thinks the next comp will be dates? How long has she been beating this drum for?
Does she not realize they can hear everything they say, and the more they talk about what the competition should/will be the less likely it will be that?

And as much as this "my word" BS is super annoying, she has made a surprisingly legitimate case for why she's doing it. She said that she keeps spouting off about it because it will help reinforce to Jordan that Natalie can be trusted. As dumb as that sounds, Jordan is clearly naive enough to believe it.

AName said...

My mom always told me, no matter what people say bad about you, if you win, they cant take it away from you and will be just blowing smoke. Stop blowing all the smoke people, she won fair and square and you can make any excuse you want, it doesnt matter. LOL

And Brad, there are never any high ratings when its down to 4 people. sorry to tell you this

Bish, good wishful thinking about Jeff coming back but dude but it is what it is. Jeffs gone and Natalies the HOH, Period

I dont care who wins but please the Natalie crap is getting so damm old right about now.

Who fuking cares

bish said...

Believe me I completely understand that Jeff caused his own downfall, and it's been coming for the last 2 weeks.
But, again, would it surprise anyone in the least if they did try to bring Jeff back in some capacity? Purely for the insane boost in the ratings they would get? I think it would be lame as he lost fair and square, but look how much airtime Jeff and Jordan have gotten in the last month. Do you really think CBS is happy with the fact that their golden couple is no more? And seriously what are they going to fill the show with now? I hated how much time was spent on those worthless J/J moments, but clearly America loved every minute of it. What are they going to show now? Natalie cheating at pool? Michelle laying in the backyard all day? CBS is going to try anything they can to keep these ratings white hot like they have been all season.

matt said...

jeff was the last cool person in the house, might have been the only one in the house the whole show. kevin is funny sometimes though everyone else sucks

Unknown said...

if jordan cant manage to win then this season was a total waste of my time! I absolutely can not stand natalie, michelle, or kevin!

AName said...

Jordan was an absolute waste of her own time, shes done nothing to deserve a penny of the money. My man Jeff carried her and if he had cut her loose long time ago, he might would have won with a smarter player or at least learn a little more about the game himself. He got absolutely nothing from jordan being by his side but a good back scratch

I hope she leaves this week but of course she will not because the players are smart enough to know that Kevin or Michelle needs to go and Jordan is no threat to nobody

Cal said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Cal said...

I see Nat is already planting the seed that it's Kevin whose been the one breaking promises.

Looking at the dates, I don't see how Jeff could return to the house. Yes, they did finish with him very quickly and skipped the banal goodbye messages (the only informative one being Nat's to Casey), really, what would we have heard? Most likely they needed to cut them to get the HOH done live.

Speculation on Pandora's Box: not that someone gets to come back, but maybe the Jury members releasing selected bits of information to the hgs that could impact their plans. Secrets revealed.

meg4fancast said...

Love the recap! Be sure to talk to Jeff tomorrow on Fancast. He'll be chatting live with fans. Big Brother Chat on Fancast

AName said...

Im sure if Jordan would have won and said this is revenge for you Jeff and I kelp my world, you would be gloating all over the place. talk about crybabies-geez

AName said...

Good for you Natalie, you get to keep a bunch of people all across america pissed off like their life depended on it for at least 2 more weeks. Im really loving this

ale said...

At least in that case it would make some sense? If anything, she should have said, "this is for you, Jessie" as she voted to evict Jeff. As sneaky and calculated as she is with her shit disturbing, she barely makes sense otherwise. It's as if the only time she is even remotely coherent is when she's lying.

AName said...

Or when shes pissing you off Ale, she makes a lot of sense to me when she does that too-LOL

Anonymous said...

Natalie has to go! I was so upset when she won HOH, what is up with her say this once for you Chima? That makes her looks worse. Chima is a self centered witch, who had no respect for anyone on the show including the producers.

AName said...

How in the world do people get so upset over people who dont give a damm about you. Im sure not one of these houseguest is going to give you not one penny if they win or even acknowledge you if they see you in public. so why even get upset. There may be some underlining things going on wit cha(lol)

AName said...

Yea right, this is from one of the selected audiance members at Jeffs eviction(the standing Ovation one)


"a fan describing her expericance at last night's taping..

It was so exciting! We were the first audience to be allowed to give a standing ovation for an exiting guest and it was awesome!!!!!! Jeff so was excitied to see all of us and really moved by our applause and love of him.

While Julie was taping the morning show interview (yes, she tapes the interview with the evicted houseguest right after the show on Thursday and it is shown Friday morning) she started to tear up and they had to stop film and re-do her make-up and get her tears under control, it was so sweet! The stage manager said that it was Jeff who caused it but it most likely her hormones, she is due middle of October. The whole production crew was rooting for Jeff and was a little sad that he was booted last night. But it was definitely the show to be at!"
--------As I See It----------------
Its funny that Julie said that this was the first standing ovation but the audiance member stated that this was the first audiance in bb history that were allowed to stand. go figure

And the production crew loved Jeff so much and wanted him to win. I love you too man but you had more chances than any BB player I have ever seen. Study the game the next time you come into the house dude and you can take the whole thing. Im sure you will get invited back for allstars although you a far from one.

Unknown said...

Get Real AName.... Let's be honest here, Natalie is nothing more than a complete idiot. She has done nothing all season except ride the coattails of her alliance. The one comp she does win is a 50/50 fact or fiction which she won by pure luck. I do not think it was because she was the smarter of the three. In fact, her speech after she won had me wanting to throw my remote through the tv. I may have even puked a little in my mouth when she started to talk about Chima, yet another Idiot.

Kevin is nothing more and nothing less than a prima donna queen. When he talked about being bent over pandora's box....nice Kevin, really classy you idiot. he does not deserve to win any more than natalie does. Hope his boyfriend of nine years leaves him since all he did in the house was make googly eyes and goofy comments about Jeff while he tended the garden shirtless. Dork.

As for the rest, I was a big fan of Jessie, however he did himself in this season by aligning himself with Idiots like natalie and Chima. They are the reason that Jessie was sent packing. natalie just didn't know when to keep her mouth shut and took this game way too personal, as did Chima. Jessie should have gone solo or aligned with Jeff, the baggage would have been far less. Lydia is another idiot, her fantasy of marrying Jessie and building a life together is all in her head and when she finally realizes that guys like Jessie do not associate with wierdos like her, maybe she will see why she did not win this game or even come close to it. P.S, I loved the look on her face when Jessie and Russell admitted that they would probably vote for Jeff if he made it to the final two. Both Jessie and Russel are smart enough to know this is a game and that they got played. Had Jessie not aligned with his posse he might have had a chance. If Russell had not gone behind Jeff's back and made deals with Michelle, he may also have stuck around another week.

Contrary to popular belief, the house is small and when you start making side deals, they eventually get back to the person you least want it to get back to.

As for Jeff/Jordan, I think Jeff is the only person who played this game, and with the weight of carrying Jordan on his back. It is hard enough to play this game solo and win, but Jeff was not only looking out for himself, but Jordan too. As sweet as Jordan is, she did not help Jeff at all and it was Jeff that got them both this far. As much as Natalie drones about "her word" crap, Jeff and Jordan were the only ones I feel that were honest to each other and played a fair and truthful game. Some (possibly you AName) will argue that Jeff broke his word to Russell and backstabbed him (Russell may even believe this himself) when in fact, Russell broke his word to Jeff and backstabbed Jeff first by making a side deal with Michelle to get Jeff out of the house. Whether or not Jeff "knew" of this or not is irrealavant, Russell did backstab Jeff first.

As for pandora's box, one can only HOPE that Jeff is waiting to emerge when Natalie opens it up. That would be the best thing ever done on BB and would re-establish my belief that the better man/woman should always win. If Jeff does not return, I would like to see Michelle win it as she has at least showed her competive side by winning when she had to. Kevin and Natalie do not deserve to be where they are, let alone Win anything....and if they do, it will be a tragedy for all who love and watch BB.

I can see CBS and BB implementing something for next season to ensure that this travesty does not happen again, but why wait......put Jeff in Pandora's box and shake up the house now. The look on Natalie's face alone would keep me satisfied until BB12.

AName said...

You say Jeff played the best game but yet you begging for another gift to get him to the end(lol)

Yea right Zaniacs, you had so many ifs in that speech til it was flat out iffy.(lol) The fact of the matter is this. The final 3 is Natalie, Kevin and Jordan with Michelle making the next exit whether you acknowledge it or like it, its not going to change. Your opinion of Jeff being the only one playing the game is flat out crazy at best. Im a 100% Jeff fan but just like the gift you are praying for, to bring him back into the game, with out the previous one he recieved, he wouldnt even been around past week 5. He was giving the power and made every dumb move possible after making the obvious decision when he first got it.

After taking total control of the house even though his team had the HOH's, heres his decisions and trust me, he was calling the shots at that time. 1st, got Michelle to put up Chima(ok move) 2nd, had Jordan get rid of Lydia(for what, she couldnt win and wanted to be in the guesthouse with your heroe Jesse) why not get rid of Kevin or Natalie. 3rd, won HOH when he could have let Kevin won and Kevin would have taken care of Russell or Michelle for ya and he would have been able to play in the endurance HOH that Kevin won. Jeff then could have then got rid of Kevin, Michelle or Natalie with that power and been right in the final4. And finally, many people say getting Russell out when he did was another bad move but I say if he had made the right moves before that move, Russell would have been gone.

So to make a statement that Jeff played a great game is totally bullshit. Im willing to bet if Jeff get bought back in the house he would be so possessed with protecting Jordan(the dumbest player of alltime) that he still wouldnt make it to the final 2 and thats with recieving more gifts than anybody else in the history of Big Brother(lol)

And let me tell you something else, did you know most of the people who win the most contest hardly ever win BB and should I explain that to you too. Im going to let you figure that one out because I know you have no idea based on all YOUR IF THIS AND THAT AND IF THIS AND THAT.

Have a great day my friend and If you understood Big brother, you wouldnt had to say so many If this went that way and If this went this way. FACT: It didnt go that way thats why you have so many If's... LMFAO

Go Jeff Go, but in reality, you got got by the most hated person on BB with a plan that everybody said would never work ...LOL

Im not a fan of Natalies at all but lets face it, Jeff lost a lot of fan support from all over for trusting Natalie and Kevin so maybe hes not as bright as you all wanted him to be.

And dude, this is not a fairy tale, The good dont always win and the evil dont always loose just like in real life, sometime the good guys dont come out on top. LOL

Zaniac said...

LOL... the good guys won this time and Nat is still a BizNatch....

Come back for S12 AName and we'll talk. Do your research because I do not think you are the BB encyclopedia you make yourself out to be.