Friday, September 4, 2009

Calling All Acting Agents

Nominations just occurred, and of course it was Kevin and Michelle. Natalie and Kevin are now "arguing" about their deal - Natalie saying it was final four, Kevin saying final two. Hard to tell if the other two are buying into it, though.


AName said...

At this point it doesnt matter if they believe it or not. Jeff told Jordan to stick with Michelle and Natalie and Michelle would get rid of Natalie. Jordan is still pissed at Kevin for getting rid of Jeff and being the lost soul that she is, she will do exactly as Jeff told her.

No one is really fooled at this junction of the game now anyways, its all about winning. If Kevin wins Michelle goes home and if Michelle wins Kevin goes home.

Now if Kevin wins, im not sure which way he will go with the final 3, hes got to feel like hes been thrown under the bus with Natalie giving up her chance to play Veto although I swear I believe Natalie is lying again about her boyfriends proposal

Tony said...

"although I swear I believe Natalie is lying again about her boyfriends proposal" i a gree 100%. until they show it on TV i wont believe it. Pig Pen has been a habitual liar through out the game about everything... why would this be any different? plus if this guy proposed and did have a ring does the proposal really count? a twist tie.... really?

AName said...

The more I think about it, when she first saw Kevin, she said she blew a half a million dollars and im curious if she got to talk to a juror(maybe Jesse) and found out that just maybe, she dont have the votes in the jury house.

She really didnt look real happy when she first came down from the HOH.

But you got to admit, if she made up that lie about the proposal just that quick then she is damm good

Tony said...

oh Natalie is a great lair, possibly the best the game ever seen. it is to the point, you dont know what is true and what isnt with her. i think the lying about the age migth come back and bite her in the ass, just my opinion. i still think Pig Pen can win if she is able to get out kevin and michele

bish said...

From the super watered down stuff they showed of the jury house on Thursday it did look like Jesse was selling her out pretty good. So if her best friend in the house is talking about her like that I can only imagine the kind of trash Lydia is talking about her as everyone starts to compare notes.

And as I said earlier this habitual lying is either going to completely destroy her chance at winning, or reinforce it. It's going to be a toss up until the end.

Unknown said...

Nat slipped up about who was in the pandora room. Jesse! Flashback to about 1:15 this morning.