Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Why does Natalie cheat?

Last night as I was watching the feeds Natalie, playing a game of pool with Kevin, intentionally knocked in a ball with her hand after a poor shot while Kevin had his back turned.

Later on in the evening it was reported that she lied when Kevin said she took her hand off a chess piece - arguing that she hadn't.

Natalie has been seen numerous times cheating lieing, manipulating others. I can understand when she does it for the game part of Big Brother - but why does she do it when she is just playing around with her fellow house guests?

  • Can she not stand to lose?

  • Does she feel so confident she can get away with anything?

  • Does she secretly want to get caught?

  • Is this how she is outside of the house?
What do you think?

Would you want Natalie as a friend outside the house based on her actions inside? Or do you think, like Russell claimed, that this is all part of an act - a person that only is 'real' within the confines of Big Brother?

Not looking to start a 'I hate Natalie' discussion - and no need to do the whole 'ahe never showers' thing. Frankly she might shower every day and we just don't see it - what we do know is she didn't but a couple times when she was a 'have not.' Either way I put the shower issue in the same catagory as the 'so and so didn't wash their hands after going to the bathroom.'

Back to the cheating thing. What are your thoughts? Do you think, like I do, that she has everyone in the house fooled except Kevin, and he is just tolerating it to keep her on his side?

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Suzie said...

I cant stand Natalie the way she chews her food! But anyhow her always cheating is karma for her not being able to win she is trying to cheat to win focusing on the lie and not focusing on the game! SHe is a idiot and she will be Kevins downfall!!

Maggie M said...

Does make one wonder just what her true character is like. Did she cheat to win her tae kwon do title too? Does she cheat on her bf also? Does she cheat on her taxes? Hmm wonder if she paid taxes on that $7000 she said she won playing cards at the casino? And why has no one questioned how she got to play in a tornament if she is underaged? Seems to me that lying is 2nd nature to this woman. If I were a friend to her before she went into BB, I sure would be thinking about all the times she told me she had my back. Id be checking in the mirror for the knife protruding. She would be a person I would definitely steer clear of in a friendship situation. Public BEWARE!

Scott said...

I could care less about her lack of showering or cheating during meaningless games of pool and chess. What is bothersome to me is her cheating inside the house. She was the ringleader of the destruction after Jessie's eviction, and just last night she confessed to Kevin that she has stolen Michelle's gloves for upcoming HOH's. This isn't the first time she's hidden personal belongings of the other HG's, and BB should be on her ass for that.

IndyMike said...

On the poker thing she said it was on an Indian Reservation where the legal age was 18.

Scott - last I heard was they are allowed to hide things - but they can't destroy them. She and Lydia (I think) hid Jordan and Laura's flat irons for a day or two before Braden was evicted if I remember correctly. They didn't get in trouble then.

bish said...

I've been thinking this for a while, but it seems to me that she decided to put up this whole "I'm 18" lie because she acts this immature in her everyday life, and she felt that if she ever got caught that she'd be able to use her fake age as an excuse as to why she was acting like an idiot.

Correct me if I'm wrong but don't they play pool for hours a day? Does she really need to cheat at a meaningless game that she was more than likely going to play 3 more times after?
And once again someone has caught her red handed cheating and/or lying, and still no one calls her out? She'd be terrible to argue against since she is so staunch in her position, but you have to think that little things like that would ring some alarm bells and get people thinking about her game as a whole. If she is cheating at a game of chess, and I caught her, and she still vehimately denied it, what else has she been lying about?

I really, really want to believe that Kevin has been piecing things together and has her dead to rights, and is just waiting to see how things unfold before he springs it. But knowing the HG's this year she'll be able to make her way to the finals and everyone will be flabbergasted when some of the truths are revealed.

mlt said...

Wasn't Nat the one who wanted Chima to say that she 'dropped' her mic into the hottub by accident? Kevin had to point out to her that BB isn't stupid and have about a million cameras on them.

Don't know if Nat is like that outside the house, but given how naturally lying is to her inside the house, I suspect that's just Nat.

AName said...

Who cares why she cheat. Do we always have to focus so much on character assassination and who are we to judge anybodies character.

Its amazing me how negativity about someone else life seem to bring so much pleasure to our own lives. Well at the end of the day, when we return from our attacks on someones else life, the bills still have to be paid, you still got to worry about all the bad things that is going on in your own life and the problems that we carry with us everyday return back to where they were before we found someone else to dump on etc etc etc.

This type of blogs do nothing more than group attack people which is is simply bullshit. We take stuff that we consider morally wrong and try to make it like this is what that person is really like. The fact of the matter, outside of the BB house, you dont know what kind a person we dealing with period.

Well, we all need to live by our own code of ethics and not try to make everybody in america live by our standards

LessThanThree said...

It seems to me like it's just who she is, because for it to be an act for in the house, then that would mean it comes that naturally for her to be someone she's not.

I think Kevin sees right through her. That's probably why he wanted to talk to Jordan and then Michele alone in the HOH room over the weekend when Nat was jumping all over Michele in the kitchen. But she was all he had, so why make her angry calling her out on things when he could continue to keep quiet like he has from the beginning and just bide his time. I don't think she fools Jeff. I think the only reason the LMLs have worked is because Jeff believed Kevin. Who knows why, but he did. I don't think it came down to him believing Nat.

She has Jordan fooled, but Jordan believes just about anything she's told. I don't think she's doubted many things at all this whole season.

Michele is just so desperate for people on her side that it's not a matter of believing Nat as much as just jumping into whatever boat she can from week to week to avoid drowning.

It'sJustVonna said...

If CBS wants to hand over half million to a pathological Liar then its their reputation on the line, not mine.

AName said...
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AName said...

Otis please. be for real dude, CBS did everything they could to hand it over to 2 very bad goody two shoes players. Get Over It

People are so possessed with Natalie winning it all til they done forgot all about that it is still a game going on in the house thats up for grabs for everybody.

geez whiz

karin said...

Who knows why she cheats,lies & steals? She lies about everything:her age is not 18-she is 24,about all the house guest,cheats at every game she plays and she wonders how come she never wins..CHEATERS dont win,Carma will get you Nat!!!
They need to get that stinky,cheating,mouth smacky, lazy,trouble making,candy eating thing OUT!!

karin said...

ANAME- SOOOOOOOOO why are you here and why did YOU take the time to reply on the subject?
Yes its just a game, we know that!!
But come on now,when someone lies that much and does Or doesn't do in a game AND still in the game...when everyone else works hard at the comp's!! Its not fair, But thats life & its a game a soap opera of sorts.
LET IT GO!! We need to vent somewhere!LOL"S

AName said...

LMFAO@ U Karin, I hate to tell you this but last years runner up Memphis didnt win a damm comp either and he still took the 50 thou home. Dr Will took the whole thing taking the same approach so its not like this is the first time we have seen this. There are several ways to approach this game and one thing for sure, when you do win many comps, you are looked at as a strong competitor and a target is sitting right on your back. The longer you can go without winning actually works in your favor.

Doesnt matter though,people can do the same thing but are judged strictly whether they are a favorite or Villian. Take Dan who wore the same shorts all last year without washing them and Renny use to talk about how bad they smelled, no one even question his hygiene mainly because he was the fan favorite. You cant tell me that sitting around that many hot days with them shorts up the crack of your ass, that they dont develope some kind of ass smell(lol)

The bottom line is this, when it is a favorite of most of the people, they can get by doing anything and when they are the villian, everything they do is magnified to the 10th power with some lame ass excues that people call reasons to justify their accusations.

Like I said, im a Jeff fan all the way but to say hes played a good game like a lot of the goody 2shoes worshipers are saying is bullshit. The only thing he did was take the coup and got the ring leader of the strongest opposition of the house evicted. Hell I think even Jordan wouldnt have screwed that one up.LOL